Kev and I are coming up on wedding anniversary #8 this June, and I’d love to take a breather and sneak off somewhere (inexpensive and close to home) with him for a couple of days.

Back in ’04, we honeymooned a few hours down the road, on the Florida gulf coast. We stayed in a cute, little cottage (that’s no longer for rent- boo) in a town called Seaside…


Remember Seaside from movie The Truman Show? It’s such a pretty little community…

There are small, colorful cottages, like this one, that Jim Carrey’s character called home in the movie…


Looks like the front door got a new coat of paint after “Truman” left town…

Kev and I had so much fun wandering around, looking at all the houses while we were there. We only snapped this one, quick pic (can you believe that?) of the cottage we stayed in…

The bedroom and bathroom were located on the first floor, and the living room and kitchen were upstairs, and if you squinted reeeeeal hard, you could see the tee-tiniest little sliver of the sea from the balcony on the second floor.

We went back to Seaside for our 5th anniversary and stayed in one of their “Motor Court” cottages…



I took all kinds of pictures on that trip, but then (accidentally) deleted them because I thought Kev had already transferred them to our computer. Key word: thought. Oops!

I did, however, find some more inspiring Seaside pics while Googling  last night…


(via, and via)

Get a load of this big guy…


It’s porches must be facing the ocean…*sigh*…


Here’s a peek at the kitchen…


…and here’s one of it’s bedrooms…


 Something tells me that one isn’t available for rent OR in our price range- ha!

Anywho, we’ll be in Atlanta for the Haven Conference a couple of days right before our anniversary this year, so I’m on the look out for a quiet little (budget-friendly) place for us to chill out in somewhere close to, or in between here and there. Maybe a pet-friendly lake cabin somewhere in Alabama?  Drop me a line if you know of one!

PS- Speaking of weddings and photography, Kevin published a new post up over at the ShootFlyShoot blog yesterday!

Harvest Gold Bathroom - Pick My Presto
DIY Sliding Door

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  1. says

    The Truman Show is one of my most favorite movies EVER. I totally didn’t realize it was filmed in Florida. That looks like such a quaint little community.

  2. says

    I love Seaside! I haven’t ever stayed there but I have stayed at one of the areas next to it so I still got to enjoy the shops and restaurants. Bed and Breakfast or cottages make the perfect getaway for anniversaries. Congratulations on your upcoming eighth.

  3. says

    Seaside (and anywhere along Hwy 30A) is a favorite of mine! My hubby and I are going with another couple for a long weekend in May. (Staying on Seagrove Beach, only a 1/2 mile walk to Seaside and MUCH cheaper.) And we’re going back in October for our 4-year anniversary with our furbabies, and hopefully staying at this pet-friendly cabin on Eastern Lake (only 3 miles to Seaside!):

    Enjoy! I hope you find the perfect getaway spot for your anniversary! :)

  4. Kris says

    Such a cute town! We happened upon it a few years ago while going from Panama City Beach to Destin. Stopped at the Pizza Bar on the way back and LOVED the food. We ate there twice that week. We never explored the town as we were there at night but now I must put this on our vacation to do list!

  5. Amy Roemer says

    We vacationed in Seaside in 2005. We loved walking/biking around looking at all the cottages. My favorite cottage name was “Julie Got Her Way”.

  6. Rachel Carey says

    Check out a little town in Germany called FUSSEN. I do believe that the neuschwanstein castle may have something to your liking!

    How would you redecorate it *lettered cottage* style? Hmmmmm

    • Layla says

      Well, as much as I’d like to see that castle, my fear of flying will probably prevent me from ever seeing it- LOL! I’m a road trip girl all the way! 😀

  7. Tammy Barnes says

    Layla, Happy Anniversary (Kevin too!)

    I live about 45 minutes from Seaside, I think you should check it out for this year’s anni too, it’s probably only 4 hours or so from ATL. Have you been there since they’ve lined the main street with the Airstream Buses? Oh, so charming. Lunch at Bud & Alley’s Taco Stand cannot be beat!

  8. Tammy Barnes says

    Dang, I’m back for more Seaside promo. You know… you could always rent a bike with a basket for Mr. Max.

