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She and I have been talking about her fireplace plans, and I thought I’d share an idea I came up with in Photoshop yesterday. First though, here’s what she’s workin’ with:

Fireplace Before | Cozy Cottage Cute

It’s located in their basement, and this is a screenshot of the laminate flooring they’ve purchased for the space:

Reclaime Laminate | Mocha

(It’s made by Reclaime and it’s their Mocha Oak color.)

Sarah and her hubby have already picked out/installed some of the tile that’s going to go in and around the fireplace, too. This will go around the inside of the firebox:

Ceragres Tile | Cozy Cottage Cute

(Collection- Wood 2, Colour- Dust,  Size- 12″ x 24″ mosaic sheets)

This will go on the floor underneath the stove:

Ceragres Tile

(Collection – Wood 2, Colour – Dust, Size- 24″ x 24″ )

And this will go around the outside edge of the fireplace:

Ceragres Tile | Ibirapuera Patina

(Collection – ECollection, Colour – Ibirapuera Patina, Size- 8″ x 48″)

They got all the tile at Ceragres, and you can kind of see how they look together in this next photo:

Tile Around Fireplace

Pretty, huh? 😀

Sarah also sent me a photo of how they’re planning to paint the walls down there:

Silver Satin | Cozy Cottage Cute

She said they are in the process of painting the upper half Silver Satin

Silver Satin

…and the lower half Simply White. She said they want to do some kind of board & batten style wainscoting on the lower half, too.

Now, she’s probably not going to want to read this first suggestion (feel free to take it or leave it, Sarah! :-) ), but I think I would paint the walls one color, and skip the wainscoting. Reason being- I think that when you’re working with a shorter space, height-wise (like in this basement), it’s better to not break up the vertical plane with elements that make your eye stop and start…and notice the height of the room more. I think painting the room one solid color, or using vertically-oriented paneling all the way from the floor to the ceiling,  will create a “taller feel”, visually. She could even do a mix of both- some painted walls, and some paneled walls. Like this: (move your cursor on and off of the photo below to see it presto change-o!)

Here’s a still image in case you couldn’t view the interactive one above:

Fireplace Idea for Sarah at Cozy Cottage Cute

My inspiration came from this Pottery Barn fireplace photo that I’ve always loved:

Pottery Barn Living Room Fireplace

Sarah’s husband (Alex) is very handy, and I’m thinking a wall/mantel like that would be fairly easy for him to re-create if they decide they like the look. I’m sure she’ll keep us updated on their progress on her blog though, so it’ll be fun to see how everything comes together!

PS- Want to learn how to create your own inspiration photos using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? Check out Room Makeover training class over at for more info!

Room Makeover Training Class Using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements


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