Reading Room Update – December 2008

As many of you know, one my favorite places to be in this little cottage I call home, is my Reading Room.

Shaped out of what used to be the only Bathroom in the whole house, it’s now a 6 foot by 6 foot restful little room that I have fallen asleep in many a time, while enjoying a shelter mag and listening to rain hit the metal roof above.

I moved the burlap curtains I made for the Dining Room to the entrance of the Reading Room. I think they’re more appropriate here. I love how they make it even that much cozier looking. I plan to put another pair on the other side of the doorway as well.

I also moved the bamboo blind from the Dining Room to this space. I love it’s sunny hue…

I got this little table from HomeGoods a while back. I didn’t like the color of it before (wish I had a photo to show you), so I painted it and made the legs look like rusty old iron…

On top of the table, is another “trash to treasure” redo project. The little lamp used to be turquoise blue and gold. A can of white spray paint, some tiny seashells and voila! I love that it stills looks old…

I’m not sure if I’ll keep this frame in here or not, but I had to show this photo because of the amazing quote it displays…

On the other side of the room, now hangs another flea market find. I got this luscious, old, raw wood shelf for $12.00. I haven’t put anything on top of it yet, but I have plans for a row of flea market books and two incredible book ends of some kind…

Outside the entrance to the Reading Room sits yet another flea market find. Would you believe this little chair used to be painted Schoolbus Yellow? I purchased it for $5.00, gave it a coat of white paint and a newly upholstered burlap seat. I think I want to use some nailhead trim on it too…

The linens on the bed are Pottery Barn. I got them on Ebay for cheap! The patterned one is called “Medici”, and the color is “Bran”. The solid is called “Pickstitch”, and the color is “White”. I have plans to purchase the twin Pickstitch quilt to cover the bed with in the future.

It’s been fun figuring out what to do with this little space. This is how it looked the day we moved in:

And then my brother helped do this:

Which eventually led to this:

And now this:

There is still work to do in here, (white beadboard ceiling, new light fixture, crown moulding, curtains, books, bookends, quilt, mirror above the table, etc. etc. etc.) but this re-do proves that if you use your imagination and draw inspiration from rooms that make your heart skip a beat, anything is possible!


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  1. Jillian says

    Hi Layla,

    This room is absolutely adorable. I have seen it all over pinterest. I really want to paint my walls 12 inch horizontal stripes like this and I am wondering which colors you used?

    Thanks for the inspiration!