    The thing I forgot to say is this: Seaside… once you go, it becomes a part of your soul. You shouldn’t deny your soul the happiness that Seaside brings.

  9. amanda says

    Oh Seaside! I’ve been going with my family since I was kid and there were just a few little houses built. We went several times a year as a child and now we take our kids (maybe just one a year!). But we love it so. I always leave so inspired by the architecture and design and the gulf breezes. Just wonderful!

  10. jamie says

    one of my other favorite blogs {clover lane} has gone there for a few years with her family {five soon to be six kids}! it’s on my list of places to go!!

  11. says

    Hi Layla! Happy Anniversary!

    What about Tybee? I thought I read that you’ve stayed there before, but I think it’s pretty close to ATL. You’d likely know better than I. I think Jane Coslick has some places there for rent?

    Good luck!

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Chrissa! Yes- we LOVE Tybee (and Jane is a very good friend!), but we were thinking of mixin’ it up and going somewhere new this year! Still researching our options, but I have a couple promising ones in mind already! 😉

  12. says

    Congratulations! May this year bring you some of the best life has to offer! Including a cozy getaway! And loads of photographs to keep and enjoy!

  13. Kary Ross says


    Here’s a cute little place for 1-2 adults that is only a bit down the 30-A strip from Seaside. It’s called 3 Mermaids and we have been here each year to enjoy the sand and surf! They list it thru and too. And thru April 11 it’s only $140 a night.
    It’s designed the same as your honeymoon cottage too! The beach access is directly across the street. Perfect place and perfect for us! I think you and Kev would love it! Here’s a link to it:

    The owners are a lovely couple Charlie & Kendra. Give ’em a call! Tell them Kary & Robert sent you!


    • Kary Ross says

      It’s approximately 7 blocks from Seaside and I forgot to mention that they have bicycles and grilling facilities, a cool hammock to hang out in and last year they allowed folks staying there to use their swimming pool. Peace, Love & 3 Mermaids!! We leave July 4th for our visit this year! Yay!

  14. Nick says

    We honeymooned there in 2006…but by default. We had planned on soaking up the sun in Cabo, but Hurricane Lane had other plans. And we’re glad he did! We stayed at WaterColor and spent every evening in Seaside. Fortunately, we’ve been back almost every year and just got to introduce our twins to our favorite beach spot! My favorite memory from our last trip was eating bbq from an Airstream and hanging out in/on/around the amphitheater.

    Anyhow, Seleta (a blogger friend of my cousin Andrea, has an incredible home in Seaside. I like to check out for her shots from around town.

    • Layla says

      I loved reading your comment, Nick! We ate BBQ from that Airstream, too! 😀
      Off to check out Seleta’s blog!

  15. says

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more happy years together!
    I love Seaside also. I did two posts on it after a visit last year (one was on shopping and the other was on the awesome town). I included pictures of the Post Office and that way cool motel sign. I was happy to take way too many pictures of that sign.

    Hope you find a great place to celebrate!
    Marsha (in Prattville)

  16. Kim says

    Blue Ridge, Ga isn’t too far north of Atl, it’s a wonderful little twn in the mtns..

  17. Sharon Spiller says

    Layla, Have you ever tried Mentone, Alabama? There is an old hotel that has been converted to a bed and breakfast. I think it would be pretty close to Atlanta. I’ve been there on a day trip but have never stayed the night. It is one beautiful view on top of sand mountain. There’s also cabins at Mt. Cheaha. Happy Anniversary!

  18. says

    I got nothin for you in the South but if you ever wander over to So. Cal, keep my # handy because you guys have a standing invitation to stay at the cottage. I don’t even need any remodeling ideas, I’d just love to show you two around my cute little beach town. It’s the least I can do for the hours of entertainment your blog and videos have provided me.

  19. Sharon Spiller says

    The hotel is called Mentone Springs Hotel and it is an historic hotel.

  20. MimiG says

    I’ve stayed at “Popsicle Cottage” a few times in Seaside. Love the atmosphere. Of course, Destin and Ft. Walton Bch are almost equally fabulous too!

  21. says

    I didn’t even know that such an amazing place existed! Thanks for sharing! :) Hope you enjoyed every minute of your trip!

