Sealing the Butcher Block Countertop

We fiiiiinally took the time to seal our new butcher block countertop over the past couple of days.



We didn’t stain it, (we’re going to have natural-colored hardwood floors in the dining and living rooms eventually) and we don’t plan to use it to chop or prepare food on, so we just used two coats of Tung Oil.

Of course we had to document the process on video.

I should forewarn you about this particular video though.
Kevin edited it while I was at the salon, and although I love him to death for putting together a super sweet video for us to look back and smile at one day, this one’s not super-informative folks. (Sorry!)

But, since we’re not real good about printing, dating, and organizing our photos in big, beautiful photo albums, or burning all of our video footage onto DVD’s and storing them in pretty file boxes for future reference, I’ll probably be very glad we created this “interactive diary” of ours when we’re too old to dance a jig, or smooch through protective masks because we’re sealing a countertop with stinky oil.


I am curious about one thing though.

Should I/can I do a top coat of Waterlox?

I just read a couple of fabulous blog posts about staining and Waterloxing your wood countertops, and now I’m starting to think we may want to do it to really create a super-durable surface that doesn’t require any re-coating throughout the years.

Vanessa from “This and That” wrote a super-detailed post about the staining and Waterloxing of her butcher block countertop…


And Kristi from “Addicted 2 Decorating” also wrote an awesome post about staining and Waterloxing her butcher block countertops…


Those gals are smart as whips, I tell ya!

Maybe I’ll call Waterlox on Monday and ask them about it.
I’m guessing it’ll be okay because Waterlox is a combination of Tung Oil and Resin- but I’ll let you know what I find out!


As for the wall above the countertop, I’m going to use this photo as inspiration when designing our “free-floating hutch”…


Our hutch won’t be quite as “feminine” looking, but the overall concept will be the same.

And maybe the inside of ours can be painted a different color than the outside is? (The outside of our hutch will be painted “Alabaster” white to match the upper cabinets across the way.)

(Not this particular color, but maybe something fun and blue-based?)

Or maybe I should back it with some more mirrors, to reflect the natural light coming in through the window over our kitchen sink?

I’m also gonna install a couple of wall sconces like they did in the inspiration photo above too. Maybe something like these?


They’re $18.00 at Lowes, and I’ve always liked the way they looked.

What do you think of them?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Well, there’s a nasty storm rollin’ into town- so I better shut this thing off for the night before the lightning shuts it off for me!

Happy weekend friend-


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    Not exactly sure how I came across your blog today, but LET ME TELL YOU. Whew, it’s been like a rabbit hole, leading me here, there and yonder! I’m so thankful! We’re about to start a “little” kitchen renovation (cabinet painting, lighting switcheroos, etc) and your links have been very helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I can only hope ours will turn out half as pretty as yours!