Rosemary Gallery (Kitchen Island Color)

I think I may have it figured out…the kitchen island color, I mean. :-)

Remember when I blogged about all those samples colors I was checking out? Well, after I published that post, I pulled a Reese’s and mixed my chocolate with my peanut butter Rosemary with my Gallery Green.  😀

I poured equals parts of each into a punch cup and dubbed it Rosemary Gallery.

Rosemary Gallery | Green Paint Color | Kitchen | The Lettered Cottage

I slapped some of it onto one of the drawer fronts, and some of it smack dab in the middle of all the other colors I sampled last week:

Rosemary Gallery | Sherwin Williams | Custom Color | The Lettered Cottage | Kitchen Island

I think I sorta love it. :-)

Rosemary Gallery | Paint Color | Gabardine | Sherwin Williams | Martha Stewart Living | Home Depot

Especially paired with white. So farmhouse fresh, right?! 😀

We’ve had our hearts set on (eventually) installing some kind of ming green and thassos white mosaic tile on our backsplash, so I snapped this next pic (with my cell phone) just to see what my Rosemary Gallery looked like with that kind of tile:

Ming Green and Thassos White Flower Tile | Rosemary Gallery Custom Paint Color | The Lettered Cottage

(ming green/thassos white flower tile)

I received that sample from a vendor a couple of years ago, and even though we probably won’t use that particular tile, I reeeeeeally love how all of those colors/elements play together! (The Frosty Carrina quartz countertop sample included!)

Another kind vendor is sending me some more ming/thassos tile samples next week, so hopefully they’ll get along just as nicely with my Rosemary Gallery as the flower tile above does. If not, I’ll just pull out another punch cup- LOL! That’s what they’re for, right? 😉 #I’mAPainter #NotAPuncher

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  1. Beth says

    My husband is going to hate this post. I am constantly mixing up different paint colors to make my own “custom” paint colors, and he thinks that I am a goof ball. Whenever I see some of my favorite designers doing the same thing, I always point it out to him. “Look, Layla mixes her own paint, too.” HA HA. :)
    I love the Rosemary Gallery color you created. It is a perfect mix of the two.
    Also, I LOVE the flower backsplash. We will be replacing our kitchen backsplash next spring, and the green flower is in the running. Of course, like you, I think I have finally decided what I want, and then the next minute, I change my mind. :)
    Can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out. I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  2. Cathy says

    I love how your kitchen is coming together Layla, you have inspired me to take the plunge this summer and get rid of my orangy cabinets. I am tempted to submit my kitchen for a Pick my Presto, to get your advise! Can I ask what sheen you are using for the island paint? Is it semi gloss? I have a huge island and don’t want it to look too shinny. Love the sheen your using, it is perfect!

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