Selling The House (And *Hopefully* Buying Another One!)

We accepted an offer from a sweet local gal on Monday, so our house is officially under contract! Assuming everything goes through as planned, we look forward to moving back near our old stomping grounds sometime next month.

We moved here (to Prattville) five years ago to be closer to a job that Kevin and I both worked at at the time, but now that we’re both self-employed, (and excited to start a family in the near future!) we’d like to head back near the city we were married and started our life together in. Our Montgomery area BFF’s and Kevin’s side of the family are excited that we’re moving back that way, and we’re looking forward to living closer to them again, too!

Before last month, we kind of had a 2-year plan when it came to the idea of putting our house up for sale. BUT, we’ve never been real big on the “p” word, and sometimes we get wild hairs. And by “sometimes” I mean, all the time. And by wild hairs I mean, wild hairs that like low interest rates. 

In addition to moving back in the direction of family (my mom, brother, and nephew too!) I also love the idea of picking another run-down cottage up, dusting it off, and loving it back to life- and I’m so thankful that my hubby is just as spontaneous as I am when it comes to house-y stuff!


Fingers crossed, we’ll be squeezing each other and smiling BIG about our next labor of love real soon. We made an offer on a lonely-yet-lovable “cottage that could” today, so hopefully I’ll have fun news to share about that the next time I sit down to blog!

PS- We’ll be over at the True Value Facebook page on DIY Blog Squad duty tomorrow (Thursday, September 6th). If you have a home improvement-related question you’d like to throw our way, we’d be happy to e-toss an answer back at’cha over there!

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  1. says

    Wow! I didn’t know you live in Prattville. My husband is travels there one week every month for his job. Small world! Congrats on the house sale & moving closer to family. We did that three years ago. Great decision! :)

  2. Julie B. [Holland] says

    Way to go , you two!! Best of luck on the new search! Cant wait to “see” it all unfold! So happy for you both! :)

  3. says

    Crossing my fingers that all goes smooth! Good luck on the offer on the new “project” house :) You two just seem so very sweet and deserving. Hope many wonderful things come your way.

  4. says

    Congrats! And best of luck on your new endeavor….fingers crossed for you! Looking forward to the projects and photos.

  5. says

    Wow! That was amazingly quick. Not that I am really surprised or anything because your house is beautiful! God definitely blessed you with a quick sale and I can’t wait to see what he does with the expansion of your family. It sounds like exciting times lay ahead for you.

  6. Elizabeth says

    Congrats on the contract! Also, you’re right to act on the low interest rates. They really have an impact on your buying power. My husband and I are getting ready to close on our second house next week and got locked in just as interest rates started to creep back up. We didn’t catch it at the bottom, but still closer to bottom than today and they’re only going to go up from here. Can’t wait to see the new place and watch the transformations.

  7. Nicole@the style hatch says

    I can’t wait to watch your next project bloom! I’m itching to get into another Reno myself- but it wIll be a while! :)

  8. says

    Congrats! Looking forward to hearing more on “starting a family” as well as seeing the new cottage to love back to life! Glad you can move back near family!

  9. says


    We bought an old, dusty, moldy farm site and are in the process of fixing it too… We have done one of the expensive things (roof) and are in line for a new septic system. Then, on to painting, cleaning, re-purposing…

    And, we have land. Land that already owns me. I absolutely love it out there.

  10. Kel says

    I am happy for you all — it shows what great work you do by having your house sell so quickly! And this blog will provide memories of your “old” house as you move to a new one!

  11. says

    Congratulations! We are currently in escrow for what we hope will be our retirement home. Moving is exciting, but overwhelming too. I hope all goes well for you.

  12. Patti B says

    Wow, congratulations! That’s a lot happening in a short time … can’t wait to see you’re new house!

  13. michelle anderson, wood river, IL says

    Congrats on the fast sale!~! I was wondering if you guys would post a picture or video tour of your home before you leave it so we can see the whole thing finished. Love what you do!!

  14. says

    I’m happy for you both! I wish I was the one buying your cute cottage, but God has a plan – there’s that “p” word!!
    I will be excited to see what you do in your next nest.

  15. Rhonda says

    Wow! Wish I lived in Prattville and had a chance to buy your house, it really is adorable :) Can’t wait to see what you two come up with next, anxiously waiting!!

