Rustic and Modern

Remember that Simple With A Hearty Side Of Significant post I published last month? If so, you probably remember that cute little boy that found the notepad I hid over by the gazebo.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.16.34 AM

His name is Mikey, and Kevin and I had the opportunity to visit him and his house the other day.


He and his mom and dad, Traci and Mike, live just around the corner from us, and I’ve been dying to get in there and see the place ever since we moved here! (Confession: I have craned my neck many-a-night while driving past their house because if the shades are up and the lights are on and you’ve got a chandelier made out of driftwood, I’m lookin’!)


Traci and Mike started building their house in the Fall of 2011, and when it came time to start picking out interior colors, finishes, and decor- they had to really put their heads together. Why? Mike loves rustic, and Traci loves modern. Totally opposite styles, but boy did they do a great job blending them together! For every slick surface, there’s a textural one. Where there are neutrals, there are also vibrants. Curves and geometrics get along great in every room, and equal parts whimsy and worldly make for one truly inspired home.


The gray-colored paint you see on all the doors and trim is a Sherwin Williams color called Dovetail.




One of my favorite ‘little things’ in their kitchen is the small dachshund figurine that looks just like their real dachshund, Bo Jackson…


…and this next photo shows what I’ve been craning my neck so hard to see:


(Note to Traci and Mike if you are reading: I hope I am not freaking you out! I promise I will quit craning now- ha!) #maybe



We headed upstairs after we were finished taking pictures of the kitchen and living room. Check out the cool railing they had made for their stairwell:


Their master bedroom is sunken, which made it feel even more retreat-like…



Rustic meets modern in this room, too. A branch lamp- painted silver, a bright yellow pillow- that features the silhouette of a bird, and a shiny bedspread, topped with a furry throw are just a few of the ways they fused their styles…


The master bathroom is through a set of small doors, opposite the bed:


There isn’t as much rustic going on in this room, but wow is there a whole lot of fabulous! Check it out:


Mike said most of the tile came from Lowes, and Traci told me the light fixtures were ordered by a local interior designer friend of theirs.




There are several more beautiful rooms in Mike and Traci’s home, but we didn’t want to get too snap-happy, or overstay our welcome. I mean, we’re not house stalkers or anything like that. *ahem*


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  1. Heather Parrish says

    I am loving so many things about this place, but one of my fav’s is the turquoise horse!!! This post, as usual, is full of sunshine on dreary day! Love it & you!

  2. says

    Wow wow wow! That is a seriously cool house! Love the kitchen and the master bath especially, and all the wood plank walls!

  3. Deidra D says

    They have a great home!! The picture of the marble tile on the master bathroom sink is exactly the inspiration I needed to see! My guy was a motorcross racer throughout his teens and his parents still have all of his trophies! I was at their home a few weeks ago and noticed that all of his trophies (still there 20 years later, haha) have real marble bases. I thought there has to be a way to re-use and repurpose those trophy bases! I want to take the base from the trophy (which does have a hole drilled through the center), and somehow have them cut down to tile a sink. I now have the “picture” that was in my head!

  4. Kelly says

    Beautiful decor! I saw a lot of quattrefoils through Traci’s design. I am a Phi Mu sorority alumna and that is our shape of our badge…I am loving how that shape has become popular in the design world lately.

  5. says

    What a treat! I can imagine that light fixture made you want to get inside to see more. I’m sure glad you did. I really enjoyed seeing how they blended everything so well.

    • Amy says

      So did you figure out where they got the driftwood chandelier? Something like that would look great in my dining-room-turned-office!

      • Angie says

        Amy, I live in Canada. We have Homesense here, which is equivalent to HomeGoods in the states. Right now, Homesense has huge driftwood balls that could easily be turned into a hanging lamp with a pendant light kit. I saw it today and immediately thought of this post and how I wanted to make one. Im mad at myself for not picking one up for only $35! I might have to head back in the next day or two. Maybe check out Homegoods and see if they have any!

  6. DJ says

    Traci and Mike, your house is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it with us. And Layla, your photos are beautiful. How wonderful to have such great and talented neighbors!

  7. Rochelle says

    This home reminds me of the Hiya Papaya house that House of Turquoise featured a while back! Just gorgeous!!

  8. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    I have one thing to say!
    STALK THIS DANG HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW, it took my breath.
    I’m thinking my house is lookin kinda cute…….and then THIS POST came along.
    Holy GUACamole!!!!!!!
    I need a glass of wine……………………………………………………………………..

