Reading Room Reno Rumblings

Our Reading Room has no idea what’s about to happen.
Look at her…just sitting there all peaceful-like…

You see, like every other room in our home, this little room is very much a work in progress. We still have ten things left to do in this little 6’x6′ room alone. #1 is to rip down the sheetrock that’s currently covering our newly-discovered, planked wood ceilings. I’m excited to report that demolition is set to begin very soon! #2 will be to add crown moulding. #3 will be to create a new hole for a (#4) new hanging light fixture in the middle of a (#5) new ceiling medallion. #6 is to finish painting the quote around the top stripe. #7 is to find the perfect pillow to put in place of the blue one I had sitting there temporarily for the photo. #8 is to decide on a window treatment. #9 is to finalize my decisions on accessories. #10 is re-cover the little shade on the lamp.

Of course I’ll have to pack up everything in the room and move it out before we start to tackle item #1, a.k.a “Dustfest 2009”.
I’ll start with the twin-sized bedspread I recently bought at a flea market/antique mall here in Prattville for $12.50…

It’s identical to the ones my Grandma Evelyn used to have when I was a little girl. She and my Grandpa had separate bedrooms. She had two twins beds in her room and there were two bedspreads just like this one on each bed. When I stayed over night with her, we would hold hands across the space between the beds until we fell asleep. Well, at least until I fell asleep. I’m sure she waited for me to doze off before she undoubtedly placed my arm gently back onto my bed.
I sure wish I could ask her if she did that.

She passed away on Valentines Day of 1999 and I’ve missed her every single day since.


Another new addition to the room is the $3.00 milk glass lamp I picked up at a flea market in Milton, Florida…

…its hobnail pattern and the pom pom fringe on the bedspread are now BFF’s. :-)

Another newly-added item in the room is this lithograph by artist Roger Tory Peterson…

It was printed in 1942, and it’s called “Dogwood Time”.
I’m not sure if it will stay in the room or not, but for the time being I enjoy seeing it propped up on my rustic, old shelf. It reminds me of my Mom. She’s a bird watcher, so I think of her every time I look at it.

I enjoy the process of creating an inspired home so much.
It’s natural and flexible. It allows your personality to speak, and your heart to sing.
Sherry Holetzky once wrote, “Choose and use the things you love. Surround yourself and your family with comfortable, usable things that make you feel relaxed. Remember, if you love it, it is good design.”
Well said!

Hope you’re having an inspired day :-)

PS…If you’d like to read about how I painted the stripes in the Reading Room, click on the FAQ’s button in our left sidebar.

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