Ruff and Tumble

Most of the time, Max and Kit-Cat just lounge around the house…

But lately, they’ve started to meet up for body slamming sessions between naps…

(click the play button to watch the completely quiet/action-packed video below)

I guess this means Max is over the whole, “who is this weird little dude and why is he in my house?” thing.


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  1. kelley wendt says

    That is so freakin cute!! And to think you were going to give Kit-Cat away because you thought they wouldn’t get along:) what a great pair!

  2. Susan Bush says

    So cute …was surprised they weren’t barking or meowing at each other….looks like they were enjoying much needed playtime…..priceless…love moments like that…..

  3. says

    Hi Layla-

    Cuter, Cute, Cute XOXO. I have s similar scenario going on at my house. New dog, Kindii that my daughter just brought back with her from Africa and the existing cat, Trax, that she brought home when she graduated from college- are ruff and tumble all day. They became buddies after about 2 weeks. Kindii had to go to the vet overnight and Trax has been looking for her all day. Pets are precious. XO

  4. says

    Oh little doggie, just wait until that kitty is bigger than you! ;) Our dogs love to play like that too, it’s cute to watch. I’m glad Max and Kit-cat have come to be friends. :)

  5. Sheila says

    I think we’re seeing the beginnings of a life long friendship!!!! Our cats and dogs have always been friends in the same playful way! I enjoyed watching Kit-Cat and Max’s gentle play!

  6. Linda says

    They are soooo cute. They look like they’re getting along. We had a cat first, then the dog. They didn’t get along. It was like the wild kingdom!

  7. says

    I love to see a dog and cat together! I used to have a black lab and an orange domestic cat. I called them my Halloween duo. They took awhile to get used to each other, but once they did, the cat would curl up against the dog’s belly on the dog bed. So sweet.

  8. says

    Brought a bit of a tear to my eye. Your kitty looks like the kitten I had for a few weeks when I was in 4th grade. We had to give her away but she went to a great home on a farm (for real, he was my old bus driver, not that farm parents tell kids about!) ;-) Your pup reminds me of our girl who was a toy fox terrier but was always mistaken for a chihuahua. She and my mom’s dog used to play like that. Thanks for posting!

  9. says

    Glad to see Kit-Cat’s leg is A-ok! I have a 13 year old Diva Lhasa, and a 2 year old cat. Both are rescues from the clinic, and I wasn’t sure how my cranky pants dog would take to a young, and badly injured kitty. I’m happy to report they’re best buds and often can be seen playing and frolicing just like your two cuties =) I love interspecies playtime!

  10. says

    Is it weird that I could have watched another 10 minutes of that? They were so quiet! I thought Max might bark or something–it was too funny! Love seeing them together.

  11. Nancy says

    I can see them each thinking “He’s ok, but he doesn’t quite know how to play like a cat/dog.”

    • amanda says

      lol-so cute. my 5 yr old loved watching and was giggling. i kept hoping you’d pan up to get a video glimpse of the kitchen though…have you thought about a video tour of the house? {hint} :)

  12. Andrea says

    How cute! So happy you could keep Kit-Cat…he is adorable! We rescued a tuxedo kittie from our neighborhood last Jan. to keep him from becoming a catsicle. We were going to put him up for adoption, as we had 3 cats of our own. He was injured and a mess. We had to keep him after investing love and time( not to mention money!). He is huge and makes us laugh. Glad Max has adjusted!!

  13. jewelsiek says

    my critters do the same! however, it is a 32 lb beagle versus a siamese cat so there is so much more damage…but the hilarity is definitely there!

  14. Lisa says

    So thrilled to see they’re getting along! When you originally posted that you were trying to find a home for Kit-Cat, I wanted to adopt him so badly, but we live in California, so that wasn’t going to happen. But we did go to the local shelter and adopt a 6 month-old tuxedo that week, and he’s been a delight! Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Sharyl says

    Hi! We have a chihuahua-Keta and we have a new kitty that found us–pretty much the same lost and found way–his name is Ricky..the two of them are best of friends and definite WWE partners. Then after they are done….Ricky the cat washed Keta up…and takes a nap on him! LOL Thanks for shareing…it is the simple things that really are cute.

  16. Maggie says

    Awwww they LOVE each other. That video is the cutest thing. I am so happy you rescued and then keep Kit-Cat for your own. He is going to have a much loved life with Max and your family.

  17. Diane Stringham says

    So sweet! I love it that Kit-Cat keeps his claws in and Max doesn’t bark while playing. That’s a great sign of their friendship. Best buddies.

  18. Courtney H. says

    This is absolutely precious! I’m so glad you two rescued Kit-Cat. We live in Alabaster, AL, and I was definitely doing some heavy consideration if you couldn’t find a home for him. I was wondering something though. I have two small black pups (Jack & Charlie). I absolutely love your house, and how all the white makes things seem more open. How in the world do you combat all the black pet hair? It’s the only thing keeping me away from all the beautiful white!

    • Layla says

      Hey Courtney!
      We’ve actually been pretty lucky with pets that don’t seem to shed a whole lot, and the only white fabric we have is on the bed in the reading room. Everything else is pretty colorful or earth-toned…perfect for furkids! :-D

  19. Beverly Palmer says

    Just proves to show you that sometimes EVERYONE resists the very thing that we NEED the most!

  20. bernice says

    What a joy to your family and for them! Thanks for posting this, brought a smile to many of us!

  21. says

    KC is such the panther! Ours do that too though much louder and it usually ends in a reenactment of the Indy500 around the house.

  22. Lin says

    They are just too precious and Kit-Cat is the prettiest little cat I have seen with his white little mouth and chest!

  23. carol ann says

    how you filmed that without laughing on the tape is amazing… i was laughing with tears… fur babies are the best! x

  24. Melanie says

    LOVE it!! I love watching animals interact in play. Those two little kids are SO CUTE!! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Louise says

    Doesn’t that make you feel so happy that you took in Kit-Cat! What a sweet little family of pets you have!

  26. Nelson's Mama says

    They are so sweet – I love the friendships between cats and dogs!

    We have a shih tzu and a tonkinsese that play like that too, but it’s like they don’t want anyone to see them! I keep trying to capture them with my camera but always fail ):

  27. says

    Just watch Kit-Cat’s tail twitch and listen to Max’s nails on the floor…Classic….”One, Two, Three, Four…I declare a “paw” war!”

    Happy Holidays!!!

  28. Sherry Ann says

    PRECIOUS ! See, it all worked out ! You saved a furry life and all is harmoneous ! ! ! Well done!

  29. Michelle says

    Sooo great they are getting along and that you were able to keep Kit-Cat. He is beautiful and very healthy looking. Adorable pair together :)

  30. Melissa says

    Love the way Kit-Cat walks backwards near the end and does the double chest pump all, “Wait … WHAT?!?”

  31. Reenie says

    Oh how cute! I knew they would become friends ….. in time. Love the way Kit-Cat goes and lays down on the rug ~ too cute! I haven’t checked your blog for some time, but I guess that Kit-Cat is a permanent resident of your home?

  32. says

    My dog and cat rough and tumble a lot! And despite the fact that Ava (who is a 40 lb husky mix) is about 3x bigger than Leota (my 8lb fluffy cat) Leota usually puts up a good fight! I know Ava does it for fun, I’m not sure if Leota is doing it for fun or out of pure distaste for the dog who came to stay 2 years ago.

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