Screen Door – Dining Room

I found a screen door! And wouldn’t ya know it, it was RIGHT under my nose this whole time. I was making one of a million trips out my back door yesterday, and it hit me. (Not literally) we already own a chippy, old screen door! It was hanging on the outside of the wood door that leads outside right there. Duh!

So remember my temporary “door”?

Well, behind that curtain lurked this:

Until I realized we had this:

So we put it here:

… and then put up that picture ledge I’ve been talking about adding:

So, here’s the space…in all it’s un-accessorized, un-colorful glory…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play with the screen door. It magically squeak-licious!

Pantry - Before & During
Reading Room - During

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  1. Ivy Lane says

    Very cute idea! I love that! Just found your blog TODAY! Going to stop by and see the pantry progress!

  2. Them Chandlers says

    Thanks for your comment, Layla! Our friend, and worship pastor, took that picture for us. We love it :)

    Good luck with the Design Star audition! I love what you have already done with your cottage and can’t wait to see what other transformations you’ll accomplish. I’ll be checking back for design ideas and Star updates!

  3. chriskauf says

    It looks great , love it , I am starting the install of my v grove ceiling tomorrow , I will show how it is coming along.

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