Sunroom Update – Hiding The Litter Box

Raise your hand if your dog likes to get into your cat’s food bowl and/or litter box?

Ours sure does.

The Lettered Cottage Sunroom | Cat Door Project

We’ve had that gate in front of “Kit-Cat’s closet” for the past year, but I’ve been determined to figure something else out. Something a little less…

That closet also houses our tools, craft supplies, random “stuff”, vacuum cleaner, brooms, etc. etc. etc., and our half bath is right next to it, so I reeeeally wanted to be able to shut that door.

So ya know what we did? We cut a hole in the wall:

Cut A Hole In Wall For Cats Litter Box | The Lettered Cottage

We trimmed it out so that it matched the look of our windows, and painted it with the same Simply White (Benjamin Moore) paint.

And guess what?

The Lettered Cottage | Cat Room To Hide Litter Box

It works! Kit-Cat pops in and out of there with ease (we got him a nightlight, too), and I can finally keep that closet door closed! :-D

Hole In Wall To Hide Litter Box | Cat Room | The Lettered Cottage

We chose to put the hole in the wall (vs. the door) because we didn’t want to damage the (extra tall, solid wood, special order) door (if necessary, repairing that little square of drywall would be less expensive) and I liked the idea of the hole blending in with the plate collection (vs. really standing out in the center of the door). And since we needed our hole to be higher up off the ground (so Max can’t jump into it), we wanted to use the basket (something Max would be waaaay too scared to jump onto) in front of it- something we couldn’t have done if the hole was in the door.

Anywho, just thought I’d share our solution here in case someone reading is still raising their hand. ;-)

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  1. Candace says

    Great idea! The part about the night light cracked me up! And I love that Kit Cat was willing to demonstrate for us!

  2. Lin says

    Oh love checking in on Kit-Kat! What a great idea. I had thought about cutting a hole in my cedar chest for our cat’s litterbox, but decided not to do it. I like your idea better.

  3. Sarah W says

    We did almost the same thing, except we cut a hole in the door (laundry room) and then trimmed it out. Works great! Looks great! The door can be kept closed while the cat can freely accesses her litter box and food/water – but the (naughty) pup cannot! We also put a self-closing hinge on the door, just in case one of the kids forgets to close it. Our “cat hole” is closer to the ground – but we have a big golden retriever who cannot fit through the hole, not a little pup like you . . .

  4. Lauri McIntosh says

    That’s hilarious and genius at the same time. I always expect the unexpected when I read your posts.

  5. Marla says

    I did this exact thing for my cats, only mine was a bit lower to the ground. I thought it too, rather quite genius of myself until…after a few trips into and out of their “office”, the cat litter was constantly on the ledge or dirty prints. So I bought one of those litter catchers at the pet store and cut it to size and put 4 of those little photo glue spots at each corner and stuck it down…MAGICAL!

  6. susan says

    Hi Layla! Lovely solution! We did something similar, and our cat Peaches loves it :) I also found one of those cute little doors that open and close on vintage exterior doors, so you can peek to see who’s at the door. It looks like pewter, and it also secures should I want Peaches to stay in the laundry room, which is where we keep her kitty box, under the folding table which is curtained for privacy.
    Your Kit Kat is so darling! Thanks so much for coming to his rescue and giving him his furever home <3

  7. Karen says

    Hmm…now to locate a closet that houses nothing that would bother me if it smelled. Ooh, maybe through the wall into the unused cupboard under an upstairs sink! Love the genius nightlight suggestion.

  8. Raquel says

    But Layla, how do you keep the dog from climbing up on the basket and going in through the hole?

    • Layla says

      Hi Raquel!
      Max wouldn’t dream of jumping up onto something that might move underneath him, and he would NEVER dare to go into a hole that may not be able to get out of. :-D

  9. Carol Leatherman says

    Great idea! You can also go to and take a look at the product there – I have two, and would go to the end’s of the earth to get another!

  10. Susan Googins says

    We cut a mouse hole arch at the bottom of our laundry room door and whala! no more dog getting into the cat box! Works like a charm. Like your idea too!

  11. says

    At my mom’s house we cut a little kitty door into the door to their basement for the same reason. The cats figuredit out quickly and it looks great when it’s trimmed out nicely.

