Sisters and a Surgery

One of the (many) I things I love about eating out in the South is called the “Meat & 3″.

Peytons Place | Montgomery Alabama

It’s not every day I sit down to such a big lunch, but yesterday was a special day, and I filled all they way up on baked tilapia, rice n’ gravy, green beans, and banana pudding.

My lunch mates (Kevin’s mom, Katie, and her sisters, Ludie and Shirley) each chose different combinations of meats and 3s, and after seeing their plates, I think I’ll need to go back and try the fried chicken, turnip greens (I’ve never had them!), fried green tomatoes and peanut butter pie sometime. :-)


After lunch, the four of us drove over to one of my favorite antique places in town- Eastbrook Flea Market. Browsing with those gals was such a hoot!


They reminisced about the days of hats & gloves at church…

Hat and Gloves

…and showed me how they used to iron their Sunday’s Best…

Antique Iron

I loved hearing about Shirley’s beautiful butter dish collection (I’ll think of her every time I see one now!)…

Butter dish and tray

…and who knew Ludie and I would both be smitten with this little nightie number…

Vintage Nightgown

(The satin ribbon tied into a bow around the waist and it really was quite pretty from hanger to hem!)

And when this old recliner shot backwards faster and further than Katie expected it to…


…boy did we both crack up! :-D

(I love seeing her get tickled like that!)


 Our last stop of the afternoon was at Focus on Fashion. It’s just three doors down from the flea market, and they do wig fittings in one corner near the back.

Focus on Fashion | Wig Shop

I mentioned last week that Katie has a surgery coming up, and since so many of you have come to “know” her through my blog, I wanted to share that it’s scheduled for next Wednesday, August 13th.

Doctors will be removing one of two small (meningioma) tumors from the membrane around her brain, and we sure would be grateful for any extras prayers you could lift up for her that day.

She chose this wig…

Raquel Welch Wig | Silver MistRaquel Welch wig | Focus on Fashion | Montgomery Alabama   Raquel Welch wig

…and I’m so glad she found something she really likes and that she looks so pretty in!


That afternoon will forever stick to my soul in a way that’s hard to describe. The lunch, the laughter…the company of sisters sharing childhood memories and grown-up dreams…it was precious. Such a blessing, that trio. I can’t wait to break (corn) bread with them again. Maybe I’ll call our luncheons “Me & 3s”. :-D

Thank you for thinking of sweet Katie next week! XO

PS- For those who haven’t “met” Katie or tried out her DELICIOUS recipes, you can find them by clicking on the banner below!

Katies Kitchen

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  1. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Of course Katie will be in our prayers!
    That Katie is something else. What a jewel of a Mom!!!!!

  2. Julie B.[Holland] says

    I’ll be sure to send my prayers and postitive energies from across the water on August 13th.

  3. Sue says

    We will definitely be praying for sweet Katie. I have made her key lime cake in the past, and my family loves it. As a matter of fact, my youngest son turns 11 today and he has requested that I make it for his “birthday cake.” I am thankful you get to have “me and 3’s.”

  4. Genny says

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together! Will definitely keep Katie in my prayers next week!

  5. Gaela Lashley says

    We sure will be praying for Mrs. Katie. My husband is in love with her Key Lime Cake recipe and I’m fond of her spaghetti recipe. :)

  6. Vicki v says

    Love post and all that it represents: food, family, faith. Those are the 3 sides of the South that account for its unique charm.

  7. Hope Williams says

    Moments like these are memories we cherish forever. Katie is in our prayers and our thoughts. I hope your next outing with the “Me & 3’s” will be as wonderful as this! Prayers and Blessings for all.

  8. Vicki says

    My dear sister-in-law had surgery for the removal of a meningioma several weeks ago. It was found when her eyesight began to rapidly deteriorate. Today is the final day of 30 precautionary radiation treatments. We were all apprehensive and scared prior to her surgery, but after she began the recovery process, her attitude and outlook became so contagious! She is upbeat and as vibrant and optimistic as ever! I visited her a couple of weeks ago to help with selecting a wig and her demeanor and attitude shot up another 20 points after that! She had never considered that to be an option, but she has happily embraced the idea now! Had it not been for the love and faith our family shares, this ordeal could have been a real downer…or worse. I’ll add Katie, her surgery, recovery, and outlook to my prayers!

  9. says

    What an adorable mother-in-law. I just adore her smile. So wonderful the sisters all spend time together and that you get to join in! My step-mother’s mother grew up with several sisters. I loved hearing about their upbringing. Their mother passed when all the girls were young and the oldest cared for them all! It was such a story to hear and I need to hear it again. I can’t recall what happened to their father–I think he had passed very early on. It was so neat to hear how they cared for each other and made their way. I must get another lesson! Thanks for the laughs–it was if I were there. Prayers for Katie.

