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    As long as I live, I will never forget our trip out to Sliver Island.

    It’s not really called “Sliver Island”…but that’s what I call it.

    It’s actually called Little Tybee, but because the part we explored was only about twenty five steps wide, I decided to call it Sliver Island instead.

    Obviously, because it’s an island, you can only reach it by boat.

    And while the very thought of being able to go somewhere that was uninhabited, unattached, unplugged, and unbelievably beautiful instantly intrigued me, it also sort of scared me.

    For starters, I’m kind of a worry-wart.
    (Okay, I’m a full-blown worry-wart, but don’t tell anyone.)

    And I’m not the best swimmer either.
    (When I was a child, the swim instructors at the YMCA actually handed me back to my parents and said, “Sorry. She doesn’t float.”)
    So traveling anywhere by boat is guaranteed to raise the ol’ anxiety level a couple of notches.

    That being said, I knew I’d regret not going if I chickened out, so I put on my game face (or maybe I should say my “game brain”?) and hopped in Captain Rene’s boat like it wasn’t nothin’ but a G thang.

    And even though my anxiety level was initially slightly higher than normal when we pushed away from Fisherman’s Walk, the trip turned out to be quite an amazing, and non-scary experience after all.


    On the way out to Sliver Island, we saw TONS of dolphins. Some even came right up and under the boat! It was amazing. We saw Osprey, and their huge nest. We saw sunlight dancing on top of the waves, and lush green grasses wiggling in the wind the whole way there.

    (Me and Mom, pointing at dolphins)

    It was an fascinating ride, and I really did enjoy it.

    Once we got out to the island, we jumped out of the boat and started scavenging for souvenirs among the sea grass and weathered bits of wood.

    I immediately found the biggest sand dollar I had ever seen outside of a shell shop.
    I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

    And as for the island itself, well, I will never forget standing out there on that little sliver of sand, below a sky full of swirly, silver-lined clouds- all drifting and shifting wherever the wind decided they should go. The Sea crashing on one side of me, and miles of winding salt marsh on the other.


    Simply. Spectacular.

    A giant tree had washed ashore, and for some reason I could not take my eyes off it.


    It was truly a bizarre and beautiful sight.

    Seeing it there reminded me of how unique and small we all really are.

    I must have spent twenty minutes studying its gnarled roots and daydreaming about its history.


    Where did it come from?
    How did it end up in the Sea?
    Did it float here, or did it travel along the Sea floor all this way?

    I wondered if it would be there the next time I visited Sliver Island.

    I wondered if I’d ever have the chance to visit Sliver Island again. (?)

    I sure hope so.

    It’s definitely the kind of place that fills you up, and makes you think.


    And any place that makes it impossible for one to stop smiling is definitely worth a temporary spell of heightened anxiety, don’t ya think?




    Wanna see the video we shot that day?
    (Make sure you hit the “expand” button in the lower right hand corner of the player, if you want a closer view of the dolphins!)

    Wanna visit Sliver Island?
    Visit Captain Rene at SundialCharters.net!


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