Sunshine in the House!

Thanks to a beautiful day, I was able to shoot the new photos of the kitchen yesterday. I’ll be posting them randomly, throughout the week. Here’s the first few…

The newly hung plate collection…

I’ll go into more detail about where I picked up all the different plates later this week.

The new seat cushion and pillows on the headboard bench…

Teresa Porter made the seat cushion for us out of a super-soft cotton duck fabric I gave her. I asked her to put a pleated skirt on the bottom edge, and she did a wonderful job with it…it’s flawless!
I bought the two smoky-blue pillow covers on Ebay, and had Teresa add braided jute trim to the edges of them to tie them together with the color and texture of the middle pillow a little more. I got 25 yards of the jute trim on Ebay for $4.99. The 18″ pillows inside the covers are from a flea market, and cost just $3.00 each.

The middle pillow came from

I just love the way it all turned out and can’t wait to see Kevin’s reaction when he gets home tomorrow morning. He’s been gone for a month, and I’ve really been missing him around here lately.

We still have a looong way to go in the Dining Room. Here’s a glimpse of where we’re at right now…

A couple random photos I shot yesterday morning…

And lucky for us, I finally found a complete set of white dishes to fill our china hutch just in time for the photo shoot.
I picked up for just $18.00 at a flea market. It serves eight, and there are no chips in any of the pieces…

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend wherever in the world you are!

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