Spring Decorating

Once upon a time there was a bare nekked fireplace…

(and a stretchy little dog named Maximus Minimus)

…and a girl with a major case of Spring fever…

She had a buncha’ fun decorating that bare nekked fireplaces’ mantel for Spring last year…

…but she wants to do something totally different this year.

And don’t worry, when she says, ‘different’, she doesn’t mean decorate it with teacups fulla’ bunnies.

Although…they are awfully cute aren’t they?

I told ya…Spring fever…big time.


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  1. says

    You are adorable.
    That is all.

    (Can’t wait to see what you do…my mantel is downright austere at the moment, and that’s not really me!)

  2. says

    Okay, those bunnies in teacups really ARE cute.

    I giggle every time I read the word “nekked.” That really is how people say the word in Alabama! I’ll never forget one Sunday at church when we first moved to Birmingham. A lovely lady got up to read part of the story of Adam and Eve. She was reading from the King James Version, and she did a beautiful job. . . until she got to the part about the Fall. I nearly fell off my pew when she read God’s comment to Adam and Eve: “How didst thou know thou wast nekked?”

    Nothing like combining Alabamian with Elizabethan, huh? :)

  3. Laura says

    When my 3 little ones saw the bunny at the top of the post, it was, “Oh look! How cute! Is it real?” My 8 year old daughter asked if you had any kids (’cause if you like bunnies you must have/love kids!), so I told her you were getting ready to adopt. Which prompted newly 4 year old little man to say, “I’m gonna adopt a baby bunny! Can I adopt a baby bunny, Mom?” I really have very little idea what your post was about besides cute, adopted baby bunnies! That was the gist, wasn’t it?

  4. says

    Ohh, I think that spring calls for bright colors, hot pink, deep greens especially on otherwise neutral backgrounds… I need acquire some this week :-)

  5. says

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your mantel, Layla! You always have such creative, affordable ideas!!

  6. says

    oh, i hope you hurry! I need the ideas to flow. I am THE WORST mantle decorator. I tend to make everything even, but I prefer the lop-sided look…especially b/c my fire place is rocked up to a corner. The top isn’t level…make sense? It’s so hard to decorate w/. Can’t wait to see what you do.

  7. Lori Allberry says

    Oh my goodness Layla – this was the cutest post ever! I love your word bubbles, love Maximus, and the bunnies!!! You are so dang cute! :o)

    Can’t wait to see your new idea!!!


  8. Kim in MD says

    You and those bunnies are just too cute! Really…absolutely adorable! I am looking forward to seeing what you do to your mantle! :-)

  9. Ana Maria says


    PLEASE! Where did you get that mirror? That is exactly what I’m looking for! Is that from Ballard Designs? Please let me know. And if it is, tell me if you love it. It’s so difficult buying something big like that over the internet! I loooove your blog and read every word you write! Thanks!

  10. says

    Layla, how you manage to be so cute, so adorable, so creative and so inspiring all in one just beats the heck out of me! I look forward to each and every blog post and have garnered so many decorating ideas from you, it has taken me from having absolutely no style to finally discovering the perfect look for my home. Keep up all the (amazing) good work!!



  11. says

    Come on! What’s wrong with furry little bunnies in tea cups? JK! We love your type of spring cleaning and can’t wait to see where your inspiration takes you!
    ~Kristin and Chris Ann

  12. says

    Honey, it’s been a loooooooong winter and we are sooooooo ready for spring!!!! It’s so much fun to dream and scheme! I can hardly wait to see what you do!

  13. says

    I LOVED your Spring mantel last year! In fact I have been thinking of it for the last few days and just got your blog today to try to see it again. So inspiring! I hope you don’t mind if I use it for inspiration for mine. Love your stuff!

  14. Sandra says

    I still love last year’s mantel, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year!

  15. Tracey says

    Bare Nekked…ROFL! Not only are your decorating skills wicked, so is your sense of humor. Simply Awesome!

  16. says

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I loved last years version, and I’m sure I’ll love this years.

    By the way, I just watched a British mini-series called Lost in Austen, and the whole time, I looked at the actress who played Jane and thought, “She looks like Layla!”


  17. Tami R says

    I just went to IKEA too. Love that place, could do some serious spending in there. (and did)

  18. says

    Oh sister I feel ya. I’ve been on a spring-decorating/cleaning/organizing binge for the past few weeks. Can’t wait to see how the dress that mantel!

  19. says

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with…I’m brand new to your blog and I’d love to see more of what you did last year, do you have a link? :) So happy to have stumbled upon your corner of the web! :) Rebecca

  20. says

    Maybe try something with Easter eggs? Like have a bit of green grass (real or fake) in a pot with various painted easter eggs of different sizes and colors around it? That might look pretty cute.

    Also, your puppy is adorable!