• Reading Room – Sneak Peek

    I wanted to give you a few sneak peeks at the room I’m calling the “Reading Room”.
    It used to be a bathroom, but when we moved in, there was no toilet, no sink, no vanity. Nothing. Just a plywood floor and one window. It’s only six feet wide by six feet long. Hmmmm….the perfect size for a twin size bed! So we opened up the wall that had the door on it, and that’s how the Reading Room was born. We haven’t laid the flooring down yet, or installed a cute little chandelier, or accessorized, but I have started pulling the bedding together, and I did paint the walls. Take a look:

    I found the table at Home Goods in Birmingham. It was a reddish-orange wood, and the legs were gold. I used a rusting kit on the legs, and painted the top the same two colors I painted the walls with. I’ve got a ways to go, but I’ll keep posting photos as the room transforms.

    Here’s a break down of the cost so far:

    Table – $39.00 (HOMEGOODS)
    “Medici” Euro Shams (in Bran) – $24.99 and $21.99 (EBAY)
    “Pick-Stitch” Euro Shams (in White) – $19.99 each (POTTERY BARN OUTLET – GEORGIA)
    “Medici” Bedskirt (in Bran) – $12.99 (EBAY)
    Sheet Set – $29.99 (TJ MAXX)
    Basket – $7.99 (WALMART)

    So, I’ve spent about 150 bucks so far. Not bad considering I sort of got an extra bedroom out of an old bathroom! Ha! :-)

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