• Screen Door – Dining Room

    I found a screen door!¬†And wouldn’t ya know it, it was RIGHT under my nose this whole time. I was making one of a million trips out my back door yesterday, and it hit me. (Not literally) we already own a chippy, old screen door! It was hanging on the outside of the wood door that leads outside right there. Duh!

    So remember my temporary “door”?

    Well, behind that curtain lurked this:

    Until I realized we had this:

    So we put it here:

    … and then put up that picture ledge I’ve been talking about adding:

    So, here’s the space…in all it’s un-accessorized, un-colorful glory…

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play with the screen door. It magically squeak-licious!

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