Reading Room Redo

Remember when this odd little 6′ x 6′ space…

…became our reading room?

Well, it needs to act as our guest room now, so a couple weeks back, we started clearing it out…

…and patching the walls…

…and talking about how to build a bed with a little more storage, and create walls with a little more character, and a little less stuff on ‘em. I started having crazy visions of a sunburst mirrors landing on my Mom’s head in the middle of the night, so it was time for them (and the shelves) to say buh-bye!

After the room was completely clear, we loaded the car up with a bunch of wood from the home improvement store…

…and (spontaneously) decided to take a 2-hour road trip to Cullman, Alabama for some old gymnasium flooring from this place…


It’s called Southern Accents and they carry all kinds of awesome architectural salvage.

What a fun day that turned out to be!

Back at home, and after some hardcore rub-a-dub scrubbin’ with mineral spirits and soap & water, we started attaching the old floor boards to the back wall in the room…

Here’s what we eventually came up with…

(Note: We’ve still gotta add some trim molding below the baseboards.)

Simple, Moonlight White-painted board and batten on the side walls, a rustic gym floor back wall, a Moonlight White-painted plywood floor, and little cheery pops of color and texture here, there and everywhere!

The daybed we built was inspired by Pottery Barn’s $749 Stratton Daybed…

I think we spent around $75 to build, caulk and paint ours. If you’d like info on how to build one too, click HERE to visit

(Note: Because Kev and I each have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to directions, we didn’t actually use any plans to build our bed- but if you’re lookin’ for some rock solid instructions, and wanna cut out all the guesswork, definitely check out Ana’s plan!)

On the left side of the room, we used our leaning ladder / magazine & book rack. We haven’t secured it to the wall yet, but we do plan to do that in the near future…

For the board and batten on the side walls, we just used pre-primed MDF 1×2’s from Home Depot. They were super simple to put up with our nail gun, and because our baseboard and crown molding are flat, everything finished out nice and neat. (After a couple of tubes of caulk!)

I got the little green and yellow bucket from Ashley and Myra during our trip to Nashville this past January…

I’m such a sucker for brightly-colored vintage metal! I got the red, white and blue Bingo tin on Etsy a while back…

I’m SO gonna hide surprises in that sucker every time my Mom comes up for a visit!

We got the Pottery Barn Stratford wall sconce on eBay…

I camouflaged part of the cord by hanging one of our framed quotes on top of it…

The light has a dimmer switch- which I love. It looks so warm and cozy in there at night!

The rest of the frames hanging on that wall were also swiped from our old guest bedroom…

(My Mom’s birthday is June 13th!)

We decided to go with a more random arrangement than usual this time, and we’re really diggin’ the way they play with the board and batten.

It was such a fun little redo to work on together!

Just gotta add that trim below the baseboards, and attach a curtain rod and some curtains on the inside of the doorway for privacy, and we’ll be done!

I think.

Source List:
Paint on ceiling: Sea Salt – Sherwin Williams
Paint on side walls: Moonlight White – Benjamin Moore
Paint on floor: Moonlight White – Behr Premium Plus Porch & Floor Paint (Home Depot)
Pottery Barn Stratford Wall Sconce: eBay
Rug: TJ Maxx
White Pick-Stitch Quilt and Euro Shams: Pottery Barn
Floral Pillow: Ikea
Red Stripe Euro Pillow Cover: Ikea
Natural and Red Stripe Lumbar Pillow Cover: eBay
Ceiling Light: Ikea
White “Ribba” Picture Frames: Ikea
Wood Picture Frames: Walmart
Large Seagrass Baskets: HomeGoods
Blue Step Stool: J&G Flea Market, Prattville, AL
Ivory Throw Blanket: gift from our realtor
White Storage Containers: Ikea
Side Table: HomeGoods
Ladder: Nashville Flea Market
Green & Yellow Bucket: The Rare Bird Antiques, Goodlettsville, TN
Red Bingo Tin:
Blue Button Tin Photo:
Red Door Photo:

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  1. says

    What a cute little room! Yall work way too well together!! =) Love the gym floor on the walls and that sconce is fantastic!

  2. says

    I love it… and your creativity! I love how you made, what some people would consider an awkward sized space, so useful. I wish I had a 6 x 6 room :)

  3. says

    ADORE. Adore. Adore. Seriously, Lay and Kev…ya’ll are AMAZING!!! It’s so pretty I want to cry. Isn’t that silly? I’m in love with the gym flooring on the wall and just everything. Southern Accents is the bomb…next time you’re up that way let me know! :) xo

    • Layla says

      Awww, Myra. Thank you for the super sweet comment! I will definitely let you know when we’re back in your neck of the world. Shaunna and I may be up very soon actually!

  4. Deneen says

    I love the way your room turned out! I really love the reclaimed wood on the walls and leaning ladder. You turned a small space into an inviting beautiful room! Great job!

