• Reading Room/Hallway Flooring

    So, over the past few days, my health got worse again. I went to the doctor to make sure I didn’t have Strep Throat, since my sore throat (that I STILL have) has lasted about 2 weeks now. It almost became unbearable to swallow the night before last. :-(
    Good news, I don’t have Strep.
    Bad news, I’ve got a bacterial infection.
    So I’m on Antibiotics for the next 10 days, and I was also prescribed eye drops that will hopefully get rid of all the yellowish-green stuff that has been oozing from them for the past couple weeks. One morning I had to literally PEEL my left eyelids apart with both hands. Gross!

    Anyway, while I’ve been sick, Kevin installed the flooring in the Hallway.
    Check it out!

    I still need to purchase the White Pickstick Twin Quilt for the daybed.
    And the drapes for the inside AND outside of the doorway. (See my lonely little rod hanging there, just waiting?) I want to do drapes on the inside AND outside of the doorway to really give this once awkward little space a sense of personality. I’d like it to radiate such a cozy vibe, you can’t resist going in to relax.

    I’d like to put a little lamp on the table next to the bed.
    And maybe hang a big, tall mirror (above the table) on the wall.
    I also need to purchase another one of my favorite bamboo blinds for the window.

    I think a rug would be nice too.
    Oh, and a little chandelier, hanging down from the ceiling.
    I think the green pillow will be switched out too. I have a another idea that I am really excited about….I’ll show you when I get it. :-)

    That’s all for now…but I’ll be back tomorrow with more pics!


    PS…Regarding HGTV- I’m going to fill out the application, send in work from my portfolio, and record a 5-minute video showing one of my designs. I’ll let you know if I hear anything back!

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