Ripfest 2009 – Day Two

What a dusty couple of days we’ve had here at TLC!
I thought I’d show you some photos of what’s been going on around here.

Note: There is laminate wood flooring temporarily covering most of the hardwood floors in our home. Within the next year or so, we plan to remove the laminate flooring, and to refinish and patch the hardwood flooring that lies underneath. Do not be alarmed when you see the large chunks of debri that have crashed down onto the floor in the following photos. It is laminate wood, I repeat, insanely durable laminate wood.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled post…

Our hallway is not a huge space. It’s basically just a little area with lots of angles, and lots of doorways that lead to various rooms- the guest bathroom, reading room, guest bedroom and our home office.

The room with the door closed in the photo below is the guest bathroom.

Does that door need a paint job and a new door knob or what?!
Better yet, I’d love to replace the door completely with an old one, with a frosted glass window on it. (mental note: be on the lookout for an old door with a window on it)


Photo Credit: Bay and Gable Victorian

The room with the sheet over the doorway is the reading room.

The room on the far left is the guest bedroom…

…and our office is directly across from the guest bedroom.

Anywho, I’ve been dreaming of covering up our ceilings with tongue-and-groove planks of wood for quite some time.

I just thought it would be one of those things we either never got around to doing, or that we would do waaaaay on down the line because of the cost involved.

But I’ve been giving the stain in the photo above the evil eye for nearly two years now, and when we found out there were already planks of wood up above it- well…enter: my Home Improvement Hero…

He started day one of “Ripfest 2009” by making a trip to Walmart to buy one of these…

But because I was working in my office most of the day, I didn’t get a chance to ask him to try to actually use it…

Maybe he just forgot it was there. Judging from its size, it would be an easy thing to miss, especially in that amount of square footage.
Or maybe it had something to do with the contract he was obligated to sign shortly after birth that stated he must make as much of a mess as humanly possible while cooking, doing home improvement projects and using the bathroom. >;-)

(I’m totally kidding…I love you and your messes honey!)

He barreled through that drywall like a champ…

As a matter of fact, we decided mid-project that it would make more sense for him to go ahead and rip down the drywall on the walls too, before re-installing the crown moulding.

Check out our hallway now!

Apparently there used to be a stove here…

This area used to be the kitchen back in 1950. The house was added on to and re-configured in 2003.

Check out the old, decorative metal vent cover…

(You can click on the photo to see a closer up view of the picture on it)

Unfortunately, only about 1/4 of this wall is brick underneath the wood. Sure would’ve been awesome to have an entire wall of brick here!

Mr. LC took the day off to watch college football (and recuperate) today, so nothing happened in the hall today except for clean up. Tomorrow he’ll be back at it, removing nails and any other debris that’s still clinging to the walls and ceiling.

The day after that, he’ll start priming and painting.
In the meantime, I’ll keep blogging and creating design plans for the folks who have asked for my help.
But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to poke my head out occasionally to make sure he’s using a drop cloth. :-)


Our Handsome Transom
Ripfest 2009 Begins!

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