• Spring Houses

    “The spring came suddenly;
    the rains stopped,
    the days grew noticeably longer,
    and the afternoon light felt powdery,
    as if it might blow away.”
    -Jane Mendelsohn


    Yesterday afternoon was beauuuuutiful. Sunny, blue sky and a cool, spring breeze...ahhhh! Spring is definitely my favorite season. *achoo!* ;-)

    Yellow Cottage

    A friend invited me to go house hunting with her, but before I rushed out the door to meet her at 4, Kit-Cat and I spent some time together in Sweet P’s room.

    Tuxedo Cat | Carpet Squares

    It’s kind of our late afternoon “thing” now.

    I don’t think about it until I walk by the room and catch a glimpse of him sprawled out on the floor, but then just like friendly, fuzzy magnet, his sweet sunny face draws me in and down onto the floor with him every time. :-)

    After a scratch under his chin and a long, stoke down his back, I usually plop down across the room from him- back to the wall, so I can just sit and watch as the sun weaves rusty browns through his (normally) pitch black fur. To watch him change positions in the sun is utterly mesmerizing!

    Tuxedo Cat | Flor Carpet Squares

    Thought I’d share some house hunt photos here today, too. You love that kind of stuff as much as I do, right?

    House Hunting

    (Thanks again for letting me tag along, Alicia and Andrew! Y’all are as sweet as Spring itself!)

    Green House | Red Door  Open Banister

    Garden Arch

    Breakfast Room

    Carved Wood Chair

    Townhouse Porches

    Pink Flowers  Yellow Front Door

    Here’s hoping your weekend is sweet and sunny, too! Fridays = adoption update phone calls/emails from our caseworker, so I’ve got my inbox open and my ringer turned all the way up this morning. Hoping to have big news to share with you here soon! :-)



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