Rustic Meets Refined

Remember Tammy? My neighbor, the caterer, with the incredible shrimp and grits recipe? Well, after I published that post, several people asked to see photos of her house, so I thought I’d share a few more here today!

Their house is laid out almost just like ours is, but they made a few tweeks to the layout here and there. For instance, where we have a sunroom…


…they have a dining room:

Phoenix Fossil Paint | Dining Room | The Lettered Cottage

Cotton Wreath | The Lettered Cottage

Vintage Pillows | The Lettered Cottage

Hall Tree | Cotton Wreath | The Lettered Cottage

Vintage Doorknobs | The Lettered Cottage

Phoenix Fossil Paint | The Lettered Cottage

Tammy said the paint color in the dining room (and all throughout the first floor) is called Phoenix Fossil. The ceiling is painted Gray Stone, and the trim is painted Horseradish. They’re all Benjamin Moore colors.

And while our master bathroom is still laid out like this:


They laid their master bathroom out like this:

Light Green Paint | Bathroom | The Lettered Cottage

The wall color is French Gray, and the ceiling is painted Bahia Grass. Both of those are also Benjamin Moore colors, too.

One day, I like to do a little reconfiguring upstairs here at our house. There’s not much countertop space in the current master bathroom. Just two little vanities, that sit front-to-front:


Other than those two rooms, the rest of the house is pretty much laid out the same as ours. Here are some more photos of their kitchen:

Fossil Gray Paint | Black Kitchen Cabinets | The Lettered Cottage

Galvanized Pipe Pot Holder | The Lettered Cottage

Stone Backsplash | The Lettered Cottage

Black and Gray Granite | The Lettered Cottage

Antler Door Handle | The Lettered Cottage

Phoenix Fossil Paint | Black Kitchen Cabinets 2 | The Lettered Cottage

It opens up into their living room just like ours does:

Phoenix Fossil Gray Paint | Benjamin Moore | The Lettered Cottage

Brass Deer | The Lettered Cottage

Phoenix Fossil Gray Paint | The Lettered Cottage  Chippy Paint | Armoire | The Lettered Cottage

And just like at our place, there’s a big open space between to the two rooms:

Phoenix Fossil Paint | Antler Chandelier | The Lettered Cottage

We use the space as our “dining room”, but it’s fun to see it staged as a foyer too!

Last but not least, one of my favorite things in the whole house is the laundry closet doors outside the master bedroom upstairs:

Phoenix Fossil Paint | Sliding Barn Door | The Lettered Cottage

Unless you’re talking about favorite things with tails. Then I’d choose this little fur baby:

White Toy Poodle Dog | The Lettered Cottage

Isn’t she darling?!

She and her owners are so much fun to have as neighbors, and we’re so thankful to have them next door!

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  1. Jean Murphy says

    Beautiful home, awesome photography and adorable pooch! Thanks for sharing. Your posts never disappoint!

  2. says

    I was thinking “rustic cottage farmhouse” and once those antlers started popping into the picture I knew I had the “rustic” part right! Perhaps add “lodge” to that list! I love how she mixed up the handles/knobs–so out of my element, yet I appreciate it. She shows a definate style in her home and I love that–people who have their home speak who they are and what they love!

  3. says

    Delicious! That whole home is eye candy!!! Love the colors, textures, mixed knobs. Absolutely in love with the dinning room!!!

  4. Gloria says

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and unique home! Do you know the name of the granite in the kitchen? We are building a home and I love the look of theirs.

    • Tammy Griffin says

      The Granite is Mombasa.
      It was the last slab in a bundle and was just enough for my kitchen.
      Thank you,

  5. says

    Oh my goodness! I love this house! Rustic and refined is perfect. I think my favorite is the dining room…but her dark kitchen almost makes me rethink my love of white kitchens!
    xo, Shannon

    • Layla says

      Hi Shannon! That kitchen was so much fun to hang out in the other day. Tammy is right in her element in there!

