Redos and Road Trips

We made a trip down to Troy, Alabama to have lunch with our friends Shaunna and Matt on Friday, and after we got done chowin’ down, we got to see how things were coming along in their dining room. This is a photo of the room before they started switchin’ things around…

I had some fun creating an inspiration drawing for them a couple months back

…and, much to my surprise and delight, they’ve been busy little bees putting the plan into action! Check it out- here’s a sneak peek of one of the bookcases Matt built around the windows…

And here’s a sneak peek at the inexpensive wood panelling they attached to the wall to the left of the bookcase…

(They were also busy preparing for their daughter Ava’s 2nd birthday party’s that day!)

I’d love to show you more photos of the room, but it’s not quiiiiite done yet. Among other little odds and ends, they’ve still got a dining room table to build and a window seat cushion to upholster. I can. not wait. to see it when it’s all put together!

And speaking of room redos, Kev and I leave for Denver this week (yay!) to meet up with the folks at High Noon Entertainment. We’re gettin’ together to go over the details of our upcoming pilot shoot, and we’re looking forward to crashin’ at The Pioneer Woman’s pad on the way back to ‘Bama…

We hope to stop by and photograph her friend Hyacinth’s newly-finished living room too…

Me, Holly and Melissa worked with her on it last year, and I’m anxious to see how it all came together live and in person!

Click the badge above to read more about that redo adventure!

Ree’s redecorating a room over at her house right now called the Long Room

I told her I’d love to see what’s goin’ on in there. Looks like a whole buncha fun waiting to happen! Hmmmm…my presto change-o finger is starting to twitch again….

We look forward to blogging and vlogging about the whole shebang along the way. Wish us luck…it’s going to be a loooong drive!

PS- Are you buying a house in the near future? Is it in Alabama? Drop us a line at LaylaPalmer (at) aol (dot) com if you are and it is!


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  1. says

    Well, Hot Dang!!! They certainly jumped in and got to work on that dining room and it’s looking AWESOME!!!!!!

    And a DOUBLE HOT DANG for your pilot shoot AND PW visit.

    Really, in one sentence–pilot shoot and PW…….BOTH in the SAME TRIP??!?!?!??!!

    God is a-smilin’ down on ya’ll!!!!!!!

    And you deserve it!!!!!

    Lana In Italy (Until September!)

    • Layla says

      Well thank you for the sweet comment Lana!
      A few years back we decided to let passion take the reigns, so who knows what’ll happen…we’re just thankful to be along for the ride!

  2. says

    That dining room looks amazing! I keep thinking paneling in our house, but we just put up new drywall, so I’m not sure if I can get my husband on board with that. :)

    Can’t wait to hear about your visit with the Pioneer Woman!

    • Layla says

      We can’t wait to see the dining room again too, Debbie! They’re doing such a great job with it!

    • Layla says

      Thank you Tracy! We’re excited to see what happens…either way, we’re just gonna concentrate on having fun!

  3. Nancy says

    Cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!! It must be so fun to see your plans become reality in other people’s houses. I need some plans!! :-) Good luck on the shoot!

  4. says

    NO Waysies!!!! Girl – you are too much fun. I cannot believe you’re crashing THERE and…I adore Shauna’s DR!

    Maybe you and I can chat again one of these days. Maybe on one of your driving days? (Or are you flying???)


  5. Annie says

    Lucky duck, I would love to go to the Pioneer Ranch. It looks like a great place. Hope you get to do some shooting while your there.

  6. says

    Staying with the PW?! So fun!!! I am completely jealous! I hope you guys have a safe trip! Shiny side up.
    We are trying to buy a house in Richmond, VA, please say that will work ;)

  7. Beverly Palmer says

    Love the sneak peeks at the dining room! Can you give us some info on the inexpensive wood paneling? I can’t wait to hear all about your pilot shoot and your visit with PW. Sounds like every women’s dream!

  8. says

    We LOVED getting to see you guys…and love the pic! Thanks for making time to see us before the big trip…cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!!

  9. Debbie from the Wichita Mtns. says

    Wow, you, Kevin and Ree all together would be great times. Enjoy the road trip and keep us posted along the way.

  10. says


    Shaunna’s dining room looks awesome so far. Mat did a great job on the built ins!

    Have a safe journey and have fun on your newest adventure. Kiss Charlie for me!

    Your Friend,

  11. Laura says

    I’m drooling a little over the dining room, but mostly because I’m thinking about the food you will get to eat at PW’s house! Holy cannolis, Batman! (And she probably has a wonderful recipe for those, too.) Have a sweet time!

