Sarah’s Budget-Friendly "Boutique Hotel-Style" Master Bedroom

Meet Sarah.
A twenty-something school teacher, originally from Ohio, now living in Prattville, Alabama.

This is Sarah and her husbands first “fur baby”, Maddy…

and their second, Roxy…

and their third, Ruby…

and the latest addition to their family, Rosie:

Sarah rescued Rosie from a “hoarding” situation. So sad that goes on. Thank goodness for people like Sarah!

Sarah’s Master Bedroom was pretty non-descript when they moved into the house a little over a year ago:

So she picked out some bedding she liked, bought one nightstand and a matching dresser, and added a few accessories:

As time went by though, Sarah started to feel like the room didn’t have enough “soul”, and found herself craving a more “upscale boutique hotel” type of look.

Then, her husband went out of town.

And “Layla-the-Design-Enabler” came over. >:-)

Within minutes, I had formulated a game plan, and we started to put the wheels in motion the very next day.

First up, after a close-call decapitation, we removed the ceiling fan.

And Sarah vowed to get one of these for her husband instead:

Then we installed this darling little chandelier I found online for $129.99. (pardon the excess chain…we hadn’t swagged the fixture over the center of the bed yet when I snapped this photo)

Here’s a close up…

Next up, paint.

The wall color started out a beige color with yellow undertones.

After interviewing Sarah, I learned that she wanted to keep the room in the same color family, but that she tends to be drawn to cooler tones.

The verdict, Sherwin Williams “Utterly Beige” and “Realist Beige”.

One is lighter, one is a little darker. Here is the Utterly Beige going on the headboard wall…

They are very contemporary and luxe-looking colors and will compliment the bedding she is going to purchase from West Elm.

I encouraged her to mix a lot of crisp white bedding in with the clay color of the pintuck bedding, in the form of sheets, pillow shams and maybe an additional duvet-covered comforter. It will be a really sharp look when it’s all put together.

Here’s Sarah workin’ away…

She saw this candle-filled accent wall on “Myles of Style” and wanted to replicate the idea in her room:

So she painted this “Utterly Beige” rectangle on top of a “Realist Beige” wall, to the right of her bed:

She hasn’t implemented the candles yet, school is keeping her very busy. But when it’s finished, I’ll be sure to take some “after” photos of it.

I had her move her dresser to the wall directly in front of the bed. It used to be on the wall with the rectangle painted on it now, which made it impossible for her to have a nightstand on that side of the bed. (wall color here, as well as on the window wall: Realist Beige)

I helped her remove the mirror from the dresser, and we hung that over the bed, to act as a visual “headboard” of sorts.

The most expensive element of the re-design was the nightstand. She purchased the twin to the one she had on the left side of the bed. Yay! Symmetry!

We shopped for some sculptural accessories to add to the overall look she was trying to achieve. The palette: clay, black, satin nickel, sepia and white…

Bedside lamps (from Walmart) are satin nickel, with black shades…

So, while I don’t have a photo of the big mirror over the bed, stacked framed sheet music hanging above each of the nightstands, the candles on the wall, or the new bedding and window treatments in place- I promise to snap some as soon as Sarah’s husband will let me back in the house! Just kidding, he wasn’t that mad. 😉

Tichenor Master Bedroom Sitting Room
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  1. Tracy Miller says

    I love love love this bedroom, (Sarah’s Bedroom) I am trying to mimick this with my own room. My bedroom is being painted this week in Utterly Beige, I already have a red comfortor but wanted a new one (the red one in this pic was not online on West Elm??) I hope to find similar lamps at Walmart, or anywhere else I can find them, as well as the nightstands. Can you confirm that the red comforter in the picture was indeed from West Elm??
    Thank you for the great ideas!!