  12. LoisAnn says

    Oh my goodness what a wonderful idea. I’ve been wanting to hide the litter box and could not come up with a good idea – this is perfect! Thank you so much.

  13. Sheila says

    We had a problem with our two canine Fuzzy Butts eating “toilet twinkies” and the vet said it was because they were not getting enough protein in their diets. We switched to a better brand of dog food and that solved the problem. I wish I could have a kitty so I could use your idea for the litter box!

  14. JoanneB. says

    While I think your solution is a GREAT idea, we don’t have that ability to solve our problem as easily! But I am SO happy to know MY dog is not the only “disgusting” dog out there-considering kitty’s litter box as an appetizer. Yuck. She also LOVES to scarf down the cat’s food every chance she gets. Even though the vet assured me it is, unfortunately, common for dogs for nosh on cat poop, I was quite embarrassed to even mention it to him! I am so relieved to know my dog’s abnormal behavior of eating cat poop is , err, perfectly normal? Thanks for making me less embarrassed living with the heartbreak of this foul habit!

  15. says

    In the 3 homes I have lived in, the garage was always attached, so litterboxes were relegated to the garage and house door was left slightly cracked enough that cats could open with paw and go to their potty. My next home will not have that, so will be seeking solutions as to maybe using laundry room and this might work!

  16. Cher says

    Thank you Jesus!! You just gave me the wonderful idea to make our hall closet the litter box hideaway!! We’re going to install a pet door in the door. It’ll hide the litter box. Contains the litter and mama will be a happy cat lover!!

    Thank you!!!

  17. Caroline says

    OMG awesome! As a mom of three permanent cats and anywhere from one to three foster kittens at any given time, litter boxes are a huge issue in our house. We can’t do much since we’re renting but when we buy (hopefully soon), I’ll keep this in mind. There’s 100% chance that we’ll buy a vintage or historic house and I can’t abide the idea of cutting a cat door into an orginal wood door.

  18. Kim says

    I did the same thing in my kitchen when I remodeled about 6 years ago. Love it! On the other side of the wall is the basement stairs so kitties can go down there to do their business. Best. Thing. Ever.

  19. Maria says

    Hey Layla! Is that light from restoration hardware? I love it but I’m in the market for a cheaper version! Would love if you have any sources you’d be willing to share! Thanks

  20. Marla says

    I have thought about doing this for awhile. The way you trimmed it out has me sold! Kit Cat is so photogenic and handsome!

  21. ashley says

    Love this idea! We’re thinking of doing the same thing for our litter and kitties. Let me just say be prepared for toys… your keys… shoes… anything… to be “posted” through this hole. Boys! Just don’t have the litter tray right underneath it on the other side lol!

    • Layla says

      Oh no worries about that Ashley! Kit-Cat has a covered litter box on the opposite side of the closet! :-D

  22. says

    SUPER great idea. I have two indoor cats and their box is in our little bathroom. I could figure something else out and it would be a win win situation.

  23. Ter'e says

    Y’all always have the best ideas. This was sheer genius! I no longer have any kitties……..but, if I did, I would use this idea.
    Kit Cat is so beautiful!!!!! Aren’t you thankful you have him, now?
    He blends into your family beautifully.

  24. Carmen says

    What a great idea! Can I ask a question about your plate display? How did you hang the bowl? Did you use the adhesive disks? I have some cute little bowls I was thinking of adding into my plate display, but have not have good luck with the disks.

  25. Nelson's Mama says

    Very cute kitty door!

    We’re cat lovers and always have our litter boxes either in the garage or basement of our homes.

    Right now our kitties have double cat doors and we are a box-free establishment, they go outside to do their business and come back in! It’s the best ever!

  26. KC says

    We did something similar, my husband is a contractor so he built a litter box house with vents on the sides and shingles on the roof. He cut a hole in our exterior wall, we put a small doggie dog in and attached the litter box house to the outside of our house. The back wall was a door so I could change the litter box. It was great, my dog couldn’t get her head through the door and we never had “litter box almond roca” issues again.

  27. Tami says

    Layla! What a great idea! I love it when you blog about Kit-Kat. He always puts a smile on face. Thank you!

