Southern Style House Tour (Part 2)

Hi! Ready to keep walking through this old house?

Hallway | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Wood Floor | Antique Pendant Lights

Before we wander down that hallway, I did want to mention that my friend Ashley is responsible for renovating this house, but it actually looked a lot different when she lived here. The current homeowner prefers a lighter feel, so she personalized it with a lot of white paint and in a slightly different style after Ashley moved out. Maybe I’ll put together a separate post that compares the two looks just for fun next week!

Okay, now back to the tour of the first floor! The first doorway on the left (in the photo above) opens to a formal sitting area:

Ashley Gilbreath | Living Room | Old House | Old Cloverdale | Montgomery Alabama

That door on the left side of the photo above opens to the butler’s pantry and you can see the kitchen in the background just beyond that.

My favorite little touch: the (burnable) fire balls in the fireplace!

Fireplace | Cannon Balls | Burning | Old House | Living Room

Apparently you can’t actually burn that stacked up like that (they need to be arranged in rows or on a tray) but I just love the way they look, don’t you? (PS- Ashley sells them in her shop if you’re interested in more info about them.)

Here’s a look at the room from the other direction:

Living Room | Old Cloverdale | House Restoration | White | Neutrals | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

There’s another gathering room through those (original to the house) pocket doors, and around the corner from that, you turn the corner to this room at the very front of the house:

Neutral Living Room | White | Slipcovers | Cowhide Rug | Wall Sconces | Fireplace | Round Coffee Table | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

Coffee Table | Decor | Flowers | Antler | Wood and Iron

My favorite details in this space? The sidelights around the front door and the newel posts on the staircase!

Crystal Chandelier | Slipcovered Chairs | White Walls | Front Door Sidelights | Old House | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

Wall Sconce | Front Door Sidelight | White Walls | Living Room | Montgomery Alabama | Old Cloverdale

Old Southern House | Restoration | Craftsman | White and Dark Wood | Cowhide | Neutral

Moving back down the hall towards the kitchen, you’ll find the guest bedroom:

Guest Bedroom | Old House | European Style | Neutral | Chandelier | Guest Bathroom | Linen

Again, it looked a little different when Ashley lived here, but I cannot tell you how long I have waited to see the “shower armoire” she designed!!!

Guest Bathroom | Linen Curtain | Wall Mount Sink | Armoire Shower       Shower Armoire | Guest Bedroom Bathroom Shower in Armoire | Old House Guest Bathroom | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

Isn’t that just the neatest thing?

Ashley said the guy who built it used some kind of marine-quality sealer on it so that water beads up on it just like it would on tile. I asked her if it got much use, and they said they (and their guests) used it a lot while she lived there. I forgot to take a picture of the floor, but basically, there’s white hex tile down there and there’s a (sealed/removable) wood grate on top of that. It really was quite spectacular, and it was so surreal to be standing in front of it after staring at photos of it for so many years- ha! 😀

(Thanks again to the current homeowner for allowing us to tour it with Ashley and Jessica! XO)

Open Staircase | Stairs | Newel Posts | Dark Wood Treads | Old House

The rest of the bedrooms (and another bathroom) are upstairs, so join me here on Friday if you’d like to continue the tour!

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  1. says

    Loving this week’s home tour! I just love all the contrast of white & those beautiful wood floors. After all of your stunning Southern home inspiration & this awful Midwest Winter I am day dreaming more & more about moving South, ha!

  2. says

    Shower Armoire?–love it! We have wood counter tops with marine sealer on them and it works just like she said.

  3. Donna says

    Layla, If you go to ( her shop ) and search cannon balls they don’t come up. Apparently they’re called something else.

    • Layla says

      Oh no, I’m sorry, they’re not listed on her site. You’ll need to call or email her if you’d like more info on those! :-)

  4. Tania Russell says

    simply gorgeous! I love your idea of doing the side-by-side comparison of how it looked before when Ashley lived there, vs. the new owner. Please do that (all in your spare time…haha!) :)

  5. Jill says

    I used to work at a marine supply store in high school called West Marine, My dad still works there! They sell a lot of products that seal wood from the elements really well. Typically sailboats have more external wood such as teak and so it with a good sealant you might only have to refinish them every 10 years or so. I would assume for the doors like that in a shower, might have to be resealed sooner. This whole post just gave me a great idea on how we could incorporate something like that into our guest bath!

  6. Dana says

    Beautiful home! The wood floors are absolutely amazing. I too would love to see the side by side comparison.

  7. says

    It’s an amazing home with such a glamorous yet homey feel. The neutral palette blends seamlessly from room to room, and if offset beautifully with dark accents like doors and lighting. DREAM HOME!!

  8. Molly says

    I would love to see the house democratic two different ways! We are working on decorating a new to us house and I keep looking back at the before pics and how style changes things.

  9. Jennifer says

    The house is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for Friday!!!

  10. Lisa W. says

    GOSH Layla I love LOVE love this post. You sure do got a “eye” for detail AND I’m with ya 100%. MAN I could do this kinda thing for ever and these house’s make my heart SINGGGG!!! Those side lights ARE amazing, and that stair case, OH MY word, breathtaking. They sure don’t build’em like they used to OR you gotta have a million to do so….ahhhhhhhh
    Thanks for making my day, looking forward to friday for sure!

  11. says

    De-light-ful! Of course, that armoire shower is cool . . . but how on earth does one persuade one’s (male) significant other to have such a thing? Just wondering. 😉

  12. Kathy says

    Lovely home! Could you provide a link to the burnable cannon balls? What a great idea for a fireplace. Are they wax?

    Thank you.

  13. Deborah says

    Layla, just love this house. I would love to compare pictures of when Ashley lived there. Love, love, love the shower amoire! I must remember this one!

  14. Sue Alvarado says

    I agree the side by side comparison would be neat :) I’ll stay tune next week! And tomorrow :)

  15. says

    This is so fresh. And what better word than fresh to describe an old house? It takes a lot of work – and a lot of paint – to achieve that.

    The mirror in the sitting area (above the fireplace) – ahhhh gorgeous.

    Great job on the photos.

  16. says

    OMG! that house is just amazing! I think its my favorite new house to look at! I love everything about it. That bathroom door is awesome but do you think its ok to get wet?

    • Layla says

      Yep! Check out the paragraph right after those photos, Patricia. That talks a little bit about the sealer and Ashley’s experience with the shower. :-)