  9. Kim A says

    Would love to know the paint color of their door. It is so hard to find a nice mellow yellow (no pun intented).

  10. says

    I am in awe. Their style is beautiful! I am taking so much away from this post. My husband is a hunter and I am in a house full of boys, so this is a great balance of feminine and masculine.

  11. says

    Wow! Thanks for the glimpse inside this lovely home. I want to live in your neighborhood.
    I was not even finished reading your post when my husband walked in to ask if I wanted to go with him to Lowe’s. I think I startled him a little when I jumped up and said yes I do! I need yellow paint for the kitchen chairs. I seriously got right up and went to buy paint. Back home and armed with yellow paint, I had to finish the tour ; ) Now I can’t wait to see more.

  12. Cathy Chavis says

    Wow – an amazing house! I live in the neighborhood and have been in love with the yellow door. I knew the interior would be fabulous!

  13. debbie r says

    u do the “not stalking” and take the pics and i will “not stalk” every picture you post by looking and drooling over them.

  14. says

    You were cracking me up with your comment about the chandelier, lights on..too funny! I also, would love, love to peek at many peoples homes. The area you live is too cute! I love all the cottagy homes. And that post office! Anyway, the homeowners did an AMAZING job! Oh my goodness-I have never liked modern but this is beautiful!!! Thanks to your neighbor’s for letting you be a “lights on, lookin’ in the window, kinda stalker, Layla”!

  15. Brooke says

    I was sold before “we” even made it through the front door… I’m beginning to think that the internet is actually going to make it harder when we start building our house! #toomanyfabideas

  16. Liz VanKirk says

    Beautiful home. I love the gray & white but do wish some of the photos were bigger. Esp. in the kitchen. Hopefully we will get to see more!


  17. Corrie says

    Beautiful house, thank you so much “neighbors” for sharing. I would love to know where they bought the bed spread on their master bed.

    • Layla says

      Hi Corrie! Traci said she got it through her designer friend, but that she saw a similar one at Target not long ago! :-)

  18. says

    Okay…I’ve just gotta know – is that planking really old wood, or did they do all the “distressing” themselves???
    Leah: )
    P.S. Looking forward to seeing your bathroom re-do!!

    • Mike says

      Hello all! I’m Mike, the homeowner. I have really enjoyed reading all of your comments. Certainly makes Traci and I feel good that so many of you like our home. Thanks to Layla and Kevin for featuring it also. The photos are fantastic. To answer the question about the wood walls, the wood is approximately 100 years old. It came from the old Micolas Textile Mill in Opp, Alabama that was torn down not too long ago. All of the distressed look is completely natural. Some old roofing tar stains, old paint, and natural weathering all can be seen along with plenty of old knots. Glad you like it!

      • Jan says

        Mike!! It’s your cousin, Jan Kelly Wright. I’ve followed this blog for a long time and when I saw your picture, I recognized you right away. It’s been a long time! You have a beautiful family and your home is stunning. We need a reunion! I’m one of Uncle Ralph’s girls, by the way.

      • Patti says

        Hi Mike,
        Do you know if they have any of the wood from the Textile Mill left? We are building a house in Birmingham and I would love to use some of this wood. Can I ask who you purchased it from? You can send me an email at pattila27 (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

        • Traci Kelley says

          My father in law purchased the wood a few years ago from an auction in Opp and it has been sitting in their pasture since then. I know he didn’t buy it all, but I have no idea if there is any left. I’m sorry.

  19. says

    I’m so impressed by their design and decorating. I love the gray’s and white’s with the pops of color. It looks like such a relaxing place.

  20. Sueody says

    Any chance you can get them to tell you what the tile around the fireplace/TV is? I’ve looked at Lowe’s and I don’t remember seeing this. I’ve been trying to do this in our master and can’t seem to find anything like it.

    • Traci Kelley says

      I went on a tile mission for months! I wanted the perfect clear tiles with a bit of shimmer, but not too purple-y. I finally found them and believe it or not, they were cheaper than all others I had found. they are:Jeffrey Court Raindrops II Glass Dots Pattern – Glacier Bay (color) 3/4 x 3/4. These were not bought at Lowes, but at a local tile shop. I did find them online a few minutes ago, so you can still get them. They really pick up the light without having too much shimmering colors (purple, orange, green, etc)..if that makes sense… :-)

  21. Cyndi says

    I would love to know what color paint the yellow on the chairs is…and the wall color. I really love these colors and I think they are the two that I have been looking for for my kitchen…but I can’t find that quite right blend of soft and sunshine, this looks to be it. Please if you wouldn’t mind.

