School Light

So, we’ve got this guest bathroom. The right side of it is almost done, and the left side of it is…well…

Work in there came to a halt sometime last year, but we did install a ($25) schoolhouse-style light fixture the other day, and it’s so nice to finally have a light on the ceiling in there.

Besides the light fixture and ceiling, that side of the room hasn’t really changed all that much over the past few years. It started out like this…

…and it currently looks like this…

(The tub and toilet are down below where the pictures cut off.)

Regarding the hole: Let’s just say I got a liiiiittle antsy to start working on that wall while my husband was at the store one day. And when I get antsy, sometimes I get hammer happy.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets hammer happy.

Better yet, please tell my husband.

PS- We found the wood planks underneath the drywall on the ceiling and the winner of the herb crate giveaway is:

Congrats, Vicki! I’ll be in touch with you shortly!

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  1. says

    I love the ceiling. It looks really great!

  2. Barbara Medeiros says

    lol not at all! When my husband procrastinates starting a project (which is always) I grab the hammer! That helps with his motivation! Glad I am not alone! :)

  3. Angie W says

    LOVE what you have done! I wish I could have an awesome bathroom like that in my house. The sink area is fab with all the storage!

  4. says

    Antsy? I have been known to get so frustrated I actually date and start wall journals. : l I am one of your ceiling fans {I am know laughing at the image of me suspended from your ceiling spinning in circles…”No Layla, you don’t need me on high!”} Hmm, where was I…I like your ceiling! Unfortunately, we need insulation in our walls and ceilings. :( Our bathroom reno has been going on so long I broke it down into phases. At least phase one is completed. Kinda. Sorta. For now.
    Hammer On!

  5. says

    The last time I got hole happy, it didn’t end well! I think I sent you pics. {head hung in bad planning shame} xo Jami

  6. Sandy says

    I love what you did to the first half of the bathroom!! I bet the rest will be amazing as well!!

  7. says

    Love that cutie little light on your gorgeous ceiling! That pic of you is priceless- it needs a frame – maybe on your hubs desk. 😉

  8. Kelli says

    Hi Layla,
    I love your blog and wanted to know what color was on your lovely bathroom walls?


  9. says

    what a lucky find in the wood ceiling! I love how the sink area is coming together. Did you already do a post on how you made the sink base?

  10. says

    love the simple light in there. I also love that you changed the white mirror frame to wood! I wouldn’t think that I would prefer the wood but I do :)

  11. says

    Oh wow…love what you have done with the one side!
    It is so encouraging to see a job being done as time or resources permits, it makes me feel a little more …OK!
    Your ceiling discovery is wonderful & the light looks great!
    I think hammering away has a purpose!

  12. says

    gorgeous ceiling!!!! and that pic of you looking through the hole just made my day… could you be any cuter???

  13. says

    You are too cute! And unfinished projects is the name of the game around here! I try to conceal them with my mad decorating skills..haha….doesn’t always work as well as nagging BaileyHusband to finish them does :)

  14. says

    Wow! I love the ceiling! You’re so lucky to have that just waiting to be found. The bathroom is going to be perfection, and no you’re not the only one who gets “hammer happy.” Can’t wait to see the finished produce.

  15. says

    The ceiling is beautiful! I wish I could find something like that under my dry wall. I can’t say that I get hammer happy but I do tend to get a little antsy. Which really doesn’t pair with my perfectionist (let’s take our time) husband.

  16. says

    Well, count me in. I love to do projects but sometimes, my hands work faster than my mind. LOVE the light. Cute touch and I love the side you have almost finished.

  17. says

    You are GABulous! BTW…gonna mention you and your blog/website on my local radio show and my webtv show! The Gabbers that follow me and my best friend and biz partner in crime NEEDS to know about The Lettered Cottage!

  18. Nan says

    One day while the hubs was at work I ripped the carpet out of the bedroom and bathroom and tossed it out on the front lawn. We live in the country so I wasn’t trashing the neighborhood. I then went back into the house and took down the walls that divided the bathroom from the bedroom. To say he was shocked when he came home was an understatement… there were live wires hanging from the ceiling. I don’t do electrical. *wink* Oh yeah, I also tore out the closet. The next day I took the sawzall to the bathroom sink, shower and tub. That weekend he helped me build a closet in what used to be the bathroom. BTW… He begs me to this day not to take anymore walls down.

  19. claire says

    Love the ceiling and the light!! – As regards to the herb crate giveaway HOW DID I MISS THAT???- i completely didnt see that post!! Those babies are what drew me to your blog in the first plce a yr or so ago – i remember writing to find out where they are from !! – Thanks for letting us know – i am gonna go see how insane it wud be to get them shipped!!!!

  20. says

    That light is adorable, and I LOVE the ceiling! We had a similar ceiling in our kitchen/family room, but we painted it white. Why are you trying to make me wish we hadn’t?! ;-P

  21. Marianne in Mo. says

    Love how the bath is coming along! I know it’ll be fantastic when you’re done!

    Glad for Vicki winning the crates, but sad that I didn’t!

  22. says

    There was definitely a caption of: Heereee’s Johnny! in my head when I saw the photo!

    The room is coming along nicely!!

  23. Jody says

    Love your bathroom!!! Your blog insprires me!!! I have saved to my desktop!!! Hammer away!!!:)

  24. says

    I love that you do things in fits and starts. I have grown weary of the blogs where money and professional help seem to be no object. Voila……….done and perfect and so not real when you don’t have a trust fund. Thanks for writing a blog that I can relate to over and over :)

  25. Maria says

    Love the ‘Almost Done’ side and I cant wait to see how the other side is going to turn out… I’m sure very beautiful! And the light… so so cute! You guys are awesome LOVE everything you two do :)

  26. anna says

    Once I knocked out a whole wall when the hubby was at work! ( without his knowledge! )You are not the only one!!! And I am glad to be in good company! :)

  27. says

    Oh my goodness Layla, only you would have that great of luck to find those wood planks under a drywall ceiling. I am so jealous, that is an amazing find. Where they anywhere else in the house? They’re gorgeous!

  28. Genny says

    OMG! So glad to hear that you get “hammer happy” too! It’s the best way to get something done — I mean, once you hit that hammer, you HAVE to finish or fix it! Right?!

  29. Nancy says

    Your hammer-happy moment reminds me of the time that a friend of mine decided to install a window in a bedroom at the cottage. She cut the hole and then couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t push it out. She soon discovered that there was a tree mere inches away from the wall in the middle of the window! Oops. It was lesson learned to at least plan a few steps ahead at a time.

  30. says

    The fact that you found those wood planks under there just makes me think that your house was waiting just FOR YOU TWO to come along and discover all of its hidden gems. I tend to think houses have feelings and thoughts, lol, and it warms their souls to be loved and cared about.

    I hope my house feels that way with every change we make, too. I also hope she LOVES the new faucet, windows and doors we just installed in her kitchen this past week. 😀

  31. says

    Well I got hammer happy when day while the hubby was gone. He told me that he thought we had electrical in a wall by our front door and I wanted the wall gone. I took off the ledge on top of the wall and I could see down inside. No electric that baby came down really fast. It was fun and led to all kinds of other problems like the floor where the wall used to be. But I got a new floor from it. Yeah!!!