Every Thursday I’m going to post a few inspirational photos for everyone to drool over.
I found these while looking back at a Country Living issue from June of 2005. The house is owned by a woman named Michelle Joy, and it’s located in Mauricetown, New Jersey.
The mirror collection going up the staircase wall is such a great use of space, don’t you think?
It really keeps the room feeling light and airy.

The table in the Dining Room is an old barn door, topped with glass and set on porch posts from Home Depot. Genius! The antique library cases holding her creamy china were purchased at an auction for $200. Lucky Duck!

And check out her pantry door, I’m obsessed with it!

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  1. Renna says

    I liked everything (okay, loved everything!), but I especially liked the pantry door. What a great idea! :-)

  2. Deserae says

    Beautiful pics…I especially love the pantry door! I am looking forward to seeing inspiration pics every Thursday! Great idea :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ says

    Loved all the inspiration pix, especially the mirrors. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar.
    Hopped over from Rhoda’s blog….can’t wait to see more pictures of your little cinderblock house.

    Great blog! DebraK

  4. DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ says

    I went back to look at your exterior shot again & I have to say, it’s a great house! Tons, TONS of potential, I can see why you bought it. Have fun working on it, it will be totally worth it.

  5. Susie Harris says

    I would love to have that pantry door too. Oh the charm! Thanks for sharing those pictures. I love your blog by the way! Susie H

  6. The Scarlett Rose Garden says

    OMG, I love/covet this door! It will be great for the pantry!

  7. Jen@The Cottage Nest says

    Gorgeous! I love some good inspiration pics. I just discoverd your blog and really love it. I’m going to be back often to visit.

  8. Hooked on Houses says

    Oh, my. What a door for a pantry! Can you imagine? I have very pedestrian sliding closet doors on mine. I’m feeling very discontented now… -Julia

  9. halcyon says

    Great blog! I found you on Cote de Texas.
    I think Paula Deen has a similar screen door on her pantry. Great idea.