  5. says

    Love it!! Will you be putting some light/privacy shade/curtain on the window? Looks wonderful as-is, but just thinking Mom may not want peeping-toms!

    • Layla says

      Hey Lisa!
      It’s actually a second story room, and our house backs up to woods, so probably not. Plus, my Mom was a teenager in the 70s, if ya know what I mean. ;-)

  6. geri says

    Layla, you and Kevin may have even out done yourselves.
    You both have the most amazing ideas, creativeness
    and confidence to try them out.
    Any mom and guest will feel so very welcome.
    It’s a room that “hugs”.
    Love the wall of floor boards just as they are which is
    so surprising to me who paints everything that doesn’t move.
    Happy Monday. geri.

  7. says

    I love this, especially since I have plans to put wood around our new fireplace. Now I *know* I will love it. Great job!

  8. says

    WOW! It looks amazing. Only you two could do something so unique and stunning in such a small space. I recently found a wallpaper that looks like reclaimed flooring and love this look so much. When I win the lottery I’m flying you both over to Wales to re-do my entire house!

    • Layla says

      I’ve seen that wallpaper Sam- it’s awesome!
      Would LOVE to visit you over there sometime…got a guest room we can redo/crash in? ;-)

  9. beth says

    As much as I really liked the ‘before’ reading room, I’m really liking the ‘after!’ So much!! Just wondering what it would take to entice you up to Virginia to redo my room over the garage!! Tickets to Busch Gardens and Water Country??? Lots of home cooking??? Flea marking shopping??? Just wondering!

    • Layla says

      Hmmm…that all sounds amazing Beth! We’ll definitely let you know when we’re in the area again! :-)

  10. Alisa d. says

    It’s gorgeous! Love, love, love the room and my son, kevin, was born june 13 so I love the # 13, too

  11. Tonya says

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!! Isn’t Southern Accents great?! I have an iron fence from there – with a beautiful green *chipping* finish :) Your room is purely fantastic, and your mother is going to know she’s loved by all the personal touches…especially the 13…thanks for sharing your home with us – it is truly inspirational!!

  12. says

    Cute, Layla! I love Southern Accents. I blogged about it a couple of weeks ago! What a great resource we have here in Alabama!

    Your little demi-lune table is adorable and perfect in the space!

    Ricki Jill

  13. says

    This is why your blog is my favorite of all the designer blogs. Every time I turn around, you’re leaving me speechless with your amazing and beautiful creativity! Wowza… really.

  14. says

    Wow, just when I thought that room couldn’t get anymore beautiful!!! Amazing!!
    I absolutely adore the flooring on the wall. I love that the room is still light and airy looking!

  15. says

    oh wow Layla!! I was a bit apprehensive going in to this post … because I loved the reading nook SOOOO much I wasn’t sure anything could compete, but wow!! the gym floor wall is amazing :) You truly have a gift

  16. Brenda says

    I love love love this! The lighting, the bed, the walls. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  17. Joy says

    I love it! Loved it before, but I really love the gym floor paneling on the wall. Ya’ll are awesome!

  18. Dee Hinds says

    For the love of do-overs!! I loved it before and I’m in love all over again!! Fantastic- We have a vacation barn (I know- sounds funny- why yes we live in a barn!) with a boys room- now 19-20 in desperate need of a do-over- if you ever get bored- give me a shout!

    • Layla says

      Oh WOW…we’d LOVE to live in a barn! Where do y’all live? We may have to come check that out! :-D

  19. says

    Hard to improve on perfection but you did! Didn’t realize this room was so tiny – it always seemed bigger because of the way you used the space. Way to flip it – painted floors and wood on the walls!

  20. Lizziefitz says

    Amazing!!! Home run! How do you do it? Y’all never cease to amaze me. The creative juices between the two of you is super cool.

  21. says

    Wow! Just when I thought that reading room couldn’t get any cuter!!
    I love that you chose to put the old flooring on the window wall. It really makes the bedding pop!
    By the way, I definitely had to scroll back up to the top of this post to make sure you didn’t say you did that all this weekend, because we just redid a bathroom (about the same size as this room) with board and batten and it took WAAAAY longer than 2 days! :)

    Your new guest room looks incredible though. Way to go! :)

  22. says

    i am super impressed! what the room lack in space is made up for in style many times over. i love the wooden wall! i was so sad to see the stripes but once i saw your end results i did not miss them as much (still love the stripes though)!

  23. says

    Oh my word! When I first started reading this I thought, no way…what are they doing? I didn’t think you could possibly improve the reading room. Shame on me for ever doubting!! That room is so awesome! I’m can’t decide what my favorite element is it’s all so perfect and putting the gym floor on the wall was pure genius. I can’t wait to show hubs when he gets home tonight…he loves what you guys do as much as I do.

  24. says

    This room is AMAZING! Love the wood wall. What a surprise element! All the details came together to make such a unique room. Magazine worthy for sure!

