Screened Inn: Sand & Sea Bedroom


In addition to stepping on what has to the worlds smallest glass factory, (Can you say embedded and invisible? Ouch!) I also added a few more pages to the Screened Inn e-zine today.

Remember this room?


When you enter the house it’s the first thing you see on the other side of the kitchen, so we wanted it to look extra “come hither”.

Diane (the homeowner & property manager) wanted it to function as a “kids hang out/sleeping room”, so we used two twin-sized beds and had the cable company put in another cable outlet in the corner of the room, near the foot of one of the beds.
It was the perfect spot to angle a little, white antique table and a small flatscreen TV.


Since it was such a blank slate, we did have to buy quite a few things for this room. But we really didn’t have to spend a whole lot.

We used tall, inexpensive, linen panels from Ikea across the wall of windows & french doors so that guests staying in this room could have a little privacy when they needed it. (We threaded the panels onto a long length of sturdy galvanized pipe to keep costs down, and the finish of the pipe worked great with the galvanized items in the kitchen next door.)

The FABULOUS rug on the floor came from TJ Maxx ($39.99 for a 4×6). It’s seriously one of my favorite things in the whole house. (FYI- It comes in different sizes, and in black and red too!)

The photography on the walls was shot by yours truly, and we had it printed at Bay Camera Company in Savannah. The frames came from Michaels, and they were on sale at the time. The bed frames and lamps were yard sale finds, and the bedding all came from HomeGoods.
You remember the day we bought the bedding, right?…

And, of course, we had to break out the brushes and re-paint a few things in this room too.
Diane’s old dresser got a couple coats of Walmart’s “County White”, (it used to be painted a milk chocolate color.) and the head and footboards are painted Sherwin Williams “Stolen Kiss”.

Wanna see?

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We’ve got one more room to feature before we wrap up our tour of the Screened Inn-
so come on back to see photos of what we did in the biggest room in the house, a little later this week!

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