Suzie the Chevy Blazer

I wanted to share a special story about Suzie the Chevy Blazer today.

A gal named Charity (whom we had never previously met) responded to our shout out for an old truck a couple of weeks before we began shooting our pilot

I emailed back and forth with her a couple of times, and then forwarded her email address to our producer so they could work out all the details. I didn’t really think about what a 1972 Blazer looked like…I was just grateful that Charity and her hubby were open to the idea of letting us use theirs for the week!


The night before we began filming I went to bed anxious. I tossed and turned all night, and I had some really vivid dreams during the times I was actually able to fall asleep. One of which was about my Grandpa Richard.


He and my Grandma Evelyn adopted my Dad in the mid-1950’s…

(My Dad- circa 1956)

(My Grandma Evelyn, my Dad, and my Grandpa Richard- circa 1974)

…and after over 50 years of marriage, my sweet Grandma passed away on Valentines Day in 1999. I visited my Grandpa for the last time last November.

In my dream that night in Suwanee, my Grandpa kept telling me everything was going to be okay. I don’t think I even said one word out loud to him the whole time…I just remember being there with both of them, and him telling me I was going to do fine. There was no mention of a pilot or anything like that…it was just them, and me, and comforting words.


When I “came to” to the sound of Kev’s cell phone alarm that morning, I immediately began telling him about my dream. He didn’t sleep very soundly either, and as you can imagine, we both felt pretty weird and shaky, and we were both pretty anxious about what was going to happen once we walked out our hotel room door.

But then I sat in Suzie…

…and memories of riding around with my Grandpa Richard in his old Chevy Blazer started to put my worried mind at ease.

His Blazer was light green…like this one…

…and don’t you know I had to fight back tears when Charity told me that Suzie the newly-painted silver Blazer, was originally painted light green too.

PS- Special thanks to Shaunna for snapping this photo of my Mister sitting in Suzie…

We might just have to start savin’ our pennies up for a green one just like her one day!


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  1. says

    Oh Suzie, you are da bomb!! Love your story…just goes to show there are signs of our loved ones all around us. I might have to have to follow your lead and start saving up my pennies for a “Suzie” too. :)

  2. says

    This post brought tears to my eyes. Interesting, but I also have grandparents that I’m very close to. They adopted my mother and basically raised me and my sister. They’re everything to me and unfortunately my grandma is very ill. This post touched my heart because I also know and experience grandparents’ love. I so believe that our loved ones will always care for us, in this plan or the other.

    I have this same feeling. Don’t worry, don’t shake. Your future is so bright and this brightness comes from the Light of God. You both will succeeded because everything is being taken care. Just always follow your heart in this path and never forget that.


    Luciane at

  3. Elizabeth says

    Oh my eyes are two little pools of water this is so awesome and sweet your grandfather is still whispering to you in your dreams…..Maybe you’ll find your Suzie….

  4. says

    love this…i have vivid dreams with my Papa Roots talking to me too…also my Mom who has been gone 9 years…they always have something important to say!! i get it and the fighting tears part too. xo
    p.s. Papa had an old ford pick-up…we used to go to the corner gas station for donuts :)

  5. Deneen says

    Dreams are so important. When you listen to them they bring you to another level. I really believe we have angels watching over us. Your grandfather is an angel for you!

  6. says

    Such a sweet story Layla! I’m so luvin’ Suzie! If you ever come to Texas, we have a yummy little 1970 F100 you can make into a movie star! Her name is Chatita (little shorty)! I wish you both nothing but the best on your venture, I think it’s awesome! HUGS! :)

  7. says

    Oh Layla, this story gave me chills and tears. How wonderful! I have dreams like that about my dad, too and during difficult times, I always come across a dove, I’m convinced it’s him watching out for me, letting me know everything will be okay. :) Thanks for posting this. I’m so happy for you and your hubby! :)

  8. says

    That was such a sweet story. You got me all teary eyed too. My Grandpa was a caricature artist for Disneyland back in the 70’s. After he passed away in December I was browsing a thrift store and stumbled upon a drawing he had done nearly 40 years ago. I bought it for $7 and gave it to my Grandma to hold on to.

  9. says

    That is so touching! They really are guardian angels. I just lost my mom, and I really believe that want to look after us an comfort us from above. And Suzie…oh yeah…Suzie is super cool!

  10. says

    Layla, this was so moving… yes, tears came to my eyes and a lump to my throat. My grandparents, and my Mom have too moved on, but they never feel very far away… Thank you so much for sharing such a real and personal story. Aren’t stories great? They are the colour, the fibre, what makes life worth living… and our memories, something to hold dear…
    I hope you have a fantastic day, and that there is a green Chevy Blazer in your future!


  11. says

    I just got goosebumps…really! Cha Cha (Charity) told me about the car and I thought it was oh so neat. Now this story and I’m almost in tears in a good way. So funny how things work and comfort wraps around us in strange ways. I think you look a lot like your Dad ;) I hope ya’ll get a chance to come to the deep south soon. Love n hugs, Susie Bloop~

  12. says

    What a sweet sweet story! Isn’t it amazing how things can happen & work out!? What are the chances of the little green truck coming into your life via facebook and then your dream & gramps truck……LOVE IT!

  13. Katie says

    Layla, what a sweet story. It brought tears to my eyes. Your dream was great assurance that everything is going to work out, and don’t forget about the message from the fortune cookie with your meal last night. I don’t usually think much about a fortune cookie message, but yours was great.

    Hope Kevin and you have a wonderful and restful time at the beach next week.
    Love Mom.

  14. Louise says

    I truly believe that some coincidences are much more than coincidences. Listen to that dream, imagine it, think of the words spoken , feel them, anytime you are nervous. Have been reading your blog for a long time, am very excited for you.