  25. says

    Wow, I absolutely loved the room before and didn’t think it could get any better, but I am loving the wood on the wall and the storage under the bed. You guys amaze and inspire me.

  26. Tiff says

    Wow. Who thinks of putting gym flooring on the walls?! You guys! And boy, did it come up a treat. Love the pops of red and the frames on the wall. I bet your mum has sweet dreams in that room!
    Awesome work you guys :)

  27. says

    Love the reading room redo and that floor on the wall is just fabulous. you mentioned maybe doing curtains and a curtain rod. Would you consider a roman shade? I am thinking sleeping on that bed so close up against the wall curtains may be cumbersome to have there.
    All in all, you have done it again and put together a perfectly lovely room.

    • Layla says

      Hey Cheryl!
      We’re actually hanging the drapes on the inside of the doorway, not on the window.
      It’s a second story room that backs up to woods, and like I mentioned in a reply above, my Mom was a teenager in the 70s, ifyaknowwhatI’msayin. ;-)

  28. says

    You guys are absolutely amazing. How do you keep out-doing yourselves? I was sad scrolling down and seeing the stripes go, but when I got to those after pictures…oh my. Can I come live in that little nook? :)

  29. says

    oh my gosh i thought i loved it before but this re-do = simply gorgeous! as a designer i’m loving the way you all do a room! the gym flooring on the back wall with hints of red really makes that clean fresh space pop! LOVE it – did i mention = Gorgeous!

  30. carla raney says

    Love this! But I think I have loved everything you do. :) I am curious about your plywood floor. Is there a post about what you did on here somewhere? We were just talking about doing something like that in my kitch but I am nervous about it. We just did wood planked walls in our kitchen, that I painted yellow with some gray to tone it down a bit. I kept showing my husband the pics from your blog to get my ideas across :)

  31. nancie says

    wow…that looks awesome – amazing!
    i enjoyed the photo’s of your cullman trip…i’ve seen that barn/house many times on the interstate – so cool!

  32. says

    I just keep saying “what???” over and over. These are some great ideas. Southern Accents..hmmmm may have to plan a day trip!

  33. says

    You guys are awesome! Seriously, you never cease to amaze me! We have it narrowed down to 3 houses all needing some major help. Think you guys could come up for a week or so and give a girl some direction!! I can cook a mean meal! No really. :)

    • Layla says

      Well since we love to tackle redo’s and we can’t cook a mean meal, that sounds pretty awesome! :-D

  34. says

    Really beautiful rustic chic transformation…and your photgraphs are gorgeous. They look like they’re from a catalog. I think I need a photography class.

    • Layla says

      Hey Steve!

      Thanks for the sweet comment! :-)
      Kevin is actually launching a website full of tips about shooting interiors soon…stay tuned!

  35. says

    Sappy email warning……..First of all, a thousand thank yous for your generosity in sharing your talent and hard work. Add to that another thank you for making me look forward to your posts. You never disappoint. What you do is inspire me to think outside my normal little frame of decorating reference (yawn) and berate myself for my lack of energy. You guys are amazing!

    And incredibly creative, and hospitable, and visionary, and thrifty and eco-friendly and loving to each other and to us. Whew. I AM sappy this morning.

    Love your watch, love your purse, love your hair.
    Mz V

    • Layla says

      Well Mz V, you are just the sweetest thing and you have really put a big smile on this girl’s face today. :-D
      Love your comment, love your kindness, love YOU!

  36. says

    This is brilliant!! Love it..I want a little reading room too..what a clever and gorgeous idea..I swear I would live in that room..what is it about small and cozy spaces??? Just love it! So happy to also have discovered your wonderful blog…love how you told a story with this made it look so much fun and obviously it was a labor of love! Please stop by my blog too…started it almost 3 months ago about the building of our new home and my love for design/decor.

    PS Am your newest follower….

  37. says

    This is so gorgeous. The white makes it look so bright and open. Our home has a tiny little room like this, but it’s a 6’x8′ and is difficult to decide what to do with. Looks like come spring it’ll get a good priming and coat of white to brighten it up. Now to find a good use for it!

  38. says

    Looks great! Can I come visit? LOL!
    I love that you shared the resources too. That’s a handy little feature that I think I’m going to use when I share projects!

  39. says

    I loved your striped reading room, so I’m a bit sad to see it go- but I also love your new guest room! It looks amazing! I love the floorboards on the wall idea. In fact, that would look perfect on our fireplace! I’ll have to find out how many square feet I need, then check out the salvage places.

  40. Lisa says

    That is SO SO SO cute. You have a flair, that is for sure. Thanks for taking the time to document everything… even down to where you bought the pillow! Truly an inspiration.

  41. Shelly says

    I love how cheerful that room is!! As well as your entire house. The reading room is delightful & I love the character you have given the space with the worn wood walls. Did you guys add the red paint onto the gym floors or were they already there? So neat!

