She is my Sunshine

She grows things on her off-days…

and grows them on her on-days too…

She creates drawings for us to dream about, and then helps us plant them too…

She collects seashells by the seashore

…and hides the perfect cards for me to find…

(I found this one this morning)

She’s a flower-baker, a shell-shaker, a day-maker- she’s my Mom!


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  1. says

    Layla that is is special for your Mom! She sounds wonderful!

    I have a New Giveaway from My Sparrow, come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  2. judy says

    What a wonderful thing to have a mom who is so full of unconditional love!! And she will make a great Grandma , too!!

  3. geri says

    She is just like you.
    You are just like her.
    One day your grown baby will
    have those same feelings for you
    as you do
    for your mom. It lasts for always.
    Thanks for always giving everyone
    warm, fuzzy stories. geri.
    p.s. my 34 year old daughter told her doctor yesterdayas I was watching my
    2 cutie baby grandchikdren
    ” I don’t know which is better, having my mom with me all day
    or getting medicine to fix me.” I am very lucky too.

  4. says


    I’m a firm believer that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Of course Jude is a clever and creative woman who has a kind and loving spirit and appreciates nature. All I have to do to know that is know her daughter. :)
    BTW, I own one of her shell boxes and it’s nothing less than spectacular!

    Your Friend,

  5. Sherri Langford-Farrell says

    “You Are My Sunshine” is the song that reminds me so much of my mom. Several years ago, I found a little musical little thingy that plays that song for her!!!

  6. Joanna Thompson says

    Your post made me wish my mom still felt like doing and going! But I am so grateful that she is still with me and I had the opportunity to move her close to me this fall!

  7. Elaine P. says

    You expect surprises and little gifts on your birthday, you expect them on Christmas…… but I think the most special ones are the ones you get on a regular day when you don’t expect them at all. It’s always so special when the ones you love show you how much you mean to them in such little ways :)

  8. Cindy Logan says

    Your mom sounds so sweet and thoughtful and such a wonderful mom! You are lucky to have her. My mom died 7 years ago, and I so miss her. Life is strange without your mom.

  9. Julia says

    The card is so sweet! Having had adopted all four of our children that card makes think of the waiting time with each of our children. (Even though that may not be the meaning of her card.) Your mom is an amazing, talented, and understanding person. Give her a big hug from me!


  10. says

    Layla – This is a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I am sure she is very proud of you, and always has been.

    How lucky for you to have such a loving and thoughtful Mother, and that’s why you are a real sweetheart !
    Have a nice Christmas……


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