Shelf Life

So, my humans tell me the room I’ve been hangin’ out in lately is going to become a “kids room” in the near future.

I’m not sure how I feel about that idea yet.

A) Kids are wild & crazy. I prefer quiet & calm. Wild and crazy makes me nervous…

And B) Converting my hangout into a kids room probably means the shelf/coat rack I’ve been calling a bed lately will no longer live on the floor…

I’m really gonna miss my pokey pegs…

Except for that one in the back…

That one makes me nervous too.

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  1. Chelsy@sweetpeasandkisses says

    Ha! Your a funny cat Bean :) Kids will also pet you and feed you and give you tons of attention so try to keep that in mind. And they will make your humans super happy, you want that don’t you?!

  2. says

    Layla, I didn’t even realize you had that adorable kitty. That’s hilarious . . . cats sleep in the craziest places. I have 3 silly kitties and they make me laugh all the time!

  3. BRandi Jackson says

    ha ha…pokey pegs! I’m glad that I am not the only one with crazy cats! Party on Bean!

  4. says

    That is so funny, I can’t believe kitty sleeps on those pokey sticks. Cats do the darndest things! Hope the adoption process is going well and can’t wait to hear more. We’re rootin’ for ya.

    Mike & Amber

    *Read about our Texas Tales at*

  5. says

    Bless his little kitty heart! My son’s pug was quite jealous when my grandson was born, but he has found that the kid sneaks him treats so all is well now! I love cats and feel, at least at my house, that they are the heart of our home.

  6. says

    Oh, Bean! I can see why that one would make you nervous! I understand your anxiety about kids too, but you did make me chuckle today.

  7. says

    Aww! I’m with you Bean…but I’m sure your humans know what they are doing. Who knows, the kid might share the room with you. I would!

  8. says

    I’m an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia – I loved your blog, I found it very inspiring. This is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
    You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it. It’s got a bit of everything fashion, interiors, food, travel spots – hopefully you will find something in there that you like.
    Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

  9. says

    The pokey peg part just kills me! I am keeling over cracking up. We have a cat too and he picks some crazy places to sleep too. Way funny!

    Love your blog!


  10. says

    I hope this means there isn’t much of a wait left for you guys. I know how incredibly anxious that wait can be. I cannot wait to see what you do with the kiddo’s room.

  11. kelly says

    so funny! did i miss a post about a baby?
    our kids have been older since we have had our dog and we will be having a grandbaby in sept. i do not think he is going to be in love with the new addition. jealousy and little hands are tough!:)

  12. Christine Aldinger says

    i didn’t know u had such a beautiful cat and what a cute name Bean… cat cookie is now laying here at the keyboard i have to type around his tail as it sweeps the dust off haha gotta love em i know i do!

  13. Grace says

    Buy some organic (no chemicals) catnip and you won’t have ANY problems!! Or even better….take some of the stuffing out of your kitties toys and restuff with catnip…yum!!!

  14. says

    Of all the cushy, smooshy things I am sure you have around the house….Bean picks a pokey shelf! That’s a cat for ya.
    P.S. Great shelf btw!

  15. says

    Layla, seriously, huge smile on my face for the cat post!!!!!! Cats sit in the funniest places.

    Oh, Bean, your world is about to be rocked! And my previous cat who now lives with my mother because of my three young’ns will tell you, “YOU’LL HATE THE CHANGE!”

  16. says

    That can’t be comfortable!!! It’s been a long day and that post totally made me laugh! Your cat is gorgeous and if he is anything like our cats he will not be impressed! Thanks for the laugh! :)

  17. says

    Funny one Lay! :) Poor Bean…he’s gonna feel left out for a while, but he’ll come around. Who knows, he might even let your little one pet him before it’s over with! lol

    Love ya girl

  18. Cindy Chapman says

    You’ll be fine Bean. There will be all kinds of interesting things coming into the house. (Crib/bed, swing, bouncy seat/tricycle, etc-not sure of the new siblings age) Of course, none of them have anything to do with your new sister or brother! They are all for you to try out in order to find a comfy new spot to nap in.

  19. says

    Oh Bean! Your cousins in SC sit in odd places as well….but you all seem so comfie..we have a tough time disturbing you.
    You’ll end up loving the baby…have no fear!

