• Stairwell Decorating Ideas

    Now that the backdrop is done, I’ve been dreaming about how we can inject some cottage-style personality into our (blank slate, not-quite-finished) stairwell:

    Stairwell Canvas

    (Don’t mind that orange-toned stair tread…that baby will be re-stained a darker, more neutral brown very soon!)

    That (currently unpainted) door opens into a hallway that leads back to our bedroom, and I haven’t painted it yet because I’d love to replace it with an old office door. Maybe something like this:

    Old office door | frosted glass

    And maybe if I can’t find a door that has frosted glass and lettering already on it, I could add my own to a door like this:

    Old Blue Office Door

    Here’s a photo I put together in Photoshop that shows what that would *sort of* look like:

    Stairwell Idea 8

    (Obviously, I would use a different name or phrase on there- ha!)

    As you can see, I popped a few other ideas onto the photo as well. I’d love to make the most out of the wall to the left of the door by using some kind of (shallow) cabinet on the floor there, and a (tall) mirror on the wall above it. You can never have too much storage or natural light, right? :-D

    Here are a few of the other color combos I played around with in Photoshop last night:

    Stairwell Idea 1

    Stairwell Idea 2

    Stairwell Idea 3

    Stairwell Idea 4

    Stairwell Idea 7

    The colors, doors, rug and furniture are all just ideas- not necessarily exact pieces we’ll use in there. I just like to play around with things this way because it helps me narrow my options. For instance, seeing those photos helps me to know that I’m definitely more drawn to using a white cabinet and a colorful door. I wanted to make sure Kevin felt the same way though, so I sat him down in front of this post last night and said, “Scroll.” When he got to the end, I said “which one(s) do you like the best?“. He didn’t have a favorite, (because he was fond of all three) but he was definitely more drawn to the pictures with painted doors. Whew! I love it when we lock in like that! :-D

    Anywho, I’m happy to have a (flexible) plan for that spot now. My mission this month: To  hunt for an old door that’s the right size for that spot!

    PS- If you’d like to check out the footage we filmed while we were working on the backdrop this space, head on over to The Design Network. My third episode is up today, and it’s all about preparing the stairwell and Sweet P’s bedroom for the furniture and fun stuff! :-)

    The Lettered Cottage | The Design Network

    *Mirror and rug links are affiliate links.

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