    • Layla says

      Thanks Shelly!
      The flooring was already like that, and it was so fun digging through the pile for the pieces that had it on them!

  42. says

    You guys do such an amazing job with every single space! I would love to travel to all the little shops you get to see and spend hours looking around. If I’m totally honest, I’m a little sad to see the old reading room gone because that was the inspiration for my whole house! I will miss that room for sure but glad u are loving the new room!

    • Layla says

      Hey Natalie! Thanks for the sweet comment, and as for the “old” reading room- we’ll always have the photos of it! LOL!

  43. says

    Wow! You all took a room that was already so beautiful and inspiring and created another masterpiece! You two are so talented! I love that you all take risks and make every room in your house yours (and I really love you put it on the internet so we can all gain inspiration from your talent).

  44. Jennifer says

    I love the bed, what a great idea. Your pillows are so cheery and springy. The wall behind makes every color pop, even the white!

  45. Bri T says

    Oh wow! I loved the redo before the new ideas but I absolutely LOVE this new look! It is amazing! I especially love that pure potential picture. Looks wonderful you guys!

  46. Danielle says

    It is just beyond stunning!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! If you are ever in Vermont, feel free to stop by. My house is screaming out for your help. If only I had one tiny bit of your talent. You guys are amazing :)

  47. says

    I have been staring at this room ALL morning Long. I just can’t get enough of it. I love looking back at the before and comparing all of the changes you have made. That wood wall is soo cool. This may be my new favorite room in your house, maybe.

  48. Cass says

    I love the your guest room! You guys did an amazing job. I have been scouring the internet for a relatively cheap daybed for my office and haven’t found anything I absolutely love. Your guest bed would be PERFECT so I’m bookmarking this to show The Hubs tonight and maybe we can make it together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  49. says

    It’s a great new feel for the room. If I had created the reading room, it would be hard to scrap it and start over – but good for you for not getting stuck and making the space meet your needs – it turned out so well!

  50. Ana Maria says

    Dear Layla,

    I must echo the comments of others: As much as I liked that reading room, this little guest room is just so perfect! It’s like a little nest or a cocoon. But I just noticed the ceiling, (don’t know if you’ve ever blogged about it before) please tell me some more about it. My house, circa 1976, still has horrendous popcorn ceiling which I hate! I’ve considered removing it (quite a chore) or covering it, and what little I can see of the ceiling in that guest room looks amazing. Are all your ceilings like that or just in that room? Did you guys do it yourselves? Where can I research that? Alas, we are not “handy” like you and your husband.

    Keep blogging and sharing your beautiful life with us, you are an inspiration!

    Ana Maria

  51. says

    I am seriously drooling… I would not have thought I could love that little room any more than I did before the redo – but I have some hugely serious little room envy going on right now! You guys are amazing!

  52. Betsy says

    Looking at this beautiful project is the PERFECT start to my week on a rainy Monday morning!!! Love it! : )

    • Layla says

      Thank Betsy! It’s supposed to get pretty gnarly weather-wise here in ‘Bama tonight too. Better make sure all our flashlights work! :-D

  53. says

    i gotta tell ya Layla, when you told me you were re-vamping this room, there was a little bit o’ sadness in my heart. But I should have known that I would LOVE it, because I just love everything that y’all do!!!!!!
    It looks spect-abulous! :)

  54. Sara says

    Ok, I thought your reading room didn’t need ANY improving, but this is STUNNING! I discovered your blog about a week ago and perhaps may be my new favorite!!!!

  55. says

    Layla!!! In true Elaine Benes form… “GET OUT!” Could this be my favorite transformation ever of yours? Could I have gasped when I saw the reveal? Perhaps. :) I just love it! Great job to both of you!

  56. dana says

    GOR-GEOUS! I am in love with this cozy little nook! It looks straight out of a magazine. One question – instead of curtains on the doorway, is it possible to do a pocket door? Might give your guests a bit more privacy! Just a thought…. oh, and when you get done working on your house, could you PLEASE come do mine!? :-)

    • Mary says

      I was thinking about one of the barn doors that slide on a pulley or something like that. BUT since you said your mom was a ’70’s girl, it would be purely decorative!!LOL

  57. Kristy says

    Wow! I absolutely love this!! Your posts are always so inspiring and make me want to get out my nail gun ;)

  58. says

    We used to love going to Southern Accents when we lived in Hartselle. What a great shop! The room is beautiful. I was looking at the Stratton bed the other day for our guest room and thinking we could build it. Thanks for sharing the link to the plans!

  59. Sylvia says

    I’m speechless, and that is saying a lot. I, also, couldn’t image the reading room being any more awesome. Why did it need a make over? Well, sorry for doubting you and Kevin. I agree with some others… y’all are my favorites. Hands down. Thanks for sharing your wonder talent with us.