  16. Kathy says

    I knew it wouldn’t take long to sell that beautiful cottage! Any chance for a sneek-peek at the place you put an offer on? Hope all the paperwork goes smoothly on both places. YAY!!!!!

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Kathy! We’re going to wait on posting pictures of the *potential* new place until we know it’s going to be the one. Don’t want to jinx anything! :-D

      • Tina says

        Fingers crossed and no jinxing!
        Congratulations to you both. I am so looking forward to following your new adventures creating your new home sweet home. :)

      • Kathy says

        I absolutely understand! LOL. Keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for ya’ll!!

  17. Sharon says

    The “local gal” is getting a real treasure! We sold our home back in April to move to 10 hours away and retire. Our sale took 5 days…who says the real estate market is slow? Low interest rates, correct pricing and “move in ready” all help to sell in a difficult market! Congratulations!

  18. says

    So happy for you! We’re trying to sell our home to get to Atlanta ASAP so glad your’s sold so quickly, but not surprised! Montgomery is our old stomping grounds as well. My husband was a Montgomery Police Officer there for several years and our son was born there. It was my first taste of living in the south, and I love it! Praying all goes smoothly for you all!


  19. Suzy Bryan says

    The people who purchased your home is one lucky family. I love all the pics you post especially the recent office redo. Hope you love the next fixer upper just as much. Every house you live in memories are made forever. Congrats on selling so quickly & finding another house to make your own.

  20. says

    Oh wow! I knew your house would sell quickly, but it still seems amazing. I can completely understand wanting to move near family and back home. Your house is beautiful and has been so inspirational, but I have every confidence you’ll do amazing things to the next one too and I look forward to following you along your new journey.

  21. Deborah says

    I knew before I opened this that your heading was going to say SOLD… I am just surprised it took this long…lol. I am so happy for you two.

    How exciting for you to move on to your next diamond in the rough. You guys certainly have the magic touch for remodelling.

    I can’t wait to see what new design signature you two cook up in your new place. I am sure it will also be dynamic.

  22. says

    SOOOO Excited for you….. But you should know I think I’m grieving from the loss. ;) Haha! Cannot WAIT for all the upcoming inspiration with a new house!!! Whoohoo!

  23. says

    Congrats on the sale of the Lettered Cottage and all the best in finding another house to turn into your home! So excited to read about all these wonderful things — new home and adoption progress!
    Your Friend,

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Deborah! We’re excited to continue blogging about our Lettered Cottage reno-ventures at the next house, too! ;-)

  24. says

    Crazy but I almost hate to say goodbye to your house…and I’m just a reader!! I guess I better never sell my house, huh? We’re only been here for 32 years. :)

    Love to you Layla and Kevin, and many happy days ahead!

  25. says

    Layla, I’m so excited for you guys! I have to say, I’m not at all surprised that it sold so quickly. Who wouldn’t want to live in TLC? Can’t wait to read all about the new adventures you’re going to have in your new place. :)

  26. says

    I just knew it your house would sell quickly! Congrats to you both! Hope to see your cottage soon, and how you will be giving it some TLC… I’m sure it will look amazing – like everything you two create! :-) Have fun and all the best, Inge x

  27. says

    Oops, I forgot to mention this… It’s so funny I read your message about your house being sold. Because today I saw a house for sale and the minute I walked in I felt great. It gave a click… Too bad my hubby couldn’t see it (he had to work) but my mom joined me and she even thought “this house is the one”. I envisioned myself sitting in that kitchen, and I even said to the woman who showed me around: “I could place my freezer here too”. :-D I’m making a second appointment to visit their house with my hubby, so I’m really excited! Had to share this with you, don’t know why… :-)

  28. says

    are ya’ll moving to or near montgomery? i know you mentioned you’re moving about 20 min. away from prattville and reading between the lines i’m thinking montgomery? if so maybe we’ll see each other out and about!

  29. Sandra says

    Congrats!! So happy for the two of you. I hope all goes well with the sale of both your old and new.

  30. says

    I wonder if the person who bought your cute cottage is a blogger…it would be cool to see what she does with it! Just think how many blog posts you will be able to do with a new place for you guys…opens up a whole new world! Hope all goes well with your potential new home.

  31. Marianne in Mo. says

    Wonderful news!! It’s so exciting to live vicariously thru you (and others!) doing the things we’re not capable of for one reason or another. I look forward to each and every post and can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and Kevin! Best of wishes!