  6. Donna says

    I love the dresser with the chalkboard like front. Where did she find them? Please share. Been on the hunt for an office chest/dresser. Thanks!

    • Tammy says

      I bought the chalkboard dresser from a company at Market in Atlanta.
      The company Park Hill. So glad you like them. Thanks!

  7. says

    I love those laundry closet doors too! What a unique and lovely home – I can’t let me husband see this though, or he’ll try to convince me to put his mounted deer heads in our living room…They look great here and fit the decor perfectly, but I’m just not sure if I can commit to them in my own house!

  8. Annie says

    Just Stunning!!! I’m not one to put animal heads on my wall but if knew it would look like this, I’m in!!!

  9. Loui♥ says

    your photos of this home are awesome..!
    altho farm from my style or taste, it is a beauty
    thanks for the interesting tour..
    hugs and smiles..

  10. Dawn says


    Thanks for showing us how yor neighbor does Rustic Meets Refined. I love the screen door on the pantry and the dry stacked fireplace but most of all I love the fur baby that lives there.

  11. Robin says

    Layla, I love all the unique details! Do you happen to know where the 6 panel doors in the dining room came from? Thanks for sharing!

  12. Kristi says

    Beautiful home and tastefully decorated. Shhh…don’t tell my father and brothers I said this, but this is one example of the use of antlers and taxidermy that I actually like. :) Perfect balance.

  13. Lesley T says

    WOW, looks like a Southern Living idea house! Thanks for sharing, we all like to see what’s behind the front door of these darling houses!

    PS, I love that your floor plan already says “Kids Room”!

  14. Candice says

    Gorgeous! I just bought a ranch style home and have been thinking of doing it with this sort of rustic vibe, so this is very inspiring! I would love to get a peek at their bedrooms. Thanks for another great post. You have such creative neighbors!

  15. Ter"e Crow Lindsay says

    GULP! GULP! GULP!!!!
    i have never seen so much gray lovliness in my life. What a beautiful home.
    HOWEVER, I about fell on the floor when I viewed that kitchen. i loved the cabinetry!!!!! I have solid cherry at my house, but I wanted black. Our builder thought I was on drugs!!!!! I still want black and I want them aged!!! Did Tammy order her cabinets this way or did she have them refinished? Simply glorious!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh breathtaking!!!!!
    Loved that little puppy too. What is she? My Havanese, Charley, wants to send her a wink!
    Ter’e and Charley

  16. gayle says

    I love the mix of rustic, hunting, sophistication and style. I never thought I would like birds and animals on my walls but this is done very nicely. Happy you like your neighbors so much!

  17. says

    Please, please, please find out where her television box is hiding. If she doesn’t have one, what kind of cable system is she using. Our t.v. is over the fireplace just like hers, but we have a box. You can leave the answer in the comments. Thank you.

    • Tammy says

      I’m so glad you like them. They were finished like that at the cabinet shop.
      They are custom and I had the builder distress them for me.

  18. Lisa M says

    Love the home. Also would love to know what type of flooring they have in their home. Love. Love , Love it!!

  19. Amanda says

    What an amazing combination of elegant and outdoors…makes me want to haul our deer heads into the main part of the house!

  20. says

    I love the cotton wreath. I have never seen a cotton field, but it is on my list and I would love to have something like that for the summer around here!!
    Also love the bathroom!!

  21. Angie Perry says

    I love the photography – on every posting you guys do! Period!
    I’m a fan. Thank you. A Perry, Greensboro, NC

  22. shelby says

    love. it. all. I have a crush on the lighting over the island, Care to share where I could find them so I could be a kopy kat?

  23. Joan Pratt says

    Gorgeous home! Love the chandelier and chalk front dresser. Please tell us where they came from. Antiques?

    • Tammy says

      Chandelier came from a company I found at Market in Atlanta.
      The company is Barreveld. I was looking for a rustic look with crystals.
      The dresser came from Park Hill another company I buy props from for my catering business.