    • Layla says

      Thanks Sylvia!
      It just needed a mini makeover…the walls were pretty dinged up, and needed repairing, and I didn’t want my Mom to lose an eye to any of that sharp-edged while she was sleeping/moving around in there! :-D

  60. Debbie says

    I’m so happy to find your blog ;-) You & Kevin are quite inspirational to me. I loved the reading room, but the guest room is just as lovely!

    I’d love to copy your Pottery Barn inspired daybed in our living/dining/kitchen room in our little cottage at the beach. Would you mind sharing the type mattress you used? Do you have any problem with slippage?

  61. says

    Gasp!!! When I read that you were redoing your reading room I was bummed…until I saw the final outcome! Beautiful, guys! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

  62. says

    I absolutely love it … especially the platform bed with the great storage. My daughter and her husband are fixing up their little house and storage remains a problem. The bed in their guest room might lend itself to that treatment. I also love how much you love your mom.

  63. Kristi @ Creative Kristi says

    Oh. My. Gosh! Layla!!!!! How could you take that gorgeous room & make it even more gorgeous?! Love! Love love love!! :) (and I’m SURE it’ll get the Mom seal o’approval when she comes to visit!)

  64. Tracey says

    Both rooms done are absolutely beautiful but I am a little confused as to which one is the after? I love everything in both but I see you listed one as the after but showed the steps to do the other but both had the same before.(If that makes sense)

  65. says


    Its beautiful…you guys are so creative! I love the combination of rustic and crisp in the wood/white tones. Im sure you mother will have many sweet dreams in that room. Love the pics in the car, I thought I was the only one you had to take my headrests off on my junking excursions. lol

    Lucky 7 Design

  66. says

    I absolutely LOVE this re-do! I usually don’t like dark wood but love what you did w/it in this room! I would love to stay in this room! love those vintage metal tins too! awesome-ness from the cute couple. =)

  67. Leah says

    When I read that you were re-doing that beautiful room, I was like, “Nooooooooo!”
    Then, when I scrolled down to the reveal, I was like, “Whooooooooa!!!”
    Keep on ‘trusting your crazy ideas’, Layla!! : )

  68. says

    You two are just amazing! You take a room that is perfectly beautiful as is and make it even better! The gym floor on the back wall is incredible….so, so pretty! Love it all…what a lucky and blessed Mom to get to visit and sleep there!

  69. Lucy says

    Layla! I have been waiting and waiting on this reveal!! I absolutely LOVE what you did with the gym flooring! When you guys drove away in your cute little car with all that wood sticking in and out of every space, I was a little worried for ya! You did a remarkable job and I’m so glad I didn’t ask for any sneak peeks along the way! The final outcome is breathtakingly beautiful! Thanks for giving us the shout out! Come back and see us anytime!! xoxo Lucy

  70. lindajb says

    You guys totally amaze me. When I started reading, I thought oh no, I love the old room don’t do anything to it. Well, shut my mouth, it is even more georgous. I love it and still want to borrow Kevin for a few years.

  71. says

    I love the room! I think you should totally build a sliding barn door for this room with the hinges on the outside of the room. I mean, wouldn’t it look perfect in your house? Yes, it would! I love the salvaged gym floors and the board and batten as well.

  72. Sandy A says

    I didn’t think it could look better—it doesn’t just look better–it is beautiful!!!! I loved this room before and now, well, what is the word for more than love? You amaze us and I should not be surprised–you do it all the time. Thank you for sharing your home and talents with us. You don’t mind we copy do you?…..

  73. says


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the floral IKEA pillow. I have searched high and low for a up close image of that pillow since I read the post on the room. Is it possible to get a closer image or larger image? My handy dandy needle and thread are poised and ready to make the awesome pillow myself. I just cannot get a good look at the design..Please and Thank you!

  74. says

    Wow! Old gymnasium flooring on the wall?! I love it! You two really are so great at what you do. Thank you for the inspiration! I love the new room!

  75. Elaine says

    LOVE IT! That is incredible, love the old wood wall, such a cool idea. The room looks so cozy and inviting – really an awesome job!

  76. Gail says

    Oh my goodness you guys….the room looks beyond amazing! Great idea with the gym flooring back wall. I totally want to steal that idea. ;)


  77. Sara says

    I am forever amazed everytime you guys work over a room. It looks like something plucked straight from the pages of Country Living or BHG, but with even more charm and character. I love it! What a neat idea to use old gym flooing on the wall.

  78. says

    And I thought I was in love with the reading room. I guess my feelings are a tad fickle because I think I love this guest room even more! The contrast between the wood gym flooring and the white board and batten is stunning. Plus, I absolutely adore your “Trust your crazy ideas” notebook.

  79. says

    three words; A-MAZE-ING ! Where did you get the idea to use the floor on the wall. I was surprised to see it there.
    Great look!

  80. Heidi says

    All of you guys with your adorable southern accents make me wish I talked like you all……or should I say “ya’ll”? ;) Anyways this room turned out beautiful as ever but I think watching the pictures of your fun day was maybe the best part. I love a good road trip!!!

