Rosemary Gallery (Kitchen Island Color)

I think I may have it figured out…the kitchen island color, I mean. :-)

Remember when I blogged about all those samples colors I was checking out? Well, after I published that post, I pulled a Reese’s and mixed my chocolate with my peanut butter Rosemary with my Gallery Green.  😀

I poured equals parts of each into a punch cup and dubbed it Rosemary Gallery.

Rosemary Gallery | Green Paint Color | Kitchen | The Lettered Cottage

I slapped some of it onto one of the drawer fronts, and some of it smack dab in the middle of all the other colors I sampled last week:

Rosemary Gallery | Sherwin Williams | Custom Color | The Lettered Cottage | Kitchen Island

I think I sorta love it. :-)

Rosemary Gallery | Paint Color | Gabardine | Sherwin Williams | Martha Stewart Living | Home Depot

Especially paired with white. So farmhouse fresh, right?! 😀

We’ve had our hearts set on (eventually) installing some kind of ming green and thassos white mosaic tile on our backsplash, so I snapped this next pic (with my cell phone) just to see what my Rosemary Gallery looked like with that kind of tile:

Ming Green and Thassos White Flower Tile | Rosemary Gallery Custom Paint Color | The Lettered Cottage

(ming green/thassos white flower tile)

I received that sample from a vendor a couple of years ago, and even though we probably won’t use that particular tile, I reeeeeeally love how all of those colors/elements play together! (The Frosty Carrina quartz countertop sample included!)

Another kind vendor is sending me some more ming/thassos tile samples next week, so hopefully they’ll get along just as nicely with my Rosemary Gallery as the flower tile above does. If not, I’ll just pull out another punch cup- LOL! That’s what they’re for, right? 😉 #I’mAPainter #NotAPuncher

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  1. Sherry @ The Impatient Remodel says

    That colour is gorgeous!! I would love to do that to our kitchen too. But until one day we decide to rip it all out, that wont happen :(
    The previous owner put in a brand new kitchen (dark espresso) and I painted it white. But the back splash and tile floor make it hard to change other things :(

  2. Linda Sherman says

    Love the green you came up with! I’m a lover of colors and favor my greens for sure. Can’t wait to see everything finished. Keep us posted.

  3. Kimberly Timms says

    I wish I could post a pic here. I looked at that exact color for my island. My countertop is very similar to yours. I actually used that green on my front door. I ended up with Benjamin Moore Waterfall on the island. White Dove for perimeter cabinets. I love it. I am partial to blue tones. How do I post pics here?

  4. Amy@TheBlissfulBee says

    Such an unexpected choice but I LOVE it!!! Can’t wait to see it all come together:):) xo, amy

    • Layla says

      I LOVE Stratton Blue, Karen! 😀 It’s definitely more “minty”, whereas my Rosemary Gallery is more “grassy”, but I bet they’d look good together, too!!!

  5. Vicki says

    You always find the best materials! I hope that flower tile pattern is available for you in some shape, it’s fabulous!!

  6. Emily says

    I love Rosemary! And Garbadine! Both colors are used in Erika Powell’s home, owner of Urban Grace Interiors. I’ve always admired those colors and wanted to incorporate in my own house. Might have to try!

  7. joanfoster says

    I am smitten by the studio kitchen on the Food Network program called The Kitchen. The Rosemary Gallery nails it!

    Please share the formula

  8. shar y says

    That color is gorgeous! I bet it will go with many other colors and accents but it especially looks good with white! Love the name you gave it, too!

  9. carol jane says

    Its a beautiful color, however, If I were you I would do a more neural color, especially on those large surfaces, that cant be changed very often. You will be stuck with that color, and it will be difficult to change out your accessories. When I moved in to a brand new home 16 years ago. I made the awful mistake of doing my counter tops in a green, not that exact color, but similar..Its only a formica, but i havnt had the funds to change it yet. I want to get rid of it soooooo badly, to a white or light gray. That way I will be able to change out colors of accessories. Just make sure that you really love it before doing all that work.

    • Layla says

      Oh, the Rosemary Gallery would just be the paint color on our island, Carol Jane! 😀 Our countertops will definitely be neutral (like the countertop sample pictured). If I ever tire of the paint color on the island, I’ll just paint over it. #IAmPainter #HearMeRepaint 😉

  10. Dawn says

    Oh Layla,
    I just love the Rosemary Gallery color you created! You can’t go wrong with green and it seems like the perfect, custom color for your island! I can’t wait to see what else yo do! Thanks for sharing.

