"Screened Inn"- Lemonade Mermaid Bedroom

Happy weekend friend!

We got a lot of work done around here last week (still trying to play catch up), but we did get to break away for a few hours yesterday for this little guy’s 1st birthday party…

(This pic was taken last Halloween)

And last night, I added a few more pages to the “Screened Inn” e-zine.

This time, we’re featuring the “Lemonade Mermaid” bedroom.

Like the rest of the rooms in the house, we mainly used things Diane (the homeowner and property manager) already had.

We did buy a few accessories and some bedding, but other than that, we just got creative, and re-painted & re-purposed things so that they all worked together.

And since the goal of the whole re-do was to set the place up as a vacation rental, we worked in both a queen-sized bed and a twin-sized bed into this room.

Now, before you check out the new pics, here’s a quick look back at the way the room looked when we got there…


Click on the flipbook below to check out how the room turned out!

Click to launch the full sized magazine

Next up, the “Sand & Sea” bedroom! So stay tuned for more pics of that, (and the living and dining room!) coming soon to a monitor near you!


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Screened Inn: Sand & Sea Bedroom
"Screened Inn" Kitchen, Baths & Master Bedroom

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  1. dee wilson says

    Where did you buy the bedding for the mermaid room? I love the bedspread.

    Thank you

    • Kevin & Layla says

      Hi Dee!

      The bedding actually belonged to the homeowner, and we borrowed the quilt from Jane Coslick- designer extraordinaire! :-)