Spring Paint Project

I had sort of a weird/down day yesterday, so I decided to change my situation and carve out a day just for good times. A day for dirty hands and a clean soul.

I started with a walk in the park- which reminded me that I really must get outside more often while the weather is so nice absolutely perfect. March is blooming beautifully, and I think azaleas currently outnumber people 100 to 1 here in Alabama.

When I got home, I wandered into a spare room full of unfinished projects, and let out a breath I didn’t even realize I had been holding in. After a quick scan of the room, I decided to pull out a wooden sign I made a couple of years ago.

It was underneath a bunch of other things I haven’t been inspired to work on quite yet. Some of it’s letters were loose, and broken, and it seemed like the right day to spend some time fixing it back up. I popped off the letters with a screwdriver and painted on a fresh coat of Southern Breeze (Behr).

I hung it in our hallway, right next to our reading room, and right outside the room I blog from. I think it’ll serve as a nice reminder that it’s okay to let rapture (not rules) take the reins whenever I sit down to write or create.

I’ve been meaning to work on my sign for quite a while now, so I’m happy to finally be able to skooch it from “to-do” over to “ta-dah!”.

Have you done any Spring skoochin’ lately? I’d love to read about your ta-dahs, too!

PS- The wood slats and letters came from Michaels, and I attached them to a simple, wood frame I made out of pine 1×2’s from the home improvement store.

Linking up to Sarah’s Spring Paint Party:

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  1. says

    I love the shot of the azaleas. Is that you? Looks like BLISS to me.
    I had one of those days yesterday, too. Hmm.. wonder what that was about? Today was wonderful and PRODUCTIVE. So good. I followed you over from the spray paint party, so that is what I have been skoochin’ on.
    To a wonder-filled rest of your week!
    xo, Jay
    Oh, I really like your quote board. A lovely sentiment.

  2. says

    Way to turn a day around! The sign is darling, and that card is the cutest sentiment :) I’d say you found some good times after all.

  3. says

    I love the new blue on the sign and glad you had a good day! Love the blooming flowers – in Texas our bluebonnets are going crazy!

  4. kelly in georgia says

    That turned out cute! Creativity inspires productivity….makes for a good day. I so agree about the azaleas around here too…unbelievable….must get out with the camera. Please tell Kevin his videos were absolutely wonderful! Now if I can just carve out some time for photography!!!
    Oh, and I ALWAYS love to see photos of your reading room…my fav. Is that a new quilt I see, or maybe I just haven’t seen the room in awile.

  5. Amber says

    You are so creative! I wish we were real life friends and I would make you lots of yummy home made food and you would sit in my house and give me ideas on how to decorate. It’s like bartering our skills. I love your style. Fresh air is good for my soul, too.

  6. Marianne in Mo. says

    I had some old prints I still liked, but they had dark green ugly matting that didn’t go with my new house. So I popped everything out of the frames and took some white spray primer to them. I’d intended to then paint them an off-white, but they looked so fresh and nice when I inserted the prints underneath, that I just went with them like that. I’d also intended to paint the frames from a regency gold with black in the crevices to a white, but again, they looked fine with the new mat color, so I left them alone! Saved $$ on new mats as well as more paint and esp. TIME!!! On to yet another project!

  7. Maggie C says

    The lovely post I just read about you guys over @ mermaid cottages should help brighten your mood, too.

  8. says

    Dear Layla,

    I love your sign, but I LOVED how the second “o” in “follow” hung down as seen in the first picture. I wander what it would look like now that you’ve redone it, to give that little “o” a roll…

    Happy Day!! stef

  9. says

    I love your sign, Layla! Beautiful quote. Yes, I did some skootchin’ this week. Tackled 5 projects that have been waiting for me! I did some wordin’ on most of them too. Added some laundry to a yard sale tool caddy, turned metal burner rings into stamped fabric quote doohickies, monogrammed a galvanized picture, slipcovered some books ;), and finally painted the slats for my planked wall. {sigh of happiness & productivity}

    I hope you enjoy more beautiful weather. Ours has turned to chilly rain but pretty still. As long as the cherry blossoms are bloomin’, I’m happy.

  10. Sherry Ann says

    I am going to jot that saying down on a blank card and send it to my daughter. She recently changed, well not changed but “tweaked” her college major. A few people have given her some grief for it. This saying will sum it up nicely. As always, thanks for sharing!

  11. says

    gotta admit, i loved the o being wonky. when i first saw it, i thought it was intentional!
    you look stunning in the flowers. wonderful shot.
    and finally, i have to tell you that the card about riding the tricycle to the friend’s house put the biggest smile on my face. i know that feeling and appreciate you reminding me of it. fantastic!

  12. Christina says

    Your sign spoke to me! I lost my husband of 42 years last year and this sign seems like a guidepost. I am going to try to make one, Michaels here I come!

  13. Laurie V says

    As much as I love the sign, I love the little black kitty with white socks even better. Warms the heart.

  14. Ginny says

    Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire quote from St. Catherine of Siena…..you are setting the world on fire just by being who you are Layla …..

  15. TamiK says

    I really like the sign and I too thought the “O” was intended to look like it fell ha ha thanks for the new attitude I have now !!!

  16. says

    OOh Layla your home makes my heart flutter it looks so warm & cosy :))
    That sign is really lovely & I love the colour pallet you chose :) Hope you have a happy easter :))

  17. says

    Did you go to a plant nursery to soothe your soul? I’ve always thought that would be a great place to have little spaces set up with tables and chairs where you could just sit and relax and take in all the beautiful scents and sights. They already have everything set up, the beauty is right there. Then if someone could come around and serve chocolate croissants and iced tea or champagne – a perfect situation. Hope you’re feeling better and I loved your cute project. I kinda liked the O falling down though. It looked like you could follow it to your heart!

  18. Dana says

    I’ve been taking my tiny 30 minute lunches lately to feed my soul rather than just my body. It’s an amazing sensation of exhaling a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You are such an inspiring soul. Have an amazing weekend Layla :)

  19. Kelly says

    I would love to re-create my master bedroom to look as much like this as possible. I was thinking about painting one wall light blue. Do you have a color suggestion? Would it need to be a lighter color than your plaque? Also, when painting walls and trim and furniture white, does it look right to use the same paint on all of it? I know you are BUSY and get tons of questions. If you happen to get a free minute, I would love your advice. I wish I could adopt you! :-)

    • Layla says

      Hi Kelly!
      We used “Blue Hubbard” on our bedroom walls and LOVE it! (You can find a post about it on the OUR HOUSE tab at the top of our blog)
      I usually mix my whites…but only because I try to use whatever paint I have on hand- ha! :-D I think a little variation is perfectly fine though.
      Thanks for swinging by today and happy decorating! :-D

  20. says

    I know the feeling! I had an off-day on Wednesday, things were pretty tough. So Thursday I decided to accomplish something creative and that had been on my list forever: a spring/summery wreath for our front door. It was an even BIGGER accomplishment for me since I’m currently on home bed rest with quadruplets (yes, we’re having FOUR babies!!). Not being able to do much these days sure makes you appreciate the little things even more. :) Hope your spirit is in better sorts!


  21. says

    This post was a breath of fresh air. I love that you so actively set out to make it a good day- I need to take the initiative and do that for myself sometimes too. Beautiful sign too, I love the quote.

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