  81. says

    I really love how you don’t just convert add some extra blankets, etc. to make the existing room a nice bedroom. I love how you go ALL out every time. I am just too lazy for that. I hate clutter, and so I don’t have a stock of cool things to spice stuff up, and any “redesign” involves a new set of bed blankets. I am so inspired by your energy!

  82. Robin says

    When you said you were re-doing the reading room I was so sad because I LOVE that room….

    but WOW!!!!! This is even better! Such a great job! :)

  83. says

    Are you serious? That bed is awesome! I’ve been looking for something like it for our small guestroom/office and this is PERFECT!!! Thanks for the link.

    BTW – That rooms looks amazing!!!

  84. says

    I didn’t want to see you change this room. This room has always been my favorite in your house. Then when I saw what you were putting on the wall…I freaked. But I have to say that reclaimed flooring looks very nice. It adds depth to the room. It makes the room look larger. I am wanting to make a window seat just like your bed and the pottery barn bed for a room in my house. I was just looking at it last week and thinking about making one. I have fabulous built in shelves on either side of the window and it’s the perfect spot to add a bed like this….although…I’d make mine narrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

  85. Wendy says

    Wow! I loved it before and now I love it even more! Gorgeous! You 2 are amazing! Just wondering, how long did each section take? So I can convince my husband to do something similar!

  86. Heather says

    Love! The gymnasium floor boards on the wall looks incredible. The little pops of red from the gym floor paint are just right!

  87. says

    You and Kevin are so crazy talented I can hardly stand it!!! I mean, seriously?!
    How do you do it? That room is breath-taking!
    I would give a million bucks for an ounce of your talent and vision. And I’m not just saying that. God has blessed you both with a serious gift!!
    Thank you for sharing it with others.
    Luv u!

    • Layla says

      Traci you are so stinkin’ sweet!
      So glad you like the new “do”.
      We are enjoying it too!

  88. Rebecca says

    Loved the before (that you did) and love the after. Do you ever miss the mark when you have an idea or do you always nail it?!

  89. says

    LOVe, love, LOVE this! How talented to turn a room the size of a closet into this AHMAZING space! Love that you are from Alabama, too! Me too!!! :) The largest “city” close to me, is Gadsden, well, I am actually closer to Jacksonville. I am a new follower and LOVE your awesome blog! Have a wonderful day! :)

  90. says

    You guys would have the most rockin’ Bed & Breakfast if you ever opened one. You know…. in all that spare time you have between making great music, decorating a beautiful house, preparing yourselves to be parents and everything else you guys take on, I’m sure you have plenty of free time to take on that extra project just so I could come stay in a Layla & Kevin decorated room. I’m totally kidding, kind of. :)

    Anyways, love the new room. And pretty much everything you do. But this room is seriously dreamy.

    Ok, I’m done rambling.

  91. says

    Took my breath away. It’s my favorite redo so far. Love it all. I adore that floral pillow. The wall, there are now words, but yummy comes to mind!

    • Layla says

      Well, I’ve only had to make it once, and it was pretty easy peasy. There’s enough room for my hands to tuck everything in! :-)

  92. says

    Oh my…..genius and gorgeous! I’m intrigued by the painted plywood floors — I’ve wanted to rip up carpet and paint/or stain the plywood beneath it. Tell the steps! how? why? where? Dos and don’ts!

  93. sue says

    I love what you did with this little room. You can still use it for a ‘reading room’ when you don’t have guests. Since the room is so small, I’d get one of those expandable curtain rods for the doorway and just put it and the curtain up when you have guests. Otherwise, I’d take it down and leave the room open. Just a thought.

  94. says

    i love the transition between the 3 phases, such different personalities in all three! i especially love the ‘magazine rack’! i’ve had the rummage sale itch for about 3 months now, can’t wait for summer to come to MN so i can search out some treasures for our home! love the post layla. thank you!

  95. Amber says

    Beautiful! You are both very talented and creative. Your blog is a real treat to visit, thanks for having me!

  96. says

    I just keep coming back and looking at this adorable room! I am so in love with the gym floor walls. You are so creative it blows my mind!! Would love it if someone would follow my blog,!

  97. Angie Meyer says

    That’s just amazing! I loved the room before, but that wall is just………..WOW!!! What a great place for your mom to have a sleepover! :)

  98. kelly says

    Like the 5 zillion other folks here i just love love love it! You guys did great!!! I am especially thrilled to see the accents of RED in a design world that seems to be living in the land of blues (although I love Kevin’s little blue stool in there with the red and the pop of yellow from the tin.) And the wall -it is pure gorgeous-ness and the perfect accent to it all. Your car packed to max with lumber looks like our crv does on many occasions. Isn’t it crazy how we can make our small cars behave like trucks??
    Stay safe out of tonight’s storms.
    Going to take down the outside red umbrellas right now!