  32. says

    Congrats! I knew you would sell it quickly, heck, if I lived closer, I would make my girls move out and sell my 3000 square foot house for that darling cottage! I can’t wait to follow the next adventure!

  33. Suzie Q says

    Fingers & toes crossed that all goes smoothly on both sale & purchase! I know that feeling…waiting patiently is not my idea of fun!

  34. says

    Congrats! I knew it would sell quickly! I do have to say I’m kind of sad too. What a weirdo. I don’t even “know” you guys but seeing you put the love into each room and projects that made me feel like “hey *I* could actually do that too.” I know you’ll do those in the house to come as well but if the person who bought it knows the bloggy history of the home, maybe she’d consider letting you come back and take pics when she’s put her signature on the house? :-)

    • Layla says

      Hey Anele! :-)
      We’re excited to love another little place back to life, and we look forward to sharing all our reno-ventures here on TLC! I don’t know if the new owner of our current home would be up for a re-shoot, but if she ever mentions it, we’ll bring our cameras back and snap away! :-D

  35. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Bless your hearts!!!!!!! Sounds like a PLAN to me. I am so excited to hear what comes next. Can’t wait to be a cyber guest in your next home!
    Can you not just take that guestroom/office with you? I love that room!!!!!!! Shoot, has anyone even slept in the room yet? I’ll gladly volunteer! :-) Ter’e

  36. gina says

    i see a little one in your future…maybe a little souvenir from your Compassion trip? you may not have a plan…but He does!

  37. Liz VanKirk says

    Can’t wait to hear about the new house & to see pictures. Hopefully they’ll accept your offer. Excitement to see what you’ll create now! Good Luck.

  38. says

    So excited for y’all! Fingers crossed your offer is accepted on the cottage that could and the sale of the original cottage is issue free. Good luck!

    And Gina, I couldn’t agree with you more about “the plan”.

  39. Sue says

    I knew your beautiful house would sell quickly. Someone will be very lucky to get it with all the great changes you’ve made. It must be a little hard to leave it when it’s all coming together like you wanted, but if you’re like us, family is the most important thing. I know you will make a beautiful home wherever you go. I hate to see a sign that says “home for sale” cause you can sell a house but not a “home”. Best of luck in your new place. I know you both will do some wonderful things with it.

  40. Kim in MD says

    Congratulations Layla and Kevin on the sale of your home and your contract on a new cottage! I can’t wait to hear more, and to see what gorgeous things you do to your new home! :-)

  41. Amy says

    Will be so nice to live closer to family once your’s begins to expand!

    We just moved closer to our daughter so we could be near our grand daughter who is two.

    Exciting times ahead for you that is for certain!

  42. gtrexler says

    Congratulations and I can’t wait to follow you to your new cottage that you’ll have looking great in no time! Good luck with everything.

  43. says

    Good luck with your move. As you can see by your empty nest remodel blog, moving can be quite a challenge but we love it as much as you do (not!) Look forward to seeing what you do with the new place and your current buyer is very lucky!

  44. says

    Congrats…living near family and great friends is always a great thing especially when you are thinking about starting a family…we moved away to be closer to our son’s family and it was the best thing we ever did…
    Good luck!! Looking forward to your new adventures in bringing another house back to life!

  45. Laura says

    Layla, you inspire me. Not just in the decorating choices you make but the way you live your life. My husband and I are going through the process of putting our house for sale, buying another and having a baby. I hope to live the adventure with the same wonderful attitude you have when tackling new projects and new dreams. Best of luck to you!

  46. Beth says

    Congrats on getting a contract so quickly! My daughter lives in Montgomery. She and her husband own the Benjamin Moore paint store called New Look. I have a small shop inside their place… hope you stop by some time! Brian and Amy would love to meet you!

  47. says

    Congrats Guys!! Not that there was any doubt in my mind that it would sell. You are just so lucky that you didn’t have to wait to long. Now you can find the next gem. Can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

  48. says

    Congratulations! That is so exciting to be back near family & friends + a new house to revive. We are currently staying with my Mom back in our hometown as we renovate our dreams come true. It sure seems like someone has a plan for your family. Best of luck on your new path. I’m giddy about seeing the next cottage that could:)

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