• Southern Accents – Barn Wood and a Baby

    I got to squeeze one of my besties yesterday:


    That there is Myra in the middle, and her newest addition, Cameron, on the right. Don’t they have the absolute sweetest eyes?! Their personalities are just the same- sweet, sweet, SWEET! Unfortunately it seems to only happen a couple of times a year, but I  always love getting to see Myra in person. She’s one of these people that just makes you feel calm and comfortable so naturally, ya know what I mean? And now that I know that baby of hers…oh boy…I could’ve played peek-a-boo over Myra’s shoulder with him for hours!

    Kevin and I met her up at Southern Accents, in Cullman, Alabama. It’s about 2.5 hours north of us, straight up I-65.


    It’s a salvage and antique shop that is chock full of all-things awesome! Kevin was especially fond of their “welcoming committee” yesterday…


    Garlan (the shop owner) and Lucy (who works with Garlan and shares my love of old stuff!), are graciously donating some planks of wood for Keith the Firefighter’s living room makeover, so we drove up there yesterday to pick ‘em out. The thin, reclaimed wood “skins” Garlan’s pointing to on the right (in the photo below) will become Keith’s extra-deep mantel beam:


    We want the mantel to stick out as far as (or further than) the bookcases on either side of Keith’s fireplace, so we’re going to construct a deep mantel “frame” out of 2×4’s (or something like that), and then clad it in the reclaimed wood skins. Here’s the inspiration photo I put together for Keith so you can kind of see what I mean:


    We choose a handful of smoother barn wood planks to use on the wall above the mantel beam:


    We’re going to pressure wash everything, and try out a semi-opaque dark blue-gray stain on one of those smoother boards to see if we can get them looking like the ones on the wall in the inspiration photo.

    Before we went inside their reclaimed wood warehouse, we snapped a pic of this old truck they’ve got sitting in their parking lot:



    Looks like a friendship between Southern Accents and Keith the Firefighter was meant to be!


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