    • Layla says

      Thanks Kelly! I’m starting to get a little worried about the storms rollin’ through…got all my candles in a row though! :-D

  99. says

    So, SO gorgeous Layla!! I just love your photography too. You got mad skillz baby! And whenever I go and visit my family in Decatur, we go and get fried chicken in Cullman! I don’t remember the name of the place but it sure is good and greasy. :)

  100. says

    I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!!! I was just thinking about what we should do for our guest room in our “new” house and this is perfect. I am so in love with the daybed and love that you made it yourself. You are AMAZING!

  101. says

    Layla, this is just gorgeous. I wish I had an ounce of your vision. I can’t ever picture how things will turn out and look when I’m done!

    Want to fly to colorado and help me decorate our new house? lol

    I LOVE this!!!

  102. Cindy Chapman says

    When I first read that you were redoing the reading room, I thought, “NO way! It’s adorable!” But, I swear, it looks even better. That gym floor wall makes the room! I’ve been eyeing one of those PB beds with storage drawers.

  103. Sandra says

    Layla and Kevin,

    Stunning! You two are amazing! I am in love with the wood flooring on the wall. I think I may need to plan a trip to Cullman.

    Y’all come up with the greatest decorating ideas. I would sure love to hire you to come decorate my house!


  104. Alicia says

    Just when I think your ideas can’t excite me anymore–you come up with something even more amazing!! I soooo love the old gym floor on the back wall–how creative is that?? You guys are awesome–keep up the incredible work!!

  105. Becky says

    Sorry everyone – Layla & Kevin are coming to sunny California. I am so flying the two of you to California and have you redo every room in my new house! HGTV is really missing the boat by not giving the two of you your own show. AND, the first episode would be my living room.

    I loved it before, I LOVE.IT. now…

  106. says

    Amazing! Nice work you two! And you did it in an hour, right??? Hee hee! My boyfriend would love the old Gym floor on the wall idea!! He coaches basketball at a high school.
    Thanks for always been so inpspiring!
    Have a great week!

  107. Mary Slimp says

    When you wrote that you were changing up that wonderful little room my first thought was “Oh no!” But I love the new treatment even more. The gym floor walls are genius.

  108. says

    You are absolutely amazing! The room was gorgeous before and you just made it more beautiful and so very functional. You truly inspire me!

  109. Jenny B. says

    It looked amazing before… and now it looks amazing all over again! You make it look so effortless! :) LOVE your style and your blog.

  110. says

    Wow and more wow. I didn’t think you could improve on the reading room but of course you did! Love love love this! That wood on the back wall is gorgeous. I adore old wood, so much character. You and Kevin are quite the team!

  111. says

    This is just beautiful! I wish I had an extra room to do something fun with! I love, love, love the idea for the back wall. You are so creative! A couple weeks ago I watched your adorable video of you guys painting your kitchen cabinets. I found it over at another blog and was interested b/c I’m currently in the middle of {and have been for almost a month} painting my cabinets. Your video was so cute and so inspiring that I immediately became a follower! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas and creations!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  112. says

    What’s all this talk about it being a room for your mom??? My birthday is Jan 12 and I am packing my bag (and my baby) right now!!! It’s seriously insane friend. beautiful. You constantly blow it right out of the water. Bravo!

  113. Sarah Teske says

    I am speechless. I really liked that old room. But THIS is Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaa!

  114. Crystal Sargent says

    Board and batten seems to be the hot thing on diy blogs the last few days! Love love them, wheels are turning! I’m not sure what the hallway looks like for that room, but I’d say that’s the room that need the sliding barn door on the outside of. I have seen those sliding things at ikea for drapes or panels too…just a thought…love it, keep up the good work…if you came to my house, you’d think you are in yours, I just copy everything you do, but its hard to keep up!!! lol

  115. Linda says

    The reading room was just lovely but the spare bedroom is even more lovely. Digging the simplicity, the lovely white storage bed, the white bedspread with tan, red and (just a touch of) pale blue accent pillows. You have inspired me to redecorate our spare room in a similar style.

  116. says

    Ummm WOW! I don’t know how you continue to absolutely impress over and over again! You two are geniuses! Your decorating style takes my breath away. I want to completely “letter cottage” my whole house lol. :D

  117. says

    What an awesome room!!! Love the bed and the old flooring on the back wall. Such a great use of space in that room! Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us. You two are so talented!! Love & blessings from NC!

