Shutter Doors for Sweet P’s Room

Lucy found us some more doors for Sweet P’s room, so we made a trip up to her neck of the woods on Tuesday.

Are You Singing Bracelet

And by “woods”, I mean, this place:

Lucys Inspired | Hansel and Gretel House | Mossy Sidewalk | Courtyard Lucys Inspired | Lucy Lockets | Barn | Fall Leaves | Alabama Woods

Marvel Brick

Mushrooms and Moss

Lucys Inspired | Plaid Scarf | Leopard Sweater

Old Doorknob | Red Door | Antique Hardware

Lucys Inspired Fireplace | Lucy Lockets | Salvaged Wood Trim Christmas Trees

Lucy calls it her Hansel & Gretel house. 😀 Every square foot was absolutely magical. So many fun little details to discover!

Here’s a shot of the shutters she found for us…

Layla and Lucy

To prevent further chipping, I’d like to seal them with something that won’t yellow. Do you have any advice about what I should use? My friend Marian said to try Stay Clear by Benjamin Moore. Has anyone out there had good results with that product on top of white paint? Brian’s coming over this weekend to help us start building something like this for the doors to attach to…

Built In Idea

…but can I just take a moment to talk about Lucy’s CRAZY CUTE outfit?

Leopard Sweater | Tie Dye Jeans | Frye Boots | Plaid Scarf | JC Penney Jacket | Old Navy Boots

A red plaid scarf (MadeWell), tie dye jeans (H&M), studded boots (Frye), and a leopard print sweater (Antropologie) over a red plaid shirt. She is just too. Much. Fun!

It’s probably a good thing we live 2.5 hours apart. Oh the treasure-hunting trouble we could get into together! 😀

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  1. says

    Such cute shutters! And her house is STUNNING!

    As far as a non-yellowing sealer, we have used a water based poly on some white washed, reclaimed hardwood flooring. The finish was beautiful, and I would have CRIED if it had turned yellow. It has been over 6 months and the floors still haven’t changed color. As of right now, I call it a success. It also dries a lot faster than regular poly!! Nice Bonus!

    I wrote about using the water based poly here (last topic on post) –

    Good luck!!!

  2. says

    this is the first time i have visited your blog. i love your idea of the built~in with old shutter doors. it will be quite nice when you are finished with the project and you must show us photos.
    loved both your outfits but your friends was so creative. thanks for sharing the info on where to get the stuff…she might have quite a few mini me’s running around different parts of the country. i have wanted those boots she has on for a long time…i just might take the plunge after seeing them in action.

  3. Akg says

    Check out Sarah Richardson on HGTV for information. She did a craft room over and showed a redo of a piece of furniture. Good luck!

  4. Aunt Chriss says

    Her house is magical!! I am always amazed by the talent you have and the talent you find in others. Cool.

  5. Amanda says

    Thanks for detailing her outfit! Love this post.. most of all I am LOVING your jacket.. where did you get it?

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