  24. says

    Wow, what a gorgeous home. Whilst there are elements that I wouldn’t use (ie. taxidermy), I just love that they have decorated it to show who they are and what they like. I love to see a bit of personality! Thanks for showing us!

  25. Suzanne says

    Any way I can get a better look at the settee in the dining room? Perhaps buying info?
    I love it!

  26. Nancy says

    What a beautiful home filled with personality. I love it when a home truly reflects who the owners are. Those are some fabulous laundry room doors! I’m curous to see what is behind them because it is easy to make your decor pretty, but it can be challenging to make something as mundane as a laundry room both functional and attractive, and a place to you don’t mind spending time in.

  27. Terri says

    ummmmm… beautiful pics… and …I’ll take one stacked stone fireplace just like that one … and one set of those gorgeous kitchen cabinets please!!! GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Julie B. [Holland] says

    What a great house, it has so many interesting things to look at. Looks really homey and lived in.

  29. Melanie says

    Once again, Layla your post rocks! Your neighbor’s house tour has given be so many great ideas for the game room re-do we emailed about. I appreciate your talent and your understanding for what your loyal followers want to read about. An interesting aside, in the photo of my game room I sent to you (very poor quality) on the table under the window you can see the very same brass deer everyone commented about wanting or finding recently! Made me laugh because I had them stored for awhile, but since brass is making a comeback they re-emerged recently!

  30. Amy Youngstrom says

    Absolutely, absolutely, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL of it!
    Thank you and your neighbor for sharing!

  31. Karen Diperi says

    Love the rustic charm…they’ve done a wonderful job, but what has me leaving a comment is their little dog. I would love it if you could ask what breed it is. A little guy that looks exactly like him showed up in our yard a few weeks ago. After 3 weeks of Craigs list and posters with no response we are thrilled to keep him and would love to know what type of dog he is.
    Thanks bunches!

  32. Mary Ann Blount says

    HI- I Love, love, love it all! Went to BM to get paint for my home and was told Phoenix Fossil, Horseradish and Bahia Grass are not their colors-probably are Pittsburg. Can you please verify. Thank you so much!

    • Amy Y. says

      I too went to BM. The only color they could find was graystone.
      Could you let us know if it may be a different paint brand. I love the wall color!
      The home is gorgeous!!!

  33. says

    Tammy: We are a home builder in Kansas and we obviously see a lot of homes…your’s is exquisite and the fit & finish appears to be phenomenal. I also have to comment about your fur baby – she’s a cutie pie! One simple itsy-bitsy question if you are able: Where did you find the tray you have on your bathroom vanity? I totally love your decor throughout your home. Blessings, ~Shelby Anne

  34. CaraRose says

    Hi Layla, thanks for giving us a peek. Tammy if your still answering questions, can you tell me where you got the cotton boll wreath from? I would even make my own if I knew where to get the bolls from.
    Your home is gorgeous, btw, ….Love it.

  35. says

    Oh, my! This is quite a style! I love it, not even the stuffed animals on the walls could put me off and that is something to say:) The kitchen is by far my most favorite part of the house with that amazing antique looking kitchen counter. Not to mention the illusory door painting. So inspiring!

  36. says

    I love this house! I’m not a huge fan of deer heads and stuff but I will admit I have some in my house because it is smoothing my husband is passionate about and, hey, he lives here, too. I’m wondering about how you shoot the pictures of the homes? Do you use a tripod and typically what settings do you use? I’m trying to improve my skills!

  37. Christine miller says

    Please tell me the brand/color of paint used in the rustic refined kitchen…it appears to be a grayish greenish blueish color. LOVE IT! Also, can you please tell me where to get those kitchen pendant lights in the rustic refined kitchen photo. I’m in the middle of remodeling my kitchen and love these choices.

    Thank you,
    Christine ;)

  38. Christine miller says

    I do apologize….read further and saw the comments about the pendant lights and paint. Has anyone found out if it was Pittsburgh color and mixed at BM?

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