T.G.I.T – Bedrooms

I searched the web for a few of the prettiest, most soothing bedrooms I could find as inspiration for my own. I was thinking I wanted green as my accent color- but after choosing these pictures, I think it’s pretty obvious what color I’m drawn to!

This first room is precious. My favorite two things are the horizontal boards behind the headboard (just like my Guest Room!) and the darling little chandelier. I love the thought of a really fancy chandelier over a bed.
I am SO anti ceiling fans. I mean, really, who wants a four foot by four foot appliance that’s shaped like a gigantic spider hanging from the ceiling? It looks like a helicopter crashed into the roof of our house! >:-P
I am ripping down every one by the time I’m done here.
Mark my words, it won’t be long before someone finds another, less bulky way to circulate the air in our rooms, and then we’ll all look back and go, “Gosh, remember when we all had those HUGE PROPELLERS hanging down in the middle of the room!?”

This second bedroom is one of my favorites that Candice Olson has ever done.
Again, LOVE the chandelier. The treatment she did on the ceiling is to die for.
The palette is so soothing and the amount of space is perfection. Lucky homeowner!!

You can’t see too much of the room on this last one, but I was really drawn to the windows. There’s something so dreamy about having two windows butted up to each other in the corner like that. And all the little panes make me despise my “modern” windows. The glass float on the bedside table is such a neat idea. I must remember to do that, somewhere. The table itself is incredible too. Don’t ya just WANT it!?

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  1. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    I love everything Candice does, for the most part. I hear you on ceiling fans, but we have one in our trey-ceiling master bedroom & couldn't live without it. It's just WAY too hot without having a fan, so I deal with it. Yes, a pretty chandy would be so nice, but not with these hot flashes,

    I love that color palette you are seeking: sand, aqua & white…so soothing


  2. Spymommy says

    I too have a ceiling fan – hate the look, but love the cool air at night when the humidity has kicked in!

    We had all paned windows in our house except for the hideous sliding glass door out to our deck and were able to order snap in window panes online! (Just in case you wanted panes . . . you really can get ANYTHING online! :)

  3. PamperingBeki says

    I love this color palette too! That pale aqua is just so soft and cheerful.

  4. Amelia says

    Hi Layla! Did you watch the latest episode of Tori & Dean on BravoTV? They showed the couple's light blue and silver themed new master bedroom, I really like the color combo! It's on the ornate side, but thought you might wanna check it out too!

  5. Nancy Hood says

    First of all, I’ve missed you this week!! Couldn’t wait to see what you had next to show us :) Second, I love Candice and would love to have her in Prattville. Looking forward to learning more from our own hometown decorator :) :)

  6. Susie Harris says

    I love them… I want them… I need them…. think my husband will buy that! Guess I will just keep on dreamin’

  7. maitlandmommy says

    LOVE the candace olsen room, but it’s not realistic for me. I don’t have graciously sized rooms like that – however, the last room is PERFECT. All 3 are gorgeous though. And the chandy…gotta respect the chandy.

  8. Ashley says

    Oh, I love Candice Olson! These are great inspirations. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


    It would be a dream to have Candice Olson do a room…she is the best! I love that bedroom! so soothing…

  10. Linda at Lime in the Coconut! says

    Nice rooms!

    I happen to like ceiling fans…especially the old wood and dark ones. So “cat on a hot tin roof” or slow southern summer evenings! But i’m fairly new to the south and the heat.

  11. Magpie Interior Design says

    What I wouldnt give for that bed in the third pic! The headboard and footboard are gorgeous!!! (And I totally think you need to rip out another wall and expose some more panelling like in your guest room! LOL)


  12. Michele says

    I loved that episode of Divine Design too! Candice Olson is the goddess of design! Great inspiration photos!