Sisters and a Surgery

One of the (many) I things I love about eating out in the South is called the “Meat & 3”.

Peytons Place | Montgomery Alabama

It’s not every day I sit down to such a big lunch, but yesterday was a special day, and I filled all they way up on baked tilapia, rice n’ gravy, green beans, and banana pudding.

My lunch mates (Kevin’s mom, Katie, and her sisters, Ludie and Shirley) each chose different combinations of meats and 3s, and after seeing their plates, I think I’ll need to go back and try the fried chicken, turnip greens (I’ve never had them!), fried green tomatoes and peanut butter pie sometime. :-)


After lunch, the four of us drove over to one of my favorite antique places in town- Eastbrook Flea Market. Browsing with those gals was such a hoot!


They reminisced about the days of hats & gloves at church…

Hat and Gloves

…and showed me how they used to iron their Sunday’s Best…

Antique Iron

I loved hearing about Shirley’s beautiful butter dish collection (I’ll think of her every time I see one now!)…

Butter dish and tray

…and who knew Ludie and I would both be smitten with this little nightie number…

Vintage Nightgown

(The satin ribbon tied into a bow around the waist and it really was quite pretty from hanger to hem!)

And when this old recliner shot backwards faster and further than Katie expected it to…


…boy did we both crack up! 😀

(I love seeing her get tickled like that!)


 Our last stop of the afternoon was at Focus on Fashion. It’s just three doors down from the flea market, and they do wig fittings in one corner near the back.

Focus on Fashion | Wig Shop

I mentioned last week that Katie has a surgery coming up, and since so many of you have come to “know” her through my blog, I wanted to share that it’s scheduled for next Wednesday, August 13th.

Doctors will be removing one of two small (meningioma) tumors from the membrane around her brain, and we sure would be grateful for any extras prayers you could lift up for her that day.

She chose this wig…

Raquel Welch Wig | Silver MistRaquel Welch wig | Focus on Fashion | Montgomery Alabama   Raquel Welch wig

…and I’m so glad she found something she really likes and that she looks so pretty in!


That afternoon will forever stick to my soul in a way that’s hard to describe. The lunch, the laughter…the company of sisters sharing childhood memories and grown-up dreams…it was precious. Such a blessing, that trio. I can’t wait to break (corn) bread with them again. Maybe I’ll call our luncheons “Me & 3s”. 😀

Thank you for thinking of sweet Katie next week! XO

PS- For those who haven’t “met” Katie or tried out her DELICIOUS recipes, you can find them by clicking on the banner below!

Katies Kitchen

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  1. Carol S. says

    I love these ladies, their smiles, their chic outfits and bright colors, please share more. I’m 51 and getting closer to that stage and I just love the joy in these ladies’ faces. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Louise says

    Wow! That wig looks fantastic! You would never even know it was a wig! Good find! Sending positive thoughts Katie’s way, and hoping everything goes well with her surgery.

  3. Sunny says

    Such a beautiful blog…I love how your writing makes a full circle, Please tell Katie, she is in my prayers and looks awesome in that “looks so real” hairdo.
    God bless.

  4. says

    Prayers and hugs for Katie! (fave Katie moment…the video when you did the reveal for their back porch!)

  5. says

    Hi I don’t usually comment here, but I happened to stop by and I’m glad I did! Your MIL and her sisters are all so pretty in pink and blue! They seem like such fun ladies to hang out with!
    I’ll keep Katie in my prayers. What time is the surgery?
    Katie sure look pretty in her new wig! And the wig looks very similar to her own natural hair!

  6. says

    Such a sweet day together! The wig Katie chose is so perfect for her! I had to scroll back up to look at the other pictures because I thought it was her natural hair. I was like, “She’s not wearing a wig in this picture… I’m confused.” :) I pray all goes well for her surgery next week!

  7. Lisa says

    I’m from Montgomery and I LOVE Eastbrook Flea!!! And the Meat and 3 – but I always do the 4 veggie plate everywhere! Sending good thoughts to Katie. Thanks for reminding me of Focus on Fashion – I haven’t thought of that shop in years!

  8. Lisa W. says

    Katie will be in my prayers for sure!!! Exactly one year ago on the 13th (Aug.) I had surgery AND remember being scared, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers!

  9. Jenn B says

    Im so sorry I have been off the grid for several days and I missed this post. I will be praying for Ms. Katie and you and Kevin tomorrow morning and throughout the day. Prayers for your strength and faith, and healing for Ms. Katie