  15. says

    OMG love stories like this!! My grandpa was in my dream a few nights before my wedding, and I woke up crying (which had never happened to me before). He didn’t say anything to me, but I saw him hugging my future husband in the distance, and then walk him over to me with his hand on his shoulder. Crazy. God totally speaks through dreams.

  16. Janny A. says

    No coincidences here. God’s love pours out in amazing ways! Rest assured, you are being taken care of! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Anjanette says

    Psalms 145: 9 The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. What a tender mercy.

  18. Diane says

    Oh Layla…Its a Kiss from heaven! My dad passed away many years ago, but when he was still alive he would talk about my then deceased grandma..well TO my grandma actually. When he was feeling stressed or alone or just missed her, he would say “mom, let me know you are still with me” And at some point in the next few hours he would get “a sign” It might be her favorite song that got played on the radio, an old picture he had forgotten about would mysteriously turn up, whatever…a sign! a couple of years ago we were telling my then 6 year old son about these “signs” and my son says…Oh you mean “Kisses from heaven?” my husband and I have NO idea where that came from, but we are sure that THAT is a sign. So Layla…you have been Kissed from heaven :-)

  19. says

    I am such a believer in receiving comfort and encouragment from loved ones that have passed. And I don’t believe in coincidences. Suzie was meant to be there; and of course, it would sweet-spirited Charity to bring her to you.
    A whole lotta Wonderful. :)

  20. Dorothy Brown says

    Oh, Layla, your sweet story brought tears to the eyes of this cynical child support officer! Of course, I loved Suzie from the first photo, but your dream… I’ve had a few of my own very comforting dreams and other experiences that made me feel my loved ones were watching over me and encouraging me in times of doubt. Hugs to you.

  21. claire says

    When I scrolled down and saw the green blazer under the silver one…TEARS!!!!!!!!! It’s those little goose bump moments that remind us that God takes joy in his orchestration of life.

  22. Deb says

    You work so hard….and….as the story begins….for your new HGTV show…..(you are the real deal)….we as the general public love your real life struggles, your pure and natural style, and I personally think it would be a great thrill to make a show just showing the public how far you went to find a deeper inner strength to move you forward in this new and exiciting adventure!!!! Wishing you the very best and looking so forward to some good fresh pure style on HGTV!!!! Queenie

  23. says

    I am a little freaked out – My Grandpa had a Scout. Have you ever seen one? Very similar to the Blazer, but most of them were swimming pool blue. I was at Home Depot YESTERDAY and I stopped dead in my tracks when I smelled an El Verso cigar. He used to smoke them in his Scout and in their garage where it was parked. I also choked back tears after I caought myself looking around the parking lot for him. He used to plow snow in it for free around our town. I loved snow days because I got to ride along with him. He was an amazing person, I would love to have one more day with him and one more ride in the Scout.

  24. Kim says

    What a lovely story! I have had experiences like that too. Your Grandpa loves you, your readers love you, and we all know that you and Kev are a successful couple and will become even more successful. Don’t worry, what good does it do? Can’t wait to see you guys on HGTV, Don’t forget us here in BlogLand! GREAT vintage Blazer!

  25. Terry says

    Don’t you just love it when God reveals His love for His children in very personal and tangible ways?! Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. Josee says

    Awesome story, Layla! I firmly believe that our loved ones who have passed on can still “reach out” to us just as your grandparents did. That was no “coincidence”! My green Chevy Blazer story is in the form of a baby conceived after we were told we couldn’t and given a due date of the day my father passed. We named him Michel, after my dad and he has his steely blue eyes and charming smile. Love lives on and transcends death!
    Many blessings to you both on all your endeavors!

  27. Cheryl F says

    Your story gave me goosebumps and I have no doubt your Grandpa was visiting you. Sylvia Browne has an excellent book called “Book of Dreams” about things just like this. I highly recommend it, lots of food for thought if nothing else. Contiunued best wishes, but you don’t need them, you’re going to wildly successful!!

  28. SuzieQ says

    Thanks so much for sharing! Love your sweet story and the sweet ride you snagged for the pilot! I can’t wait for my new favorite show to air on HGTV!!!!!
    PS: oh and…I don’t hate the Blazer’s name either!!

  29. Barbara says

    Love the post, love the pics, and love Suzy! I don’t remember these trucks and I grew up in farm/truck country!

  30. says

    That’s a very wonderful and touching story Layla. I firmly believe your Grandpa was there in your dream easing your mind. And I believe that he helped Charity find you and Kev and loan Susie out as well. Another way to say, “This is your path. The right one, and all is as it should be”. Congrats on being able to find the peace that he was sending your way.

  31. says

    Ahhh…Grampa knows best guys:) You my friend have a true guardian angel. Can’t get over how much you look like you Dad:)

  32. Kim N. says

    Thank you so much Layla for sharing this story. Totally brought tears to my eyes. I love how God brings things together and knew how all of this would touch your heart. Love this blog so praying your pilot will air!

  33. Jessica F in Wisconsin says

    I’ve been reading for a while, but felt I had to comment when I saw the truck in the pictures! My husband has a 1973 Chevy Blazer, passed down from his grandpa who bought it new. We’ve almost had to sell it a few times but luckily it still is ours. It’s a darker green than the one your grandpa had, more like avocado. His grandpa is still hanging in there, and I am happy that we will have this to remember him by someday. :D

  34. Roxanna Morgan says

    Isn’t it amazing when we are restless or weary we are comforted by those who may not know us but are there for us when we are in need. May you always dream and remember your are blessed when those dreams come true.

  35. Melanie says

    precious! love lil grandpas! God is so good! All the prayers your fans and loved ones said for you and Kevin, had Grandpa “right there” within your heart bringing the dream to uold the start of your and Kevins dreams! love it!

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