Southern Style Before and After Photos

Hi and happy Monday!

I had several folks ask if I would post some pictures of the house I blogged about last week when Ashley finished renovating it (and before she sold it), so I thought I’d post those today. But first, here’s a look back at the kitchen when she bought the house:

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before 2 Kitchen Before 3

…and here are a couple of photos of how it looked after she finished renovating:

Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design | Montgomery Alabama | Traditional Kitchen | Wood Hood

Pecky Cypress Cabinets | Old House Kitchen | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Montgomery Alabama | 797 Felder Avenue

Breakfast nook | Old House | Vintage Kitchen

She wanted me to mention that she hadn’t finished decorating at that point, but how about all that beautifully restored woodwork, huh?

The kitchen cabinets Ashley installed are not distressed, like many people had mentioned in their comments last week. The wood is actually called pecky cypress and the “pecky” part actually is a result of fungus attacking the wood.

pecky cypress log

(I learned about it and borrowed these pics from Create, Live, Design!)

pecky cypress

Pecky Cypress Wood Door and Ceiling

Ashley stained her cabinets dark brown, but I’m wondering if the current homeowner used the photos in the magazine article below as inspiration for the gray/green she painted them:

Pecky Cypress Wood  Pecky Cypress Wood Kitchen

They look just like them, don’t they? 😀

So obviously the biggest difference between the way the house looks now, and the way it looked when Ashley got done renovating is the dark-stained trim, banister and doors. Ashley and her team worked very hard to restore it all, and although I do love a lot of white, I really do love how those elements look stained dark brown. I think both ways are absolutely gorgeous though, and it’s so important to remember that everyone’s idea of “home” is different. (Especially when you’re talking about before-and-after photos on a public forum.) I think that’s one of my favorite parts about the passion that goes into personalizing our places though. Because there aren’t any rules, we’re free (and encouraged) to create an environment that echoes the personalities of the people who live and love within it. What a “wonder-full” gift that is!


The room by the front door used to look a lot different before Ashley moved in, too:

Living Room Before

Living Room Fireplace Before

Here’s a photo of the same space after Ashley put her spin on it:

Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design | Montgomery Alabama | Traditional Living Room

What a totally different look and feel, huh?

This next room is upstairs, and the current homeowner’s son uses it as his bedroom now:

Old House Guest Bedroom | Twin Beds

Ashley had it decked out with matching twin beds, and even though I know she wasn’t finished decorating in there, I am totally smitten with those pillows and bedskirts!

And remember the beautiful room the current homeowner’s daughter is in? Here’s a look back at it before Ashley started renovating:

Nursery Before

Fireplace Before

…and here’s what it looked like after she got done:

Ashley Gilbreath Nursery | 797 Felder

Pretty magnificent, huh? 😀

Kevin and I forgot to take a picture of the master bathroom the other day, but here’s a photo of how it looked when Ashley was done renovating:

Old House Master Bathroom Renovation

With the exception of the dark trim & doors and a couple of different prints on the wall, it looks exactly the same today.

Unfortunately those are all the photos I could round up, but don’t worry, I’ve already told Ashley she’s not allowed to move out of a house before we photograph it from now on- LOL! 😀

PS- If you missed my other posts about how this house looks now, just click on the links below:

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And thanks again to Ashley and the current homeowner for allowing us the opportunity to photograph and blog about this beautiful structure! XO

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  1. Ter'e says

    WOW!!!!! Total swoon.
    Pecky Cypress, huh???? That is a new one for me. Too cool. I do have to wonder if those Pecky grooves would gather……..ew…… or doghair!? How practical would that be in a kitchen?
    Just sayin……….

    Still GORGEOUS!

  2. says

    Wowzer on those before pics! But lets remember what you stated…”it’s important to remember that everyone’s idea of “home” is different.” 😉 She made some amazing changes! Thanks for sharing.

    • Layla says

      That’s right, Kristin. I really do think it’s so important not to forget that…especially when the homeowners (all 3 in this case) were kind enough to allow us snap-happy folks in to their homes with cameras! 😀

  3. Dana says

    Wow! I would settle for just half of Ashley’s decorating talent! Unfortunately, I don’t have the decorating gene. I am always amazed when you girls are able to have a vision for your home and transform it.

  4. Mary Hite says

    Thank you for explaining the wood on the cabinets! not to my taste, but helpful to understand the cracks are one of the hallmarks of this type of wood.

  5. Andrea in Iowa says

    Somebody loved loved loved, green.

    What a tremendous amount of work they did…my hats off to them.

    Maybe in person the pecky cyprus would grow on me? Many things look much better in person….3-D and all that ….

  6. Christi says

    I think both of those women did fantastic jobs decorating that house! Even though their choices were very different, they were both lovely in their own way. I liked them both so much, I’m not sure which one I prefer. Thanks for the photos, I really enjoyed looking at them!

  7. Toni says

    What is so great is how folks see potential in those spaces.
    I look at the before’s and don’t have any imagination about what it “could” be; so naturally I am blown away! Gorgeous. All of them.

  8. writingmom says

    as i’ve watch this house grow into a home, i felt god calling me to me knees in prayer and to tell you that your home will be blessed by a sweet pea soon. in his love, debbie

  9. says

    What you say is so true, everyone has a different idea of beautiful. I prefer the lighter colors to the dark wood…no accounting for taste I guess 😉

  10. says

    Ohhh those “before” fotos are priceless. I love how you left no comments.

    Really nice work Ashley! I do love the dark wood….but I love the current white too! I would have had a hard time painting over all that wood. But our house has white woodwork and I say I’ll never go back. I like wood on floors and on a few pieces of furniture.

    It’s wonderful how beauty can come in many forms, isn’t it?

  11. Kim A says

    That pecky cypress is such gorgeous wood, I don’t know how anyone could paint it. My son has some in his house with just a clear finish on it and the grain of the wood is just beautiful.

    • Layla says

      Ooh! That does sound pretty, Kim! I’m a fan of the painted look too though, and I’m so thankful the homeowner allowed us to share it here before the house gets snapped up by whoever is lucky enough to live and love there next! 😀

  12. says

    Hey Layla! I was just catching up on some blog reading and was humbly surprised to see you link to my blog on pecky cypress! Small world…I met you in Mobile when you came to Dauphin Way UMC awhile back. :) Ashley and I were in classes together in Interior Design at Auburn and they were good friends of ours when we lived in Montgomery, before moving back to Mobile. It’s so fun seeing all she is doing for the Montgomery area…she and Barrett had just started their little “flipping” business when we were there and it has definitely grown by leaps and bounds. So fun y’all have met and become close. Take care and continued prayers for your adoption :)

  13. says

    Great post! I was struck by the original homeowner’s pics. Yes, it’s not our style anymore, but it just looked so cared for, so clean, so LOVED. It made my heart warm. I bet she lived in that house for decades and loved each year of it. Thanks!