• T.G.I.T – Kitchens

    Since I’m thinking about my Kitchen a lot right now, I thought I’d post some photos of three gorgeous ones I found while surfing the net.

    I love the thickness of the porcelain sink in this first photo. And the olive green cabinets with chunky nickel pulls are perfection.

    The double towel bar in this kitchen is one of the coolest things I have ever seen….if only I could have an island in my kitchen! :-(
    And check out those quilted stainless steel refrigerator doors. Ooh la la!

    And the blue door in this last photo confirms that I have a serious addiction to pantries that have screened doors on them. And lets not forget to mention the wood walls AND ceiling, the amazing porcelain sink, the chippy white painted bar stools, the transom window above the doorway, the moss-covered plant pot to the right of the sink and the tin pendant lights with their adorable scalloped edges. Luscious!

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