Rendleman Family Kitchen Redesign

Michelle Rendleman recently purchased one of my Consultations because she wanted my advice on an inexpensive way to pull together a look in her Kitchen.

Currently, there is a battle going on between the color Cobalt Blue and Red in this space.
12 years ago, Michelle bought all cobalt blue accessories, dishes and transferware, but since then, her home has become accented with more red things, than blue.
I suggested choosing one color or the other, but recommended that she choose red since she has become a little disenchanted with the blue things. Michelle agreed that a color palette of red, cream, black and tan was the way to go- and mentioned that in recent years, she’s collected lots of plain white dishes.

Here’s the design plan I came up with:

As soon as Michelle sends me her “After” photos, I’ll be sure to post them here.

She’s got big plans for new black granite, or skimstone (concrete) countertops too- can’t wait for the big reveal!


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