  10. Amy Y. says

    Vicky V. I love the 3’s you describe, food, family and faith. Perfect!
    Layla, I will be thinking of your mother-in-love (law) that day. Will be lifting her up in my prayers.

  11. says

    Will absolutely add her to my prayer list. My sister is awaiting brain surgery for a CSF leak. She has a tiny bit of brain tissue extruding from the tear in her membrane which will have to be shaved off which could result in loss of smell and/or taste! Thankfully they are able to approach the leak up through her nose and sinus cavity, so no incisions. Your MIL has such a happy and warm smile! What a treasure :)

  12. Sherri Farrell says

    Praying for Katie! I’m adding her to our prayer list at church! There’s nothing better than knowing you’re being lifted up in prayer.
    Such a sweet story. Reminds me of meandering through antique malls with my sweet mother and daddy.

  13. Kathy M. says

    Prayers for Katie for quick recover and easy healing and peace. Prayers for you all for patience and peace. Precious sisters!!

  14. Kathy says

    She is such a sweetheart! I’m so glad you got to experience this great day. Y’all should make it a tradition! Putting next Wednesday on my calendar to say a special prayer for your special mother-in-law!

  15. Kathleen says

    What a beautiful family. You will all be in my prayers for a speedy recovery. Such a beautiful lady!

  16. Donna says

    I grew up right up the street from the Palmers, and Mrs. Katie was our Avon lady. She’s always had such a gentle, quiet spirit. She’s a strong lady, and I’m sure she’ll do fine next week. I’ll be praying for her……and the whole family.

  17. says

    I will lift her up in prayer next week, trusting God will take good care of Katie. I enjoyed reading this post, sweet ladies.- all of you!

  18. Debbie W says

    I loved reading about the Eastbrook Flea Market. Its been awhile since I’ve been there to look around. When we do get back to AL we just don’t have enough time to get everything in! Football season is here so maybe on one of our trips home I can carve out some time to run by:) The ladies in Focus on Fashion are so nice. I took my mom there last year as she was having DBS surgery and needed some head coverings. Every time I read your blog I feel like I’m visiting at home, especially when you post about places that I know! I laugh because a friend here in TX is the one who told me about your blog….and she had no idea you were in my home area. Prayers for your family!

  19. Penny says

    Those darling ladies had me smiling throughout this post ….Katie will definitely be in my prayers.

  20. says

    when you said a meat and 3 i knew it was peyton’s place….i love the new location and took my granddaughter there for lunch last week before school started (she had grilled chicken salad)…i passed on the banana pudding b/c i filled up on lunch! i’ve bought my mom many outfits at focus on fashion….here’s a little tidbit….many many years ago when i first married it was a little decorating shop where i bought my first bedding set….we lived in an apartment across the street on biltmore and we put it on layaway….after we married i came home from work one day and my husband had it on the bed with matching drapes! i think the bedding was something like $30 which was alot of money to us back then!

  21. Pam says

    Hats and gloves for church! I remember as a little girl holding my mom’s hand in church and wishing someday I would have some beautiful gloves like hers. She had all different color ones to match her outfits and hats. Some were crocheted. What a happy memory!

    Miss Katie is on my prayer list. I know God will be taking care of her.

  22. Kate says

    This post just warmed my heart. I will definitely keep Katie and your family in my prayers. Take care dear.

  23. Cindy says

    Layla: Your family and Katie’s medical team are in my prayers. How special that you have such great in-laws!

    • Layla says

      Thank you so much, Cindy! I will keep you posted on how everything goes and sure do appreciate your kind comment. :-) XO

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Mindy! I was JUST thinking about you this morning as I was looking through Sweet P’s “journey” box. “We can trust God that He will do what He promised.” I don’t know if I’ve ever thanked you for sending those words, but oh how I cherish them…and YOU! :-D XO

  24. Pamela says

    Thank you for making my day. It’s difficult to deal with cancer of any kind, but finding joy with those you love is the best gift one can give.

  25. says

    So precious. I lost my mother in June and an old ‘dear’ friend last year, my mother in law three years ago and boy do I miss shopping and doing errands with them. Not that I did that much with my mom but it is just such a joy to to see these ‘sisters’ together. I pray you can continue for many years, to break bread together and laugh.

    • Layla says

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, mom-in-law, and friend, Sharon. :-( I’m sending a big e-hug your way today- hope you can feel it! :-) XO

  26. says

    What a lovely day! I could literally see her springing back in that recliner and hearing the surprise and laughter just from your pictures and description. Going through cancer and picking out my wig, my sister and I have hilarious stories about that journey. Best wishes to her for a safe recovery from surgery and an awesome prognosis. Keep praying – it works! God Bless you all.

  27. Katie says

    Sweet Layla… I have been loving your precious blog for a long time. I haven’t ever written to tell you that I pray for your sweet little man, love your style, adore your love for Jesus or sing along with my little ones to a song about having two shirts and think of you and your mission… Almost every day. Thank you for letting me in on this goodness.

