Stray Kitten

I’m a sucker for a stray. Dogs, cats, turtles- you name it- if I’m in the car and I see one, I gotta bust a u-ey, and at least try to rescue it.

And because of the comments left on some of my animal-related blog posts, I bet there’s a lot┬ámore pet picker-uppers out there reading this too! I had lunch with one of my pet pick-up’in girlfriends yesterday. She told me about a “turtle” she made a u-turn for not too long ago, only to discover it was actually a camouflage-colored baseball cap sitting in the middle of the street- LOL!

It’s been a while since we’ve had to move a turtle off the road, but Kev and I did have a crazy, stray kitten adventure on Thursday morning…

We were driving on the busiest road in town, and as we were approaching an extremely busy intersection, I noticed a little black kitten running as fast as it could across the street in front of us. The lower part of it’s left leg was completely dangling behind it as it darted across the road. I couldn’t believe it was able to make it across without getting hit. It was SO scary/sad watching that all go down!

After we crossed through the intersection, Kev made a u-turn and we pulled into the lot behind a recently closed down gas station. Here’s a shot that shows the busy road we were previously on, and where we parked our car…

I jumped out of the passenger side while the car was still rolling, and was relieved to find the kitty huddled up against the wall of the gas station…

It was panting really heavily, and crying it’s little heart out so I slowly walked up to it, and kept telling it it was going to be okay in my best “please-don’t-be-afraid-of-me-kitty” voice the whole time. I managed to crouch down about three feet away from it, and I thought I was going to be able to pick up it- when all of a sudden, it got up and quickly hobbled over to our car, dragging its little leg behind it the whole way. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch and I felt so bad for making it think it had to run again! And to make matters more intense, it climbed right up and into our engine. Aaaahhhhh! (Note: the engine was not running.)

But it was right about that time that Kevin noticed we were parked right next to an animal clinic. Hallelujah!

I ran over there, and told the lady sitting at the front desk what had just happened.

She rounded up the doctor and two of his assistants, and everyone came out to our car to see if we could get the kitty out.

Long story short, they managed to coax it out with a broom handle, and then they took it inside the clinic to see how they could help it. (The Doc said since we took the time to stop and help it, they would take the time to help it get healthy again. Yay for friendly vets!)

The doctor called me a few hours later and said that the lower part of the kitty’s leg had completely dislocated from the upper part, and that it had some worms and ear mites.

They began treatment for the worms and mites immediately, but they’re going to wait to do surgery next week when it’s not quite as freaked out as it is right now. The doc was also kind enough to say we could come up and visit the kitty in the meantime, so of course we jumped back in the car that day, and spent some time petting it’s sweet little head…

It was on a lot of pain medication at the time, but hopefully it’ll begin to understand that we’re all just trying to make it feel better!

(I love the little white “heart” below it’s nose!)

They didn’t remember to check if it was a boy or a girl, because they didn’t want to move it around very much- but one of the vets seemed to think it was a girl.

I’ll keep you posted on *her* progress, and in the meantime, if you live in the area (Prattville, Alabama) and you’re looking for an indoor house kitty to love on- drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with the people at the clinic. We’re not home very much these days, and I would love for *her* to live inside with someone who can really take good care of *her*!


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  1. Rachel says

    I’m so glad there are people like me out there! Last week I rescued a dog that was hit 5 or so cars ahead of me. He was crying and trying to stand up in the middle of the road, but no one would stop. Everyone kept driving around him. Since I’m a huge animal lover, I stopped my car and picked him up. I rushed him to the vet, but he ended up passing away during the middle of the night from internal injuries. Ughh…it was heart breaking! I don’t understand how someone couldn’t stop to rescue the poor dog. Why do people have such cold hearts?

  2. Jane H says

    I didn’t think I could be more enamored of the two of you as an amazing couple/partnership/team (I kow, I probably sound like your moms, but I am about the same age so that figures)! After this post – I am! Just more proof of why you deserve good things in life to come your way!

  3. Lynda says

    Oh, you have no idea how happy this makes my heart. Bless *your* hearts, and those of the folks at the vets for tending to this tiny critter. Good on all y’all.

  4. jason says

    I love stories like these. y’all are such good people…and I said “good people” on purpse! this one made me tear up. my wife and I have been known to rescue dogs, cats and turtles too – oh my! we even rescued an escaped ferret. we eventually tracked his owner down. good for you and I hope everything goes smoothly for the little guy/girl.

  5. Amy F. says

    As soon as I saw the first picture I yelled out “there’s a vet right next door!” Of course I looked rather foolish to my co-workers and you found the vet without my shout out. I wish we could have *her* but I’m afraid my house my be too traumatic her. We have 3 indoor dogs (tiny little critters) and one huge mostly outside cat that looks just like this little kitty. I’m still going to talk to my hubby tonight because she needs a good home and we did bring our huge kitty into our home without too much trauma.

  6. Leigh in Dallas says

    Aww, you guys! My dad brought home a little kitten when I was 13 and she too had a gimpy leg and ran out in front of his car. He took her to the vet and they warned us that she might lose her leg, but we gave her a film canister (old school!) with rice in it and she played with her “rattle” so much that her leg was strong enough for her to walk on. She was one of the sweetest animals I’ve ever known and she had lots of happy years with us. My husband isn’t a big cat person, but I always hope to find a stray kitten – how could he say no?! Thanks again for stopping. You changed that little baby’s life!

  7. Melinda Ke says

    Poor little kitty, I’m so glad you guys happened to be passing by and stopped to help! I hope it finds a loving home, and with your blog readers I’m sure you will find someone soon.

  8. says

    I got so teary eyed reading your story and to know there are such
    unbelievable people out there in the world that would be so concerned
    and take the time to help defenseless animals. I love reading your blog listening to my playlist and when I hear Far Away by Nickleback I think of you guys. Thank you for being so compassionate for the little black kitty.

  9. says

    Ohh how cute, I am so with you Layla I have rescued 7 dogs now & one of them is living with my friend due to her falling in love & the owner what not allowed to have back at they were getting her pregnant all the time.
    Just cannot go past a stray dog with out doing something about it!!

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