  12. AJ says

    I’m buying a house! But I’m in Georgia. That’s not too far, right? ;) Can’t wait to read about your trips.

  13. Molly Faircloth says

    Since I grew up in Troy, it’s such a kick to see that you got there recently. My brother & family are still there where he’s a pastor of a new church…anyway, it was fun to see the hometown mentioned. I think that’s one of the reasons I so enjoy seeing what you and Kevin are up to – I worked in Montgomery for many years, so know exactly where many of the places you mention are located.


  14. says

    Shaunna’s dining room is looking good! I need her help with my display shelves, she has such a knack for it.

    Have fun on your road trip! I knew you weren’t flying to Denver ;)

    Looking forward to hearing all about your trip!

  15. sarita says

    isn’t the internet CRAZY FUN!! how many people have met – both online and in person because of this web thingy!!! :^) wow – the dining room was very forml – can’t wait to see it the banner they had up for their daughters birthdday! maybe put it inside one of the book shelves ! very colorful..thank you both for all that you share with us.

  16. says

    Layla, I’ll be staying at PW’s this Saturday and Sunday. Will you be there then? I’d be so excited to meet you! You and PW are my faves! I’ll be there for the cooking/photography weekend. Let me know!

  17. Loui♥ says

    Hi Guys..
    I’m in Denver, just blocks away from Cherry Creek shopping district..
    any chance we could do a meet and greet?
    if so, let me know and I’ll forward my phone#
    Welcome to Denver!
    warmest hugs..

  18. Dawn says

    WOW, I am in awe! You are crashing at PW’s ranch! Awesome and the other stuff sounds great too! :) Have fun and drive safe! Don’t forget those of us here at “home” anxiously awaiting your blog along the way!

  19. pillowville says

    Love the dining room rodo!! All the white is wonderful and great job on the built-ins.

    Safe travels! What an adventure. Sounds like non stop fun and inspiration.

  20. says

    First off- WELCOME TO DENVER- I know you’ll enjoy your stay here! If you need any suggestions on where to go, what to do with any free time you might have while here, let me know! :) From a born-and-bred Colorado Girl, have a great time! We’re glad you’re here!

  21. says

    ahhh!! Tell PW I said Hi! You are so lucky to get to spend some time I had ranch! I am so jealous! Can’t wait to see all about your trip when you get back!

  22. says

    Love that DR design board. It looks like they’re doing a great job implementing your ideas. Good luck with the pilot! I’m so excited at the prospect of seeing you guys on HGTV. I know it’ll be a blast staying with Ree at the ranch…be sure to take lots of pics so we can share in the fun.

  23. kelly says

    i really want to see that finished dining room! and i think PW needs your help with that long room, you could make it fabulous for the girls! this small little blogging world, kind of weird;)
    we are buying a new house, it is not in alabama! i would love to see what you would do to it though! might email when we get in!

  24. Tina K says

    So excited you get to stay with PW! Hoping you can work some more of your Layla magic and of course photograph it!

    We’re building a house and we do live in AL…just emailed you!

  25. says

    Welcome to Denver! We just moved here a few months ago and L.O.V.E. it! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a celebrity sighting of you two. :) Enjoy your stay!

    p.s. If you need ice cream while you’re here (and who doesn’t?), check out these two places: Sweet Action around 5th & Broadway, and Little Man Ice Cream at 16th & Tejon in the Highlands neighborhood. You can’t miss the giant metal milk can building!

  26. Shelly Reil says

    Denver is in my backyard!! Well, to be truthful, 3 hours away. If you want to visit Nebraska, come on thru Ogallala and visit me and Lake McConaughy one of the largest manmade lakes in the country. It is beautiful and a huge surprise – it is our inland ocean. Anyway, just a thought :)

  27. Jane Crawford says

    You and kevin have such a wonderful life, and I think that is so awesome. Have fun on your travels and tell Ree I said “hi” from Florida. I just love her.

  28. says

    I just bought a new (old) house. Great big and just waiting on some lovin’, which I have been giving it all summer! AND I like close to Pioneer Woman! You are welcome to use my home for more projects! Have a great trip. Lori L

  29. says

    I am so excited for you guys. I have been following along here for a vary long time and it has been so exciting to see so many of your dreams coming true. You deserve every bit of joy!!!

  30. says

    Wow. I am learning so much from you. Inexpensive wood paneling?!? That stuff rocks! I need to learn more about that and see if the hubby would let me put some in…somewhere…anywhere. I might have to send you a pic of our guest bedroom and get your ideas…

  31. Kate says

    What a fun trip you’ve got planned! I recently discovered your blog while looking for ideas for my daughters bedroom. She’s gonna be a big sister in October, so we’re doing a big girl room! We live in Arvada, which is a suburb of Denver. What are the odds; ) Best wishes!