  28. Kris says

    Beautiful cat, Layla! Thanks for letting us know the good, the bad, and the ugly (which you turned into beauty!).

  29. says

    Layla that is such a clever idea! We have a hole in the bottom of our basement door because we can’t keep the door open. Our little, and I mean little, laundry room off the garage has THREE DOORS in it.

  30. jj says

    Great idea…our litter box is “hidden” inside the floor off the linen closet in our master bathroom…our dog loves him some “Kitty Rocha”

  31. says

    Looks great! Ours in our basement and we needed something after my dog broke the bi-fold door (a blessing in disguise because it was ugly!), so my dad built us a gate that hinges on one side and locks on the other. We kept the spacing high enough for that cats to go under but our dogs can’t.

  32. says

    We don’t have a cat mainly because of the “litterbox” issue. This has deff made me reconsider giving into my daughters pleading to get one. Very creative!

  33. Carol says

    I am a big fan of your design ideas. I think some are downright genius. I am not loving this however. I would want the litter box to be as inconspicuous as possible. The hole in the wall kind of draws attention to that place and then you end up telling people what it’s for. Maybe if it was upstairs.

    • Layla says

      I may be a little bit weird, but I’m actually looking forward to the conversations our “kitty door” might stir up, Carol! :-D Kit-Cat is one of the family, and I love thinking of that closet as his own little house and that hole as his own little front door. :-) I’m also sort of loving the idea of adding a few more pint-sized pass-thru places around here just because that one feels so fun- LOL! :-D

  34. Liz VanKirk says

    Great idea huh? We did the same exact thing in our basement wall that leads to the furnace room. It was hidden under the end table near a corner. I had seen it on a former Parade of Homes tour where a builder did the same thing.

  35. Nancy says

    When we had a cat and small children, we put a gate hook on the basement door so that it would hold the door ajar for the cat, but was too small a gap for the kids. It would also work for households with larger dogs. It may not be as cute as the hole in the wall, but it was a functional, non-permanent solution.

  36. says

    That is really cute! I have a question about the Simply White trim paint… Do you like it lots? Would you choose to paint it in a house that wasn’t going to be photographed all the time? I only ask because I’ve noticed some other home blogger folks also choosing it lately, and I’m wondering if it is because it’s a good white for photos. In real life, does it look stark? Just curious! :)

    • Layla says

      Well, I *hope* it doesn’t look stark in real life, Miss Jenny B! :-D We’ve sure enjoyed it, but since the light in every house is different, I’d slap some samples up on the walls to find the color that works best for yours. :-)

      • says

        I’m so glad that you really like it in person! I have been wanting a fresher look for our house, and I’m sure that painting the trim a brighter white would help with that. :)

  37. Kristen says

    We did this too! Loved it with no regrets. Ours goes into the garage for easy cleaning, just built a mini box with a door so kitty does not explore the garage.

  38. Christine says

    I love this idea. Can you please share some pictures of the interior of the closet? We currently have our litterboxes in the basement but one of our cats is arthritic so we feel bad forcing him to use the stairs all the time. I’d love to find a spot upstairs but right now don’t have one that can house three litterboxes (we have three cats).

  39. Kelley Kay says

    Love the pass thru but I have a question about the Simply White. Do you go with Benjamin Moore paint or have you color matched it with Sherwin Williams? I ask only because I’ve had Sherwin Williams mix it for me because they always have good coupons available ;) but I’ve noticed it sometimes looks more cream then bright white. My walls are Gray Owl (or Owl Gray – I can never remember the order of the name) and I was hoping for the Simply White to be more white than cream. In your pics it looks like a clean crisp white and I love that. Any suggestions? Do I need to just quit being cheap and go with Benjamin Moore to get it right or is it supposed to be a little creamier?

  40. Ami A in LA says

    That is brilliant!! I have a baby gate across the laundry room doorway – hate it!! This is an excellent solution – thanks!

  41. Tania Russell says

    Ha! this is absolutely brilliant! Love the shot of Kitty’s sweet little face popping through the hole in the wall! You are so creative, Layla! Can you come and stay with me for a week and help me remodel?! lol! (not kidding, by the way!)

  42. KJ says

    That is THE smartest, coolest and best thought out blog “trick” I have seen in a while! Kudos to you!

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