Spring Wreath How To

Hey there! And welcome to our very first How To’s Day linky party!

The first project we thought we’d share is how we made an easy-breezy Spring wreath for our dining room. With March right around the corner, it was high time we replaced the evergreen one we’ve had hanging in there since Christmas.

It was super simple to make, and it was really fun deciding which colors and embellishments we wanted to use. We started with an inexpensive foam wreath form, and some chunky, off-white-colored yarn…

Our wreath form measures 14 inches in diameter, so it did take a little while to completely cover it. (Note: This part will go much faster if you have a second set of hands to help.)

We used hot glue to secure the beginning and end of the yarn, and after that, it was all about adding the embellishments…

(The flowers are actually hair barrettes!)

First up- a little twig we found in our backyard. We wrapped it with some fuzzy, moss green-colored yarn, and then hot glued it onto the wreath…

After that, we glued on some buttons, and added a spiral of twine to the center of the largest flower. Lastly, we attached some green and white striped ribbon to the top of the wreath so we could hang it on our screen door.

And there ya have it! A fast & fun, Spring wreath how-to!

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The Lettered Cottage
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Happy To’sday!

PS- All the supplies for this how-to came from Hobby Lobby.

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  1. says

    What a nice idea, and I love it on the scree door. Hope you’ll drop by and see the informal picture wall How To I did for DD2.


  2. says

    Hi Layla love the wreath! Thanks for hosting the party. I linked in and posted a link. When I figure out how to copy a button I’ll add it. Sorry I’m still learning how to blog.

  3. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Your wreath looks so fresh and perfect for spring! Thanks so much for hosting. Everyone loves a party!

  4. says

    I’m so excited that you’re doing a linky party. :) You’re one of my top favorite blogs! That wreath is so unique and pretty. My favorite part is the yarn wrapped around it.

    • Layla says

      Hi Andrea!

      Kev and I picked that up at a local flea market for a few bucks.
      I love it ’cause it’s so Springy!

  5. says

    This so puts me in the mood for spring and many DIY projects I have on my list (like learning to distress furniture for my shop). Can’t wait to read the other girl’s submissions too! Thanks for sharing, Layla & Kevin!

  6. says


    I love it! And I love your painted back door, have we seen this yet(I know you talked about it but I didn’t know you ever did it)? You should also show more of your dining room wall cause it looks like you have added a whole bunch to it! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    Nicole :)

    • Layla says

      Thanks Nicole!
      And, no, we haven’t blogged about the “paintry” (our pantry that only holds paint & tools) yet.
      Maybe this Summer!


  7. says

    Well you did it, you gave me Spring fever. I love your wreath it’s the perfect balance of whimsy and chic. My how To is in 2 parts I hope that is okay……It is very long and the only way I could do it. Thank you for hosting such a fun party, I can’t wait to go see what I learn.

    Cha Cha

  8. says

    Love your wreath! I have been looking for ideas for a new wreath for spring how helpful to get the creative juices flowing! Thanks for sharing.

  9. says

  10. says

    Wow! You are great at everything you do! LOVE Your Spring Wreath!!! I just posted a card I recently made, first time linking to your blog! Thanks for letting us share!…Cardmaking gives me a creative outlet on a smaller scale…I LOVE to decorate too and I LOVE your style! Have a great week!

  11. says

    i LOVE your wreath! i linked up my latest creation – a burlap wreath you can change for any occasion, thanks to a little velcro! (it’s #179!)

    thanks for hosting!

  12. says


    What a beautiful wreath you created! Love how you incorporated the twig. I should hang one on our door. Perhaps it will inspire the sun to shine and melt all the snow we got last night!

    Your Friend,

  13. says

    Hi Layla! I’m so excited to be joining one of your parties for the first time! I always love everything you do and find such great inspiration here. I have also loved reading about your adoption journey as I, too, am an adoptive mother (twice over) and have shared some of my story on our blog. My sister and I just recently launched a new blog together and I see that she has already linked up to this party (#52) and I’m thrilled to be part of the fun too (#211). Thanks so much for hosting and I’m going to go hop around and see what everyone else is up to! :-)

  14. says

    I’ve been looking forward to this party since you announced it was coming! So excited it’s here! Thanks for hosting Layla.
    What a great collection of posts, I’m off to visit a few!

    I love your wreath – especially the twine center of the flower, it’s little touches like that which really make something special!

  15. Sarah K says

    I would love to see a tutorial on how you do the presto changos in Photoshop. I am experienced photoshopper and I can’t figure it out! Thanks for hosting this – lots of insopiration here.

  16. says

    I think you have an endless supply of inspiration Layla!! You are just so stinkin creative and cute. I love this idea. I can not WAIT for spring! (We just got snow today here in the Pac. NW… what’s UP with that??) I’m ready for green and blooming things… this wreath fits the bill.

    Blessings sweet girl!

    (PS- I downloaded and printed that “Gathering place” photo for my new (old) house, and I can’t wait to hang it and enjoy it! Just wanted to share!!)

  17. Heidi says

    I love the wreathe and I love the how to party! I went out to Hobby Lobby immediately to try and be crafty for the first time ever. I mean seriously, I didn’t even own a hot glue gun!!! (I’m new to all this decorating and blogs and everything, I mean I just discovered all this stuff about a week ago) So anyways, my wreath is about halfway done and it looks adorable and my husband is super proud of me and is really excited about me making our home an even more beautiful place. Thanks to all of you who post your beautiful homes and projects and give me inspiration!!! :)

  18. Tina says

    I loved it so much I went right out and bought the stuff to make my own. It was fun and it came out great!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. says

  20. says

    I don’t know how your house looks like a magazine. My wife and I have been trying to copy you for over a year and we still are no where near “there”. Awesome!

  21. says

    Thanks so much for the linky party. It’s my first one! I love to read how to’s.

    I love that magazine flippy thing on your page. I need to get one of those. Hugs…

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