  32. Kim says

    Wow! So exciting, and so happy for you and Kev! I have driven past PW’s ranch several times on my way to Bartlesville to see a friend and it is awesome.

  33. says

    The dining room peek is gorgeous! I just love your style. It’s instantly recognizable. Want a TLC room in my home!

    Sounds like it’s packed full of fun! Can’t wait for the details and pictures! Have a fun and safe trip!!!

  34. says

    If you are driving to Denver, from the map it looks like you are going to be going right through my town in arkansas. Ree doesn’t live but about three hours or so from me.

  35. Katie says

    Surprised to hear you are leaving for Denver this week. Be sure and let us know when. Will we get to see you before you leave. Hope so. I know your trip is going to be a lot of fun. Love you both.

  36. Cindy says

    So crazy! I only recently discovered your blog, Layla — shortly before reading Pioneer Woman’s post asking for ideas for re-doing their “long room” for her girls. I started to send her a comment suggesting she check in with you for ideas or a Pick My Presto feature. But alas, I got interrupted that day, didn’t send my comment to Ree & never got back to it. How fun to just read that you’re already buddies and get to actually have a personal visit soon! Enjoy your trip– road trips are wonderful, especially with the right traveling companion :)

  37. says

    oh. wow. can you please tell ree how much she is loved at our little run down farm in alabama! i adore you guys. have fun and safe travels.

  38. Rae says

    WOWSIE!!!!! T.V. pilot and Pioneer Woman all in one trip, I am so excited for you! I am being completely honest when I say Lettered Cottage and Pioneer Woman are my 2 favorite blogs, I stalk you daily through Twitter, Facebook, and your blog. Don’t worry I’m not dangerous….. Anxious to see what your ideas on the Long Room are. Just that name The Long Room reminds me of the movie with Lucy and Desi, The Long Long Trailer…..If you’ve never seen it you should, it’s hilarious……Have a safe trip…

  39. says

    Oh my gosh!!! YOUR the Layla that helped with Melissa on Hycynths living room. I’m a friend of Melissa’s and I did not put that together that that was you. So cool!!! You guys did an amazing job on it!

    God bless!

  40. Michele Barry says

    WOW! So jealous that you get to stay at PW’s! I dream of cooking with her and decorating with you!! I am only about an hour from her area of the prairie. The tall grass prairie is a beautiful place. You will see lots of cattle, buffalo, and pretty wildflowers :) Be prepared to be HOT! We’ve been under a massive heat wave for days with no end in sight.

    Have a safe and fabulous trip!

  41. tanya rogers says

    in the room with the flowers hanging from the ceiling, for ava’s birthday part… were those hand made or can you purchase them? i’ve been looking for those everywhere… thank you!

  42. says

    I love seeing this update! I am in the midst of painting our beach cottage’s wood paneling and it is great fun to see how well their’s tunred out! Thanks for the update!!

  43. says

    I live in Denver and if there is one restaurant you should make a point to check out while you are in town, it’s Snooze for brunch! Park Burger is our favorite burger spot in town. Hope you enjoy your time in Denver!

  44. says

    I made my own trip to Troy, AL this week and saw Shaunna’s dining room in progress. It is looking wonderful! They are such a charming family….I just adore her! Lisa~

  45. Megan Kriser says

    You and your sweetie have some great ideas and are just adorable. By the way I think we should be friends! I live in Bama too :).

  46. lilwhitelife says

    Hi Layla! I just recently found your site by visiting Sarah’s A Beach Cottage…,love that site and am soo glad thru hers I found yours. I love your decorating taste and style and am so impressed with the life you get to live. Must be a blast. I’ll be back soon. BTW we’re in Mississippi about 15 miles from the coast and just built a home about 2 years ago kinda 40’s lookin farmhouse/beachhouse? We were on the coast when Katrina hit and got 4 ft of water in that home so had to start from scratch with furnishing this one. What we have was either yardsale finds, which I just so happen to LOVE, thrift store bargains, also sucker for, or were gifted to us. I know what I like when I see it (I have an attic full) just have trouble pulling things together which is why I have been lurking around blogs like yours… for inspiration and girl your designs are definitly inspiring. So now… I’m off. You’ve made me want to go thrifting . Later. Take care and have fun

  47. Michelle says

    Hi! I live close to Troy, Alabama!! I love the dining room! May I ask the photographer that took the little boy’s picture on the wall?

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