Swing-Arm Sconces

Ya know that swing-arm wall sconce in our reading room? We got it for a great deal on eBay, but it was actually a Pottery Barn product.

PB has discontinued it from their website and catalogs, and they don’t really seem to pop up on eBay that often anymore, so I thought I’d see if I could do some e-snoopin’ around to see if I could find some similar ones to link to on the updated “Our House” page I’m working on. (I hope to have it up and running in the next couple of weeks!)

Unfortunately, it seems like most of the ones that look just like it cost around $400- yikes!

($495 @TheShadeShop.com ; $400 @ Lighting Catalog.com)

($462 @ CircaLighting.com)

I did, however, find some fun alternatives while surfing around, and I thought I’d share them today in case anyone was on the lookout.

This “Fisherman Sconce” from PBKids.com is priced at $69:

And this oil-rubbed bronze one from Lamps Plus is $87.91:

It would have to be hard-wired to the wall, but it’s pretty darn cute, don’t ya think? (I don’t know the rules when it comes to spray painting light fixtures that get warm when they’re on for a while. Do you know if it (or the one below) could be sprayed another color? Just curious.)

This next one is from PBKids.com and is currently on sale for $59…

I thought these ($129) drum shade-topped ones were pretty snazzy, too…

That seagrass is actually printed on the shade, but you could always switch it out for the real thing if you wanted to.

Last but not least, and a little on the spendy side, you can get a pair of these Barbara Cosgrove Library Wall Sconces (in either polished nickel or mustard patina on brass) for $279…

And while we’re talking about getting a similar lighting look for less, if you like this ($149) Pottery Barn Calhoun Pendant light:

Check out this ($118) Allen+Roth Edison Pendantlight from Lowes:

Not bad, eh?

Have you seen any good look-alike lights lately? I’d love to see them!

PS- Thanks again for your continued encouragement over at Apartment Therapy!

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  1. Rachel says

    I purchased a *look alike* at Lowe’s for $45.00, mine also slides up and down a bar for maximum lighting…which is a GOOD THING!

    You CAN paint these light fixtures by using a high heat paint, or by using a lower wattage bulb and sticking with regular old spray. And did you know that spray painting in a small enclosed room with no ventilation is a BAD THING??? LOL, DUHHHHHHH WAHOOOOOO!!

    Thanks for *snooping*…you rock!

    • Jen says

      I never thought to paint them, what an excellent idea! We just bought a house and there are FIVE ugly brass ones throughout our house. Thanks for the idea!

  2. says

    I think the Lowe’s pendant looks better than the Pottery Barn. Lowe’s and Home Depot have been kicking it up a notch in the last couple of years with lighting. I just bought some lights for my master bathroom and like them a lot better than some of the higher $ ones I’ve been seeing. :)

    • says

      I’ve noticed that, too! That Allen + Roth one is the first good looking one I’ve seen at Lowe’s, but I noticed a few weeks ago that HD’s are looking much more Anthropologie-ish than in past years. I wish they’d had so many good options six years ago when I needed them!

  3. says

    We’re on the same wavelength, Layla. I wrote about sconces this week, too. http://thehillhangout.com/?p=1096 I love your collection here. I used two of the Allen + Roth lantern style pendants over the bar in our kitchen. Of all the ones we tried (and there were many), they were my favorite. And they were CHEAP – like $55 each.

  4. Sonny says

    Lowes and Home depot have some great swing arm sconces at very reasonable prices and the shade replacements are a super bargain too, which means you could make them work in any decor.. I ordered 2.

  5. says

    I got a school house style light for over my sink from lowes.com last month. It was so much cheaper (under $50) than all the others I’ve seen, and I love it. I think it was allen and roth too!

  6. says


    I love the swing arm wall sconce you have in your reading room. We actually got our pottery barn sconces featured in our bathroom reno on e-bay! I’ve been searching for the Calhoun Pendant Light on there for our foyer but now I think I’ll just make a trip to Lowes!

    Your Friend,

  7. Ter'e says

    Can you hear me singing????
    “Ain’t nuthin like the real thang, Baby……..ain’t nuthin like the real thang”………………………..

  8. says

    I don’t know that they have a huge selection of colors but I know that there are some paints intended for painting grills that can take high heat. They are located in the spray paint aisle at Lowe’s. Not sure of the brand name.