  20. Pattie says

    Layla, your kitty so so cute, My diesel does weirdest things too, Go back are you telling us that your going to have a baby??? I wish you guys many happy blessings, This would make your family the cutest in the world.

  21. says

    Hey Layla! Thanks so much for the laugh, I love animal posts, they are so much a part of our lives and we don’t always have the opportunity to included them in our updates.


  22. says

    Cute post. Yeah…I’m sorry to share that we had cats for 10 years and finally got rid of them last year. It was just too much to deal with once we had two toddlers in the home. They were always my babies and I even cried at the thought of what I would do if one of my boys was allergic to them. There came a point where they just weren’t important to me and I knew it was time for them to go to a new home.

    Your feelings towards your pets definitely change once you have a real baby in the house. It’ll be interesting to see how your pets fair.

  23. Shawnda says

    So maybe Bean could keep his bed but change it up a bit? Cut the pegs off and install it peg-side-down below a window…possibly with a view of birds? That way, he gets to keep his shelf, minus the pegs and you don’t have to step over it in the new space? We have two kitties ourselves and while they love their window perch, I wish it weren’t so ugly. This one is much more attractive and it appears as though it has already been claimed. ;)

  24. says


    I have to say that I can’t WAIT to see your kid’s room! I’m sure it will be breath-taking.
    Once again…I LOVE your blog!

  25. Katie Lewis says

    Your cat looks IDENTICAL to our cat! My two year old kept saying “That’s my choffie” as I was reading the post! :) I’m sure your kitty cat will love your baby as much as ours does!

  26. Amanda says

    Aww so sweet, my cats tend to sit, laze in the most unusual of places. Looking forward to the transformation of Beans hahgout ;)

  27. Debbie says

    Great fun! Our cats like to camouflage themselves in the most dangerous places. Tony, solid black, loves chairs in the office – all black. Sybil, black, white and fluffy, prefers the top shelf in my closet. Bubba, grey striped, loved anything hand knitted. Hope this means the day is soon!

  28. Lisa Shovlin says

    Dear Bean,
    I love your pictures and I’m sorry you sit on a pokey shelf! Silly cat. You have my curiosity up…. about the humans bringing a “kid” to the “kid’s room”. :) This is very exciting news! Can you ask your humans Kevin and Layla to tell us more? Don’t worry, kids are very nice!

  29. says

    Very cute. I am new to your blog. Where are you guys in the adoption process? I have two adopted sons, a one and a 2 year old, and I have to admit that our poor dogs have been kicked out of the saddle. Luckily the boys love them like crazy so they make up where we might leave off.

    Good luck on the adoption.

  30. Sophie says

    Haha! Cats really do lay in the strangest of places!

    Bean is such a beautiful kitty! Looks a lot like one of my cats, Derek. (yeah, I called my cat Derek. Strange….)

  31. Jen- says

    Oh my, that’s is beyond cuteness! BeanyBaby…I think it’s meant to be. Despite Bean’s reluctance. Hehe….Bean will be okay because the heart hasn’t any restrictions on the amount of love that can flow from it…and you two will flow ever more with an addition to your heart.

    Love is the one thing you can give and give and only get more of and never run out! :)

  32. says

    Too funny! I’ve had several cats and they always like to hang out in the funniest places and the most uncomfortable looking too. One of mine was notorious for sitting on all my dad’s paperwork on his desk while he was using it and watched him as he used the computer. She wouldn’t move, he’d literally have to tug the papers from under her. LOL.

    I was away for a few weeks, I’m thinking I missed something-“kids?” and plural? Are there some babies on the way?

  33. says

    My husband and I have a 7 year old miniature schnauzer. We have made a big mistake. We call all his toys “baby.” We say “go get your baby.” We noticed our mistake when our friends and family started having kids and bringing them over to visit. Charlie (our schnauzer) hears the word “baby” and goes to grab the baby with his teeth! Oops!!

  34. says

    I just found your blog and love it! Just had to comment because my cats do same thing — they claim their spots and then we must work our lives around it! Our big boy Maine Coon sleeps on an old ratty red suitcase. He loves that suitcase. Of course that means an old ratty red suitcase is now a permanent part of our bedroom decor! But the cat is very happy and that’s verrrry important for the peace of our household.

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