Sunroom Update – Hiding The Litter Box

Raise your hand if your dog likes to get into your cat’s food bowl and/or litter box?

Ours sure does.

The Lettered Cottage Sunroom | Cat Door Project

We’ve had that gate in front of “Kit-Cat’s closet” for the past year, but I’ve been determined to figure something else out. Something a little less…

That closet also houses our tools, craft supplies, random “stuff”, vacuum cleaner, brooms, etc. etc. etc., and our half bath is right next to it, so I reeeeally wanted to be able to shut that door.

So ya know what we did? We cut a hole in the wall:

Cut A Hole In Wall For Cats Litter Box | The Lettered Cottage

We trimmed it out so that it matched the look of our windows, and painted it with the same Simply White (Benjamin Moore) paint.

And guess what?

The Lettered Cottage | Cat Room To Hide Litter Box

It works! Kit-Cat pops in and out of there with ease (we got him a nightlight, too), and I can finally keep that closet door closed! 😀

Hole In Wall To Hide Litter Box | Cat Room | The Lettered Cottage

We chose to put the hole in the wall (vs. the door) because we didn’t want to damage the (extra tall, solid wood, special order) door (if necessary, repairing that little square of drywall would be less expensive) and I liked the idea of the hole blending in with the plate collection (vs. really standing out in the center of the door). And since we needed our hole to be higher up off the ground (so Max can’t jump into it), we wanted to use the basket (something Max would be waaaay too scared to jump onto) in front of it- something we couldn’t have done if the hole was in the door.

Anywho, just thought I’d share our solution here in case someone reading is still raising their hand. 😉

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  1. KJ says

    That is THE smartest, coolest and best thought out blog “trick” I have seen in a while! Kudos to you!

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