    • Traci Kelley says

      the soft yellow on the exterior doors is Martha Stewart – Rattan
      the bright yellow on the chairs is a Glidden Gloss and here is what is on the paint can b/c I think it was custom mixed. maybe this will make sense to the paint people.
      Glidden – Bright Gold BMC
      CLRNT OZ 384th
      AX 6 – 13
      C 1 – 66
      E 0 – 48
      KX 3 – 156

  22. says

    Wow, I love that double story front porch! Gorgeous.

    Also, the planks for the hallway. Its great because it recycles old wood, while looking totally pretty in a normally empty space.

    Beautiful house! The owner did a great job. <3

    • traci kelley says

      curtains were custom made through LeeAnn Interiors. they are a combination of the yellow fabric underneath and the overlay has the sheer panels to allow the yellow to peek through.

  23. Traci Kelley says

    hey everyone,
    this is Traci. Like Mike said, we are humbled by your responses and have been so excited to read all the kind words. We will try to reply to each of you with questions answer each question that we can.
    Thanks again!

    • ileana says

      Traci, you are so gracious in sharing your home and then answering all of our questions! Thank you. It is beautiful! Just wondering if dovetail is the gray you used outdoors as well – I am looking for a gray to do outdoors. Thanks for your time.


  24. says

    Seriously love this house! Me and my husband are thinking of building a 2 story porched house in NC and I would love to see more pictures of the outside or know who the architect is. Gosh! It is a beauty!

    • traci kelley says

      the home was drawn up by Steve Thrash, of Custom Home Design in Prattville, AL. He drew up most of the homes here and Im sure he has a website that you can google. He was awesome to work with. We would be happy to share more exterior pictures if you wish. My email address is traci.kelley34 (at) gmail (dot) com. If you are interested, email me and when the weather is pretty, I could take a few more and email them to you.

  25. says

    I think this kind of design is what inspires people to write and blog and decorate…it’s art as well as home decor…just beautiful. The muted paint colors, pops of color and rustic/modern feel of their home is really breathtaking. Love,

  26. Julie B. [Holland] says

    If someone might be able to give me a hint on why my name and email are not staying in their place on the blog can you please let me know? Ive followd The Lettered Cottage for yeas and last week I noticed my name and address were no longer in the right space in the comment section. As you can tell Im too techy. I asked Lalya and she didnt know either… thanks !

    • traci kelley says

      the exterior pain colors are as follows:
      the gray is Dovetail by Benjamin Moore
      the yellow is rattan by Martha Setwart
      the white is Pearly White by B. Moore

      • Courtney says

        Hi Traci,

        Can you please clarify the exterior paint color? I can’t seem to find any Benjamin Moore paint or stain called “dovetail.” There is a Sherwin Williams paint color called “dovetail.” However, that looks like a much darker gray than the one on this house.

        I have to provide my final exterior siding color to my painters first thing Monday morning and I’d love to replicate this color. Can you please help me? Otherwise, I’ll be agonizing over this color thing without much sleep.


  27. Bree C says

    I don’t think I’ve been as inspired by a hour tour anywhere on the internet in a long time. This is really perfection and everything that I would love to achieve in a home one day. Our house is currently very rustic but both my husband and I would love to be able to add in the modern, I just really don’t know how to blend the two. It’s a tricky line to walk. You two have done an amazing job!

  28. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Is there any chance of “us” hearing how Traci and Mike did their planky wall???? This multi-color workmanship would better suit my home.
    I would be so appreciative…….(and yes, I have re-read this post 40 times)
    Thanks, of course!!!,

    • traci kelley says

      when we received the wood planks, some had been sitting out in the weather for a while, so they had naturally grayed look. the planks were about 3 inches thick, so we had a lumber company split them twice, so we got 3 boards out of 1. once they were split, some were exterior boards with old paint, some were the grayed out boards, and some were the natural wood color from being part of the interior 3 inch board. we then hired a “trim” guy to cover the studs with a black felt fabric (so that the studs would be hidden if there were any cracks) and attach the boards with an airstaple gun. we asked the trim guy to mix up the boards so that as few of the “like” boards were touching as possible.