  22. Debbie says

    Hi! Having grown up in Alabama and then returning to live here again 18 years ago, we go to the beach at least once a year. Seaside is great! We felt free to our daughters roam on their own. We have also stayed at Destiny by the Sea (Sun Palace is huge!) which is a gated community, Seagrove, all over Destin and Gulf Shores and lots of places in between. I polled our office – all are quite thrifty – Courtney says Rosemary Beach, Trey says Ellijay, GA, Brent couldn’t decide between Panama City, FL and Wind Creek on Lake Martin, Steve says a rental houseboat on Lake Martin or Lake Lanier and I say a bed and breakfast on Lookout Mountain, GA (or TN!) so we can eat at Rembrandt’s Cafe, The Yellow Deli and Aretha Frankenstein’s. But anywhere you go together is wonderful!

  23. says

    haha- I grew up just a few hours away. We nicknamed Seaside especially “man hell’ because of all the pastels!

  24. says

    Wow! It has been many many years since my husband and I took a trip up to to check out this new community called Seaside. What an inspiring place. I have already gotten lots of ideas for my on beach house from the pics you posted. Thanks, kathy

  25. Marianne in Mo. says

    Have to say, I wasn’t that impressed with Seaside when we stayed in Rosemary Beach a few years ago. I found it too gimmicky. Did love the homes there, and took a photo of the cute church that turned out rather nice! Rosemary was much more value for the $$ and less crowded. Granted, we were there in July, thanks to my SIL only being able to get leave from the A.F. then ( we went with all the kids and families ) but had the beach and the development pool mostly to ourselves. We had a 3 level home that slept 10 for a week @ under $2000!!!
    Happy Anniversary, and I know wherever you are it will be perfect!

  26. Nana says

    Try Calloway Gardens, but don’t stay in the gardens. The Pine Mountain Chalets are much more affordable to rent, with biking and swimming a canoeing available.

  27. Ashley says

    I just drove thru Seaside today! We were camping with the family a little further west on 30A and couldn’t resist a quick drive by. How funny to see the pics on your blog when I got home this afternoon.

  28. Mary Lynn Brackin says

    Happy Anniversary to the two of you! I have enjoyed your blog so much and feel like I know you already. I have a cottage at Compass Lake, which is about 30 minutes from Panama City, off of 231. It is a very pretty lake and a restful place to stay. You are welcome to stay there for a few days if you would like. We don’t rent it out and would love for you to use it for free. I think it would be your style~it is decorated in the cottage style with lots of slipcovers and painted furniture. If you are interested let me know and I can send you some pictures.

  29. says

    I’ve seen that bedroom with the nook on Pinterest a ton! Cool to know where it really is! :) I haven’t seen an ocean in over 15 years. :(

  30. Julie W says

    Lake Lanier is beautiful. Also Fort Mountain is gorgeous and I found this place but it says no pets but pet accommodations available nearby?
    I am from Rome, Georgia so I have to recommend that, it has a wonderful downtown. Red Top Mountain and Lake Allatoona might be good places to look also. Just an hour and a half/two hours from Atlanta is the Clayton and Dillard area which are also wonderful.. You can sort by pet friendly on this website for Lake Hartwell Just a few ideas for you=)

  31. Jenny M says

    We just bought a cute little cottage near Gulf Shores, AL. We LOVE the Fort Morgan area and would love to have you visit!!

  32. Lauren says

    We just got married in January in Fort Morgan, AL, and we were able to take our dogs & have a very quiet section of the beach. It’s far away from public access beaches, so it was a hidden jewel. I’d check out VRBO for little rentals in that area…we stayed at the Enchanted Dunes but had 20 people with us, so you probably won’t need that much space!

  33. says

    Unless I win the lottery, I will never be able to afford to live in Seaside, but I console myself with the fact that I can visit it every year on the way to stay at my mother-in-law’s winter place north of Orlando.

    I had the chance to visit again a couple of weeks ago during Spring break, and it was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it – I think I prefer visiting in November, when it seems to be a lot quieter.

    Good luck with finding a nice place for your anniversary.

    First time commenter on your blog. :)