  9. says

    I love the aqua drum light. This would look perfect in our bedroom. Once I finally get around to painting it with the paint we bought last fourth of July!
    Your reading room is one of my favorite places in your house. I would love an area like that to snuggle up with a good book or for my quiet time. It’s such a charming feature of your house.

  10. says

    we picked up a pharmacy floor lamp years ago like 6 or 7
    and painted oil rubbed bronzed it was a brass “finish”
    and have used it daily never had any problem with the
    finish and it was not a heat resistant paint for what it’s
    worth. Love your house and all you do to inspire us.

  11. says

    one more thought there is a Pottery Barn Outlet store in
    Gaffney SC 864-206-0117 perhaps they have it. I have
    purchased a couple of lanterns from there.

  12. says

    I was also going to say that one thing I really liked about the wall sconces at Lowe’s was the they had 3 different rods that you could attach together to cover the cord. We just used one rod since the cords would be going behind a piano, but I liked the option to customize a bit.

    The mirror between the lights was also from Lowe’s.

  13. andrea says

    thanks so much for this post! i had gotten some swing arm sconces for my boys’ room and really didn’t think the finish would work. after reading your post, i ordered up the PB metal ones and i’m so excited! woohoo!

  14. Monika says

    A nearly identical globe pendant can be had at West Elm for $179 for two. They come in different finishes and glass colors too. Just another tip :)

  15. says

    I saw on a HGTV show someone bought some spray paint that was made specifically for things that get hot. They used it on those old radiators. I think it is made to withstand some crazy high temps so you probably could use that on a lamp. Sorry I don’t know what kind it was exactly but I think it just came from a regular home improvement store.

  16. Kathy says

    I still like your PB one but you have given me hope that I can find something similar for less $$$ Keep snooping.

  17. Shellaine says

    I’m in LOVE with the last two styles – but what happens when in the next couple of years you can’t get Edison bulbs because everything will have to be fluorescent??? I would cry if I had to put a fluorescent bulb in that fixture.

      • Shellaine says

        Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LEDs is a law that was supposed to go into effect this year but was postponed. I’ve tried to do some research to see when it starts now, and if these specialty bulbs fall into the “exempt” category, but I can’t find any clear answers. If you ever hear, let us all know! It’ll definitely affect our lighting choices.

        P.S. I’m moving from (rural, not near the city) NY to Alabama this summer, and I can’t wait to check out some of the places you’ve talked about here at TLC!!!

  18. says

    High-temp automotive paint…and I have heard that the incandescent ban may be on hold…our Federalies always tend to overdue it, don’t they? But please…banning incandescent bulbs…?

  19. says

    I’ve spray painted a couple of flushmount lights and had no problem with the paint. Also, about seven years ago I spray painted our brass fireplace surround with plain old black matte spray paint and it hasn’t had any problems at all even though it gets very hot when we use our fireplace, probably ~10-15 times per year.

  20. karen says

    I did the same thing with a ceiling fan and yes you can paint it by hand or spray it turned out very well. Good luck

  21. says

    Thank you for the tip on the Lowe’s Pendant light. I’ve been looking over some at West Elm and Etsy but b/c I’m in Canada, I’ve been trying to source something local first. I think a trip to the store is due today!

  22. lee ashley says

    Speaking of cheaper options…I got a version of the PB Hundi Lantern from Overstock for super cheap after seeing it on the Copy Cat Chic blog. :)

    I had forgotten about E-bay…I used to go there for designer shoes, but I guess now I’m more intersted in the decor!

  23. says

    I have Pottery Barn Wyatt swing arm lamps on either side of our bed and just love them. I find swing arm lamps can be finicky – some feel loose and weak, others are too tight. You should try and see them in person if you can.

    Great roundup. I’m always on the lookout for great lighting!

  24. says

    LOVE that barbara c pair. To die for in polished nickel. Just the photo alone makes me think they’re worth the splurge. Gotta see those up close.


  25. JENJESCHKE says

    I bought the Allen and Roth light 2 weeks ago for my office and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love all of the swing arm sconce ideas too! I was so lucky and found two Pottery barn swing arm sconces, new in the box, at our consignment store for $25 a PIECE!!!