Spring Houses

“The spring came suddenly;
the rains stopped,
the days grew noticeably longer,
and the afternoon light felt powdery,
as if it might blow away.”
-Jane Mendelsohn


Yesterday afternoon was beauuuuutiful. Sunny, blue sky and a cool, spring breeze...ahhhh! Spring is definitely my favorite season. *achoo!* 😉

Yellow Cottage

A friend invited me to go house hunting with her, but before I rushed out the door to meet her at 4, Kit-Cat and I spent some time together in Sweet P’s room.

Tuxedo Cat | Carpet Squares

It’s kind of our late afternoon “thing” now.

I don’t think about it until I walk by the room and catch a glimpse of him sprawled out on the floor, but then just like friendly, fuzzy magnet, his sweet sunny face draws me in and down onto the floor with him every time. :-)

After a scratch under his chin and a long, stoke down his back, I usually plop down across the room from him- back to the wall, so I can just sit and watch as the sun weaves rusty browns through his (normally) pitch black fur. To watch him change positions in the sun is utterly mesmerizing!

Tuxedo Cat | Flor Carpet Squares

Thought I’d share some house hunt photos here today, too. You love that kind of stuff as much as I do, right?

House Hunting

(Thanks again for letting me tag along, Alicia and Andrew! Y’all are as sweet as Spring itself!)

Green House | Red Door  Open Banister

Garden Arch

Breakfast Room

Carved Wood Chair

Townhouse Porches

Pink Flowers  Yellow Front Door

Here’s hoping your weekend is sweet and sunny, too! Fridays = adoption update phone calls/emails from our caseworker, so I’ve got my inbox open and my ringer turned all the way up this morning. Hoping to have big news to share with you here soon! :-)



That's What Friends and Flea Markets Are For
Adoption Update - Soon

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  1. Jana H says

    I love “going with you” when you photograph houses. Sometimes I am ready to pack up my house and family in California and move to your town. Your pictures and descriptions make me think of Mayberry! Hope you get a good update today about your sweet p!

  2. Shannon Spakes says

    You are a kindred spirit! I love looking at houses and also love watching the sun as it comes in different angles throughout the day. Hope you have more good news today about the adoption!

  3. Laura says

    Will you tell me how Brian the Carpenter put up the planked wall in Sweet P’s room? Did he do it differently than the living room? It didn’t seem as in depth, because he didn’t take the trim around the windows off. Is that right? We’re looking to do the same in our living room and I was looking for an easier approach! Thanks!

    • Layla says

      Sure, Laura! Follow the link to my Stairwell Decorating Ideas post that links to my video on The Design Network and you can see how he just tacked them up without removing any molding! :-)

      Stairwell Decorating Ideas

      We got the planks at Lowes! XO

      • Laura says

        That’s funny, I kept waiting for that episode, but somehow missed that it’s already been posted! I appreciate your quick response. Looking forward to hearing more adoption news!

  4. says

    Ahhhhh spring, thanks for sharing your spring weather and all the beautiful pink blossoms . Mine are still under four feetof snow…sigh…..oh and i love looking at houses too, especially ones with butter yellow doors…wish i knew what paint colour that was.

  5. says

    love your blog, beautiful pictures and a beautiful house! And your cat is adorable! Very inspiring, lots of ideas for how I can decorate and present my store! Check out my blog if you like, it quite new:)

  6. Maria from Oz says

    Oh JOY of largest increasingly expanding joys for all! I got my order in for my t-shirt! Oh thank you from the DownUnder fans of yours! Happy days are here again! Oh and what a lovely post! Kitty is so cute! Cats are just so darned relaxing. Hope all your news on Friday is good news! Thanks again, Layla for the opportunity to get the t-shirt! I shall wear it everywhere I go! :)

  7. Lisa W. says

    I hope ya got a good call :-) And those houses OR house was just beautiful. AND yes yes yes, love the pictures of the homes, rooms, decor. Our taste are SO much the same. And everytime you show something in your home, well I just kinda say “Ahhhhhhhhhhh”
    Makes your heart happy!!!

  8. Lin says

    Oh so good to see Kit-Cat again! He is so beautiful! Loved seeing the houses. Saying prayers for good news about your little guy!

  9. laura says

    Ohmygosh. You really do have spring! I need to move south… We still have four feet of snow up here. 40 degrees today was a big deal!

  10. Betsy Brown says

    Love your blog, Layla… and I love the yellow cottage. I would since I live there! I was with my neighbor while you were here and she recognized you and got so excited! Thanks for helping Alicia in her house search and thanks for the great photo of the cottage and the other Waters shots. Hoping to meet you soon.

  11. jeanneb says

    What a delightful blog! It’s cold and rainy here today, but your photos give me new hope that spring is right around the corner!!! Lovely houses….and moss!

  12. Diane Walters says

    I was on your e mail blog list but all of a sudden I realized I hadn’t heard from you in a while…I need to be on that list, I enjoy your decorating hints, love your quotes but most importantly I have to find out how your adoption story progresses…I am so happy for you guys…so please put me back on your e mail list :)

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Diane!! 😀 I’m not sure why the connecting to your email stopped working, but if you’d like to re-subscribe, just enter your email address into the box below my photo in my sidebar. That should do the trick, and hopefully it’ll stick! :-) XO

  13. says

    Oh, how fun! I love that you take time to sit and be quiet with Kit-Cat. :-) Those houses are all so beautiful! Houses built in that style are a rare find around my area. It’s mostly brick/cookie cutter houses in the nicer/newer neighborhoods or run-down ranches in the older neighborhoods. How I would love to find a coastal/craftsman/cottage/farmhouse. :)

    • says

      I finally went to watch the episode where you did the bookcases and wood clad walls… LOVE IT! You are so inspiring, Layla. I just love reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful photographs (and videos)! :)

  14. Sunny says

    Ahhh..so nice to see sunshine and flowers buds somewhere..it is not here in Canada yet..old man winter will not let go!
    Going on the house hunt with you Layla, was a drink for my soul..I saw one with a yellow front door…like my house.
    I even felt like I was sitting in the room with you and Kit-Cat..I have a room upstairs..an office/ someday scrapbook/ daydreaming/ abide with God room. The sunlight in there is uplifting.
    Enjoy the day..and walk in the Sonshine.

    P.S Thanks for the instructions for the sun mirror…one day I will get to it 😀

  15. says

    I love looking at houses! It is so fun to see what other people love, and I often walk away with new ideas for my own home. We’ve been in the same house for 6 years and I finally got my husband to agree to a kinda big renovation! I am so thrilled to get the chance to decorate. I’ll be stopping by here to get some inspiration…any mudrooms or decks in your near future lol?!