Ruff and Tumble

Most of the time, Max and Kit-Cat just lounge around the house…

But lately, they’ve started to meet up for body slamming sessions between naps…

(click the play button to watch the completely quiet/action-packed video below)

I guess this means Max is over the whole, “who is this weird little dude and why is he in my house?” thing.


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  1. says

    My dog and cat rough and tumble a lot! And despite the fact that Ava (who is a 40 lb husky mix) is about 3x bigger than Leota (my 8lb fluffy cat) Leota usually puts up a good fight! I know Ava does it for fun, I’m not sure if Leota is doing it for fun or out of pure distaste for the dog who came to stay 2 years ago.

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