Ready, Set, Prime!

Thanks so much for all the nice comments you’ve left us over the past couple of days!
We get together for breakfast, lunch and supper and take turns reading through them while we dine. Those moments are highlights of our day and we sure do appreciate your support and motivation! :-)


Mr.LC finished trimming out the transom window this morning. Then he pulled out nails and cleaned the walls in the hallway this afternoon.
Here’s a 360 degree view of it…

And the award for the “Blurriest Picture Of The Year” goes to………..

(What? You never heard of the B-POTY’s?) 😉

We are so lovin’ our handsome new transom!

We definitely need one over the office door on the right too.

(Oh, and our ceilings are nine feet tall for those of you who asked) :-)

Here is where the stove used to be….

It will now be home to our linen press.

Shortly after he started priming, Kevin realized that he needed to run to the store for some Liquid Nails. While he was gone, I wandered out into the hall to check out what he had done so far.

I found this…(sigh)

<3 (-: (tip your head to the right- that’s a little smiley face with a heart under it) I’m a huge fan of leaving notes for your loved ones to find, but it always catches me by surprise when others do it for me. He made my day with his precious primed profession!


It’s now ten o’clock at night. Everything is still. I can hear our cat snoring underneath my chair.
I’m looking at the hallway.
It’s completely primed now, and eagerly awaiting a coat of pretty paint.
I cannot wait to see what it’s going to look like this time tomorrow night!


(If you missed the post about what “143” means, click here !)

And for more photos of transoms and all kinds of other gorgeous architectural details, visit Brooke at Velvet and Linen!

One coat down, one to go!
Our Handsome Transom

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