  29. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    OK, I have the perfect solution here.
    Layla, is there an empty house in your neighborhood? Perhaps we could open it up to a. B&B for a week. I Would volunteer cooking breakfast. Hey, this CA girl can cook grits!!!!!
    Then you and Traci could run a little workshop!!!! LOL.
    Problem solved.
    Why do I think you and Traci will be major trouble when it comes to sharing decorating ideas? LOL

  30. SheilaE says

    Wow! Gorgeous home! The homeowners are so nice to share all their info with readers. If I got inside that home, you’d have to drag me out kicking and screaming, LOL. More pics in the future hopefully?

  31. says

    Love, Love, Love this house! So calming and warm while keeping a sleek, modern look. The combination is amazing. And the driftwood chandelier – I would have been wanting to peek too : )

  32. says

    OH wow! I’d have looked too!! Love it!
    (also wanted ya’ll to know I’ve been thinking & praying for ya’ll on the adoption!)

  33. Casie says

    This house is absolute perfection!! I can’t pick just one favorite, but that plank wall pretty much has my whole heart! The master bedroom and bath are to die for. Such a beautiful and gorgeous house. I would never want to leave.

  34. Lisa says

    I adore the house. And when I saw their kitchen table I almost tried to jump through the computer screen. I’ve been looking for a table just like that for sooooooo long. Please, could you tell me where it’s from?
    Thank you! Best wishes.

    • traci kelley says

      LeeAnn Turner, a local interior designer, ordered the table for us. I would be happy to give you her contact information, if you are interested.

  35. Lisa W. says

    Awesome…thanks for letting them share guys. There little guy is ADORABLE, And their Bo Jackson is WAY cute,,, kinda sorta partial to those dashounds…I have a little lady named Gabbi and we love her to pieces too! There house is gorgous!

    • traci kelley says

      the railing was made by a local company, Diversified Steel Fabrications, in Wetumpka. We wanted a non-wood railing and our builder suggested this company. this is basically an “industrial” railing or an “outdoor” railing. they had a pattern book and we combined the patterned rail with the plain rails. they then welded it all together and had it painted with a high gloss black paint.

  36. Dawn says

    Mike and Traci’s house infusion is awesome! I love how they intermingled the two! Great job you guys and thanks for sharing!

  37. says

    So… Is there a little town down there where interior designers live? Or is it Magazine Stylistville? Insanely gorgeous!!

  38. Nicole says

    Fabulous blend of styles! I think you and Kevin have truly found your “home” in a town with style everywhere you look. What nice neighbors to allow you to share with us!

  39. Cher says

    I Love Everything about this house! I am especially dying over the coffee table. Can you please tell me where you got that. It is fantastic. You style is amazeballs!

    • Traci Kelley says

      The coffee table was purchased from LeeAnns as well. It looks like a hay trough turned upside down. I’m sure a similar one could be made.

  40. Jhoanna says

    OMG! I love everything about your house. I want my house to look and feel like yours.
    What material did you use on your fireplace? And can you post more detail pictures?

    • Traci Kelley says

      The fireplace materials are posted above. I would repost, but I’m on my phone and you know how much of a pain that is.

  41. Sherry w. says

    Traci thank you for sharing your beautiful home. Is that a dog bowl in the kitchen island? Love that idea!!
    I have too many questions so I’ll ask just a few. What are your kitchen counters?
    I’m also loving your floors too. Can you tell me what your wood floors are? oh and your bathroom sink is amazing. What can you share about the sink? Thank you thank you.

    • Traci Kelley says

      Yes, that is built in dog bowls for Bo Jackson. We knew that with our last houses we never had a good place for them so that they were out of the way, but still convenient.

      The countertops are Caesar Stone. I am obsessed with Jeff Lewis (who is an interior designer on Bravo) and I always said that I wanted this material bc it looked so modern and was so durable.

      The floors were an unfinished hardwood that were gray washed with a gray stain instead of the usual browns.

      The bathroom sinks were an online find. To be honest, they are not deep enough and do not have the drainage hole to prevent overflows. I like the look, but I wouldn’t purchase that particular one again. Live and learn.

      • Sherry w. says

        Thank you for your reply Traci. Good to know about the sinks. We built a home 2 years ago so I know what you mean about live and learn. We are planning to build again and I would love to put in the Caesarstone counters. I hope they are as durable as they are beautiful.