  11. susan says

    Love your new green you created, but I wonder—shouldn’t your cabinet color relate to your counter top? I keep reading about this on other color blogs. Love the flower tiles, too!

    • Layla says

      Hi Susan!

      I don’t think there’s a rule about your counter relating to your cabinets, and it seems like most of my favorite kitchens having contrasting counters, so we’re excited to go in that direction! 😀

  12. Susie Q says

    I love the green you mixed. It brings nature inside. I do have a question on painting cabinets. How do prevent blistering and peeling and chipping?

  13. says

    It’s awesome. Love it–even love that particular tile, but I’m sure whatever you choose will be even better.

  14. Lauri Mcintosh says

    Love the color you created. I was at Home Depot recently and they had a sample kitchen with cabinets ver similar to that color. Although I loved it, I’d be way too chicken to do it. I’d do an island like you’re doing, though. Keep insipiring us! Wish you lived in California!

  15. says


  16. says

    Love that color mixture – that’s how I roll too – I just couldn’t find a color of blue I loved on one wall in my studio so mixed five leftovers and it was perfect LOL

  17. Marianne in Mo. says

    Perfection! Wish I could paint mine, I have those cabinets that have a “baked on” paint, and you can’t paint over them. Love the remix!

  18. Cori says

    I painted my cabinets this color and I love it………I have white marble counters and very long silver hardware. Looks great

  19. says

    I love that color! I had originally been excited about the other color you had picked out, but I love this one more:)

    • Layla says

      Well, technically I hadn’t really picked out another color, but hopefully this one will be a keeper! 😀

  20. Sian says

    LOVE the new mix! Goes beautifully with the white counter option and especially well with the green name tabs on the wire baskets on your wall – well done!

  21. Maria from Oz says

    LOVE! You have a winner on that colour! Yep, I preferred Rosemary first time round but now you have mixed those colours, THAT new colour is the BEST! Subtle yet a statement! Wonderful idea to mix the colours, Layla!

  22. Maryjane from Manitoba, Canada says

    You are brilliant Layla! Way to think outside the box honey! You rock!
    I love the Rosemary gallery!!!! So pretty.

    from Manitoba

  23. christine says

    Oh geez…I just saw that you provided a link to that tile…Sorry!! Thanks for the link :)

  24. says

    That green is so pretty! Much happier than straight Rosemary, which I think is too dark/gray. I can’t wait to see your kitchen come together. We are starting to talk about a kitchen overhaul, and it is so exciting (and a little scary). :)

  25. Jenn B says

    I love it all, Layla! I am especially jealous that you have a FC sample! How did you get it? I have checked the caesarstone site several times and it doesn’t list a showroom in montgomery (or b-ham) that carries FC. I am dying to see in person bc we are about to build in Pike Road and I want to start making decisions soon. I need to know your secret 😉 Thanks!

      • Jenn B says

        Yay! thanks so much!!! Now I know better than to trust the website. I should have called a few of the dealers before giving up. We are super excited about moving. I hate I missed the tshirt sale but if there are extras I would love to buy one and I would be glad to help with packing and shipping process if you need extra hands!!! 😉 Just let me know! Im headed to get a FC sample soon. Thanks again!!!

  26. says

    I LOVE that green! It’s so bold yet homey feeling!! Where is your hanging wire basket from? I could totally use one of those!!

  27. Beth says

    My husband is going to hate this post. I am constantly mixing up different paint colors to make my own “custom” paint colors, and he thinks that I am a goof ball. Whenever I see some of my favorite designers doing the same thing, I always point it out to him. “Look, Layla mixes her own paint, too.” HA HA. :)
    I love the Rosemary Gallery color you created. It is a perfect mix of the two.
    Also, I LOVE the flower backsplash. We will be replacing our kitchen backsplash next spring, and the green flower is in the running. Of course, like you, I think I have finally decided what I want, and then the next minute, I change my mind. :)
    Can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out. I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  28. Cathy says

    I love how your kitchen is coming together Layla, you have inspired me to take the plunge this summer and get rid of my orangy cabinets. I am tempted to submit my kitchen for a Pick my Presto, to get your advise! Can I ask what sheen you are using for the island paint? Is it semi gloss? I have a huge island and don’t want it to look too shinny. Love the sheen your using, it is perfect!