• Shellboxes

    I’m pumped to announce the latest Lettered Cottage shop creation- the Shellbox!

    These “works of heart” are created by my Mom , Jude, and this is how she describes them-


    Shellboxes are available in three finishes. Honey maple, distressed black, and distressed white. (Edited to add: The honey maple and distressed white are currently unavailable!)

    Frame Corners

    Each Shellbox measures 15.5”W x 15.5”H x 2” D.

    Here is an example of the Honey Maple Shellbox:

    Wood Frame

    Here is an example of the White Shellbox:

    White Frame

    My Mom spends several fulfilling hours creating each one-of-a-kind Shellbox, which encapsulate her passion for art, and her love of the sea. This timeless art form bonds a part of the artist, with a part of the world, for eternity. The back of each box is numbered, and hand-signed by Jude.


    Click on the button below to purchase a Shellbox. Be sure to specify which color frame you’d like in the “instructions to buyer” section. The price of each Shellbox is $99, which includes shipping and handling to the continental U.S. (If you live outside the U.S.- please email my Mom before you purchase, so that she can give you a shipping quote) Each one is packed with extreme care to ensure safe delivery. Thank you!

    Email [email protected] if you have any questions!


    Testimonials from Shellbox customers:

    Hi Jude,
    I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE the shellbox. It came today, and all of the shells are perfectly in place. It reminds me of my mother. We lived in Bermuda for a number of years, and she used to collect shells. I have no idea what happened to her collection, but your work brought those memories back for me so clearly. Thank you.I’m not sure where I’m going to hang it yet, but I’ve always heard that when you see something you love, buy it and worry about where it goes later!

    Reneé- Arlington, VA


    Dear Jude,

    Here is my daughter with the shellbox. We both love it! It is perfect for her room (she loves the sea). It was beautifully packaged too. I am honored to be your first online customer. :-)

    Carol- Wilton, CT


    Jude, I received my Honey Maple Shellbox today, and I was delighted! The Honey Maple frame really brings out the colors in the shells! Although I live in KY, my dream is to retire to the beach. The beach and the ocean feed my soul. I sigh a breath of contentment as I look at my Shellbox…Thank you so much for your creation!

    Gayle- Frankfort, KY


    Hi Jude! I receivee my shellbox on Tuesday in beautiful condition! It was packed great!! Thank you again…your work is beautiful. :-) take care!
    Kim- Philadelphia, PA

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