  118. Tracey Hewison says

    It is simply beautiful! May I just ask….what was the previous flooring? (hardwood or laminate, I can’t tell?) And could you tell me a bit more about what you did with this new floor…painted plywood? I am wondering if this would work in a slightly larger room? I have a nasty berber in our fourth, oddly shaped bedroom (being used as an office/XBox 360/dumping ground room (!) right now and I would love to turn it into a guestroom. I LOVE the look of painted floors, so have been trying to research different (cheap!) flooring options…if you could let me know of a link that might explain how to do that, I would be forever grateful! I am so inspired by your bravery in everything you attempt :-)

  119. says

    Fantastic ! The flooring on the wall really gave the room a vintage flare. My husband and I have fallen for the wall sconce and now must find something similar for each side of our bed. It’s perfect. Great job guys :)

  120. says

    The old flooring is DA-BOMB!!!
    Since mama is from the 70’s perhaps she’d like one of those beaded curtains that Greg Brady used to have in his way super cool attic bedroom! Remember that? LOL!
    You knocked this one OUT!!

  121. says

    It was beautiful reading room beforehand but the after is amazing! I love every details. That wall is awesome, love the board and batten, love the painted floor and the bed with extra storage. Your decorative accents are so charming. Great job, you two! I love that tiny room. :)

  122. says

    Wow~this is just so wonderful. I just found your blog a while back and thank you for your posting and incredibly creative ideas~


  123. cammee says

    My first thought was “no, don’t touch the reading room!” That quickly turned to “this is perfection!” You guys are so very talented. I LOVE the gym flooring on the walls and everything else in this room. Your mom is one lucky guest!

  124. Kim in MD says

    I totally agree with Cammee…my first thought was “that reading room is pure perfection-please don’t re-do it!”. That said, I must say that you are amazing…the new guest room is stunning! :-)

  125. Heather says

    Ok, when I first saw the title of this post, I let out a big “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”… because I LOVE the way you did your reading room. Love it.

    But now that I’ve read the post and looked at the pictures, I think I’m going to be OK ;) It looks fabulous!!

  126. Nicole says

    Absolutely beautiful!!! I love it.
    And I have a little man who would love to have some gym flooring on his wall =)
    hmmmm… You are truly inspirational! Thank you =)

  127. Sarah Teske says

    This room is so awesome. I’m going to comment a second time today. It has spurred so much conversation with some friends today on Facebook. Thanks!!! :)

  128. Lexie says

    loved, loved, loved the reading room before…love, love, love, LOVE the reading room even more now! how is that possible? ;) you guys ROCK! as always, you guys are truly an inspiration…UH-MAZE-ING!!!

  129. Beverly says

    Okay guys. First you give us a odd space/what to do with room and well, you made it just perfect. THEN, you go and change it! My, my! What are ya’ll trying to do? Bogg our brains, blow our minds, what, WHAT? Then we see the NEW finished room and WOW! Okay, ya’ll are trying to make our minds EXPLODE! I now officially have a love/hate relationship with you guys. I LOVE everything you touch and I HATE that you make it look so easy!
    Hats off once again!
    P.S. Now give us time to copy it before you go changing things up again, huh?

  130. Alison says

    Hi Layla! I really love what you’ve done. I would like to ask you about the ceiling color. It is so pretty. I know that it is SherWill ~ Sea Salt but is it 100 Or 50%. It does not look the same on my paint paddle as it does on your ceiling or your chalk board. So I have been hesitant to use it.

    Thank you:)

  131. says

    Love the wood flooring on the walls! I often use Pottery Barn as a source of inspiration. My dad and I built a banquet based on a Pottery Barn pic. So fun!

  132. says

    I didn’t think I could love your reading room more…but wowzah!
    That beautiful gym flooring warms the whole thing right up!

  133. Jenna says

    Wow! Your rooms and redos are all inspiring. Makes me want to go change my newly painted and carpeted house. However, I can’t! But, I sure do enjoy reading your posts! Keep up the great work.

  134. says

    Oh my, that room is so cute! Is was really pretty before though too. I love the flooring on the wall, what a great idea…gives it a little bit of a rustic, yet kind of edgy look. Just a thought, but maybe you guys should invest in a truck ;)

  135. Courtney says

    Oh my stinkin’ heck…is there anything you can’t do? Sheesh! You are so, so talented and I love to visit your blog. : )

  136. says

    i think i just sat here and stared at this room for 30 minutes straight. haha. IN.LOVE. with the wood wall! your style is effortless. so inspiring!

  137. says

    That looks amazing! love the color scheme and how cozy it looks. The gym flooring is also a neat idea, and seems to be worth the 2 hr. drive you took to get it! :)

  138. says

    Great. Now I’m coveting.
    And wishing you still offered design consults. Or that maybe you wanted to visit Cincinnati! Lovely lovely room. What an accent that gym floor is–small investment for a big pop!! LOVE the red. Just thinking how blessed you are to be renovating as a team. Enjoy this and try not to take it for granted :)

  139. kelly says

    that is the cutest room ever! nate berkus has nothing on you guys! great use of space and materials. that floor on the wall is soooo cool! love the board and batten. you are awesome!

  140. Aimee says

    Oh my gosh, you live by Cullman AL? That is where I would go to go the “Big stores” when I visited my grandma on the farm…although she says your farm is surrounded