Sunroom Makeover – Step Two: Wall Color

We made a quick trip back to True Value to pick up wall paint for the sunroom last Thursday afternoon. After sampling a handful of other off-whites, we settled on a Benjamin Moore color called Cloud Nine because it was the exact gray-to-white-to-warm ratio we were looking for.

I love the color and the name. I’m kinda funny about those kinds of things. Paint names, I mean.

Are you a sucker for ones that sound pretty, too? (Mom- I know you’re nodding up and down right now!)

We’re planning to pop some warm textures, and fresh & fun, cottage-y colors into the space in the weeks to come, and we look forward to blogging all about ’em when they’re in place and poppin’. Here are some photos of things & ideas, and colors & textures I’ve been having fun drawing inspiration from lately…

(Foyer PhotoChair Photo, SugarbooShannan’s WreathKitchen Photo, Bike PhotoBathroom Photo)

Here’s hoping I can squish a whole bunch of that kind of inspiration into a DIY bottle and bring it to life in our sunroom!

This post is part of our 2012 True Value DIY Blog Squad series.

“Truly Valuable” links:,,,, You can also find more info about True Value DIY Blog Squad on True Value’s Facebook page. We’ll be hosting an “Ask The Blog Squad session over there on December 18th!

Legal stuff: We were selected by True Value to work on the DIY Blog Squad and have been compensated for our time commitment to True Value-related blog posts. We were also given a gift card to purchase the materials needed for our True Value-related projects, however, our opinions are entirely our own and we haven’t been paid to publish positive reviews. Boom!

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  1. Claire says

    You are soooo talented. It’s why I love to read your blog, aside from that you are fun to read too. I love your style. I love my house but I have such a hard time picking paint colors. You have a gift.

  2. says

    I love the paint name!!! Perfect for your new home and the journey that you’re on :) I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Love your inspiration photos!

  3. Kimm at Reinvented says

    Wow, loving Cloud Nine and your ideas! I’m planning a redo of my teenage daughter’s room and she has chosen a shade of coral that is going to need cloud nine for balance! :)

  4. says

    haha I’m the same way with paint color names, though it’s gotten me in trouble more than once! {Jade Sea apparently equals = blinding aquamarine and Rubby Ducky = baby #2! haha}

    Random question for you: Have you guys ever purchased a refurbished large appliance? My husband and I can’t decide if it’s worth the risk, and we’d appreciate any feedback from someone who has experience! Thanks so much!

    • Layla says

      Hi Natalie!
      We’ve never purchased a refurbished appliance, but we have found a couple of inexpensive stainless steel ones on Craiglist and they worked great! 😀

  5. says

    I was wondering… do you still do the pick my presto thingy and if so, how do I submit that?
    I love, love, love your new digs. Inside and out. I am in a decorating rut, and I thought maybe I could get some inspiring ideas for a very, very limited budget that would help me get it in gear.
    I am redoing a tiny old office space into a cozy entertainment/reading space for me and the kiddos…and the 60 pound puppy who likes to eat decorations. :)

  6. says

    I was on the fence about the blue or greige paint color for our kitchen right on up until I took a closer look at the paint chips … and then the decision was made and there was no going back. Yarmouth blue from BM spoke to me because that’s where my husband proposed to me 19 1/2 years ago. Yarmouth, Cape Cod.

    Easiest and quickest paint color decision I’ve ever made! And I’m still happy with the choice two years later …



  7. says

    I do love the color you choose. My husband and I are trying to pick the perfect romantic gray for our bedroom, and yes, the paint name, is factoring into the decision! I’ll have to show him this color (which looks warm and lovely) when he gets home!
    Love it, thanks!

  8. Lynne says

    I see you used semi-gloss for the trim. What did you use for the wall color? I’m guessing eggshell? Love these colors for our new beach cottage! Thanks!

  9. Allison says

    Love the room! Just curious, it looks like you kept the trim color the same. Do you know what color it was? I am looking at cloud nine for our living room and I want a bright enough white on the trim to contrast with the walls. I’m nervous about picking one!