    But today I had to write. My name is Katie. I am 31 years old with two little ones… and 2 and a half years ago we found a very large meningioma in the center of my brain. My baby was 7 months old and my son had just turned two. We named it mercy the meningioma and stormed the gates as we awaited surgery. We loved hearing people that had gone through this situation tell us that they were okay. Sister… I am okay. And I will be storming the gates for your Katie. She is precious. I see joy in her face.

  28. Carol H says

    Oh my gosh that picture of your mother in law and her sisters brought a flood of tears to my eyes! So sweet.. My prayers will be with you.

  29. Nancy says

    Have had to wear a wig 3 x ‘s due to chemo. She looked beautiful and believe me, a wig does have its advantages. Prayers going up!!!

  30. says

    Layla: If you can , please tell Kevin’s Mom, Katie, that I have said a prayer to St. Anthony (I’m Catholic!) and asked him to find good health for her. Please tell Katie to trust me, St. Anthony never fails! PLUS: please tell her that wig she picked up looks better than my hair now. (I just turned 56 and my hair is thinning, even though I dye it, the roots/scalp look sh*tty! It looks like I am balding –please tell Katie to forgive my language if you read this to her. :)
    So I am REALLY not kidding, she looks great in that alternative hair! God bless her, and He WILL. I know it.

  31. Donna Doble-Brown says

    Layla, I will keep her and all of you in my prayers . . . Please keep us posted! XO

  32. says

    This post was precious and heartwarming, as usual! My heart goes out to all of you as your dear Katie is facing this surgery. I’m thankful you shared with us so we can pray for her. I’m sure thousands of ladies will be joining together to pray for Katie.

    When you mentioned the wig fitting corner, my heart beat a little faster as I recalled going to the back of a wig store with my husband, both in our 30’s, so I could be fitted with a wig before starting chemotherapy for breast cancer. Our 5 children were between 5-15 yrs old, and it was a difficult journey…scary and uncertain at times, but also filled with hope and resilience and faith.

    I wish Katie didn’t have to take this detour path right now, but I know that the Lord will walk before her, beside her and behind her along the way. And He will walk with you, too. Love and prayers to my favorite blogger and designer and to her family!

  33. says

    I’m so glad you could all do that together. I’m sure you’ll never forget.

    And that wig! It does not look like one. She looks beautiful!

  34. SuzyMcQ says

    Katie looks so beautiful in her wig complete with a lovely smile. Sending hugs and prayers her way.

  35. Dawn says


    Thanks for sharing your day of 3’s. Katie will be in my prayers. I wish her all the best.

  36. Drew says

    I so enjoy reading your blog. What a lovely post. I will certainly be keeping Katie in my prayers. I just printed off some of her recipes too!

  37. Barbara says

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful day. Praying for Katie and the entire family. I know He’ll be with Katie as she goes through surgery, and will be there to comfort and bring her peace as she recovers.

  38. Carol S. says

    I love these ladies, their smiles, their chic outfits and bright colors, please share more. I’m 51 and getting closer to that stage and I just love the joy in these ladies’ faces. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Louise says

    Wow! That wig looks fantastic! You would never even know it was a wig! Good find! Sending positive thoughts Katie’s way, and hoping everything goes well with her surgery.

  40. Sunny says

    Such a beautiful blog…I love how your writing makes a full circle, Please tell Katie, she is in my prayers and looks awesome in that “looks so real” hairdo.
    God bless.

  41. says

    Hi I don’t usually comment here, but I happened to stop by and I’m glad I did! Your MIL and her sisters are all so pretty in pink and blue! They seem like such fun ladies to hang out with!
    I’ll keep Katie in my prayers. What time is the surgery?
    Katie sure look pretty in her new wig! And the wig looks very similar to her own natural hair!

  42. says

    Such a sweet day together! The wig Katie chose is so perfect for her! I had to scroll back up to look at the other pictures because I thought it was her natural hair. I was like, “She’s not wearing a wig in this picture… I’m confused.” :) I pray all goes well for her surgery next week!

  43. Lisa says

    I’m from Montgomery and I LOVE Eastbrook Flea!!! And the Meat and 3 – but I always do the 4 veggie plate everywhere! Sending good thoughts to Katie. Thanks for reminding me of Focus on Fashion – I haven’t thought of that shop in years!

  44. Lisa W. says

    Katie will be in my prayers for sure!!! Exactly one year ago on the 13th (Aug.) I had surgery AND remember being scared, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers!

  45. Jenn B says

    Im so sorry I have been off the grid for several days and I missed this post. I will be praying for Ms. Katie and you and Kevin tomorrow morning and throughout the day. Prayers for your strength and faith, and healing for Ms. Katie

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