• Room Reveal: Kathy’s Colossal Closet-Turned-Quiet Cave

    Yay! It’s room reveal day! :-D Here’s a quick look back at Kathy’s (extra) upstairs closet before I started transforming it into a cozy, little hang out space…

    Pitched Ceiling Closet

    …and here’s what it looks like now:

    Walk In Closet | Pitched Angled Ceiling | Room Makeover

    (Note: There are no windows in this space, so the actual colors may be off a little in these photos.)

    This “room” was originally built to serve as an extra closet/playroom for the previous owners young children, but since Kathy and Eddie’s children are older, she decided we should turn it into a little “den getaway” for them when they’re visiting instead. The walls went from a dusty pear color, to Wool Skein by Sherwin-Williams, and the credenza-turned-TV stand is painted with Annie Sloan’s French Linen chalk paint. I sealed it with Miss Mustard Seed’s (clear) furniture wax, and I just love how it turned out!

    Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint | Credenza Makeover

    I aged the original drawer pulls by giving them a few sloppy coats of paint. First, some leftover white paint, then some more French Linen chalk paint- then when each coat was dry, I roughed them up with a sanding block and rubbed on a little more furniture wax to seal them.

    Brian the Carpenter created a couple of shelves for Kathy’s electronic equipment in the center of the TV stand, and I had fun filling up the other shelves with things from around her house.

    Locker Basket and Painted Books

    She’s got tons and tons of those painted books, and I am absolutely wild about them! They were the inspiration behind the little painted book I blogged about the other day. They’re just coated in off-white paint and they’ve been aged with what looks like watered-down brown paint or stain. Some of them have blue and green paint on them too, so they blended in with all the other colors in the room just beautifully.

    Painted Books | Magazine Basket

    I decorated the top with fresh flowers and a few other things I found in other rooms:

    Blue Hydrangea | Feathers on Books | Credenza Makeover

    “Shopping the house” is definitely one of my favorite parts of any room makeover. I love watching the people’s faces as they re-fall in love with items they already owned. Some folks forget they even had certain things- which makes the process even more fun! :-D

    On the wall next to the TV stand, I surprised Kathy with a large wall hanging I made. Creating handmade pieces or original art & photography is another favorite of mine when it comes to any room makeover. This one is just a thin sheet of plywood and some rustic 1″ x 2″s:

    DIY Quote Art

    The quote reads: “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” -Roald Dahl

    I had planned to blog about how I made it, but all the step by step photos were destroyed when our external hard drive crashed, so I’ll do my best to explain it a little here instead. First, I applied a few different coats of watered down paint to the sheet of plywood. Some white paint, some off-white paint, some French Linen paint- I just kept building up the layers until it looked like I wanted it to look. I used letter stamps (from Michaels) to create the quote, and then used a sanding block to distress everything when it was dry. Last but not least, I painted on one more coat of watered down white paint to tone down the letters a little more and sealed it with some more clear furniture wax.

    DIY Quote Art | The Lettered Cottage

    For the sides, I used some more watered down French Linen paint, and then dry brushed on a little white paint here and there, too. After that, I attached the 1″x 2″s to a 2′ x 4′ sheet of 1/4″ thick plywood using a pneumatic nailer.

    DIY Quote Art Painting

    I think the 1″ x 2″s were cedar because they were originally sort of reddish-orange in color. It ended up working out great because the red parts still peeking through the gray paint speak to the warm hues of the pine floor.

    Pine Floor | Khaki Sofa | Wool Skein Paint | Closet Makeover

    The rug is from Pottery Barn, and the stool came from Soul Kitchen in Montgomery. It was wrapped in rope when Kathy bought it, but it ended up being a little hard to photograph because the rope just disappeared into the rug.

    Vintage Fabric | Coco Paint | Annie Sloan | Stool Makeover

    I wrapped a thick piece of vintage material around it for the photo shoot, but it ended up looking so cute, Kathy’s going to ask her friend Jana if she’ll make her a more permanent little slipcover out of it. (It’s just duct taped on there right now- LOL!)

    The throw pillows on the sofa came from a variety of places. The one on the left was in Kathy’s living room, the one next to that was in her guest bedroom, and the two on the right came from Hobby Lobby:

    Throw Pillows from TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby

    The gray one with wood buttons also came from Hobby Lobby:

    Gray Throw Pillow from Hobby Lobby

    I grabbed one of Kathy’s throw blankets from downstairs, too:

    Khaki Sofa with Off White Piping

    I tucked the side table we pulled out of Neighbor Jenny’s barn down at the other end of the sofa. I painted it with Coco chalk paint and the knobs and drawer pull came from Hobby Lobby. (Here’s a link back to that post if you’d like to go back and read more about that makeover: Side Table Makeover.)

    Accordion Sconce | Moss in Urn | Cocoa Chalk Paint

    I tossed all their remotes in the basket, and hung the accordion sconce Kathy picked up at Eastbrook Flea Market above that. The moss-filled urn came up from Kathy’s living room, but that piece doesn’t necessarily have to stay there. I was just having waaaay too much fun playing with all her pretty stuff, and loved seeing a pop of green right there! :-D

    Just beyond that, in the back right corner of the room, I found a place for the military trunk Kathy also got at Eastbrook Flea Market:

    Military Trunk | Accordion Sconce | Khaki Sofa

    Military Trunk | Belted Blanket

    Obviously if Kathy needs to hang things on the rack above it, she may end up moving the stuff I set on top of the trunk. I just didn’t want to photograph it “naked”, so I had fun playing “Do You Have A _______?” with Kathy so I could photograph a few things on top of it, too. (Thanks again for letting me borrow your belt, Eddie- LOL!) :-D

    The armchair in the corner came from an outlet store in North Carolina:

    Chapman Chair by Drexel Heritage

    It’s the Chapman chair by Drexel Heritage, and I am absolutely crazy about it! From the striped fabric, to contrasting khaki piping, to the tiny upholstery nails, to the distressed wooden legs complete with antique brass caster feet- I love it all!

    Drexel Heritage | Chapman Chair

    The blue pillow came from Pottery Barn, and the lumbar pillow came from Kathy’s living room.

    My goal was to create a fun secret space in a most unlikely place, and I’m so grateful to Eddie and Kathy for allowing me the opportunity to decorate that room and share these photos of their home. They’ve become wonderful friends, and I had so much fun spending so much time with Kathy throughout this makeover.

    Friends on the Steps

    Her friendship decorates every single one of my days!

    PS- For more makeover pics between posts, join me over on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram!

    Instagram Pic_Lettered_Cottage

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