        • Traci Kelley says

          yes, the Ceasar Stone is very durable. It is heat and stain resistant and does not have to be sealed. I have really loved it!

  42. Amy says

    Your kitchen (and the whole house) is fabulous! The chairs are fun and classic – would you mind sharing where you purchased them?

    • Traci kelley says

      The chairs were painted that color. They were purchased, I believe, at a secondhand shop. I had a guy that has a paint booth, spray paint them several times and clear coat them really thick.

  43. cathi coutu says

    I keep coming back to look at these pictures…Never knew I was drawn to this style, but it has me caught under it’s spell. Thank you so much for sharing these photos and thanks so much to your friends for letting us into their home!!

  44. Kana/Ga says

    Stunning interior! Thanks for sharing. Would love info on ss tiles behind stove in kitchen.

      • Allie says

        Hi Traci and Mike! Beyond beautiful!

        I don’t see anybody asking about those gorgeous silver-gray wooden floors. Were they stained afterwards or pre-finished? If stained would you mind sharing the stain colour? I LOVE THEM!

        • Traci Kelley says

          yes, they were installed unfinished and were stained after they were installed. I will see if I can find out the exact color and post it as well. The gray has been awesome because it does not show dirt or dust like a dark brown does. :-)

  45. says

    Traci–What I’m dying to know about are the double doors in the master bedroom. Do you know how wide the doors are? I’m wondering if I could use 30″ bifold doors, remove the hardware and attach them to the door way to make double doors. They are just gorgeous and would look great going in to my closet and bathroom.

    • Traci Kelley says

      Thank you! the door opening is a standard size, we just chose the double doors. I am almost positive that you can get them like that as well. we purchased them from a local vendor and I do not think they had to be special made.

  46. says

    Such a gorgeous home! We have been planning our own custom build for about 3 years so I know how much hard work goes into picking all these gorgeous details – great work guys!

    Traci, if you don’t mind answering even another question – where did you get your gorgeous front doors & windows? I’m trying to nail down some door decisions and yours are so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing all your info with everyone :)

    • traci kelley says

      honestly, I do not even remember picking out any door or windows. All of the homes in our neighborhood have a certain “look” and all I told my builder was that I wanted the outside doors to be 3/4 glass. I’m sorry, I know thats not much help. :-(

  47. Lisa says

    Yes, please. I would be interested in following up with your designer regarding the kitchen table. However, I need a table top that is 42″ (plus or minus 2 inches), because that’s all my nook with fit. So, if your table is in that range, I would be very grateful for further information!
    Thank you

  48. says

    I love the reoccuring themes of the gray and yellow AND the driftwood/reclaimed boards that are on the walls! I love the idea of using the horizontal boards like a wainscotting or even like a wallpaper and cover the entire wall! What a cool touch, and I must say that they created a unique and interesting blend!

  49. crina says

    Hi Traci, what a great home you have!!! Did you get a chance to find out about the color you used for the wooden floors? I am in the process of adding mine and would love that color!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!:)

    • traci kelley says

      the gray was a custom mixed color, I’m sorry. We had a few samples mixed and picked the one that best matched our trim, but still allowed the natural wood grain to show through.

  50. Em says

    Hi guys! Traci, since I see you’re responding to everyone’s questions, where did you find your bed?? I’ve been on a hunt for a great upholstered headboard and love that the nailhead trim is silver instead of bronze. Thanks so much in advance! And thanks for sharing your beautiful home!

    • Mike Kelley says

      That’s another element that was custom made. We got that through our designer, Leeann Turner. Not sure where she ordered it from but I think it came from somewhere in the Carolinas.

  51. Beth F. says

    thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home with all of us – friends helping friends! when we built our house a few years ago there was a lot of compromise bandied about between my husband and myself which included the kitchen cabinets. i wanted an aged white look and he wanted natural cherry. needless to say he won out…now, i want to paint them! you have given me the inspiration to start the conversation! thanks!!

  52. says

    Just loving these images! Seems our taste is very similar. Curious to know what the color/brand of white is used on the walls?

  53. Tara DV says

    Can you tell me more about the gray wood floors? It’s what we are picking out for our new house and I would love to know what the brand and color is. The house is gorgeous!

    • Layla says

      Hey Tara! :-)

      Traci talked a little bit about the flooring in one of her comments above if you’d like to scroll up and check that out. She mentioned it was a custom-mixed shade of gray, and I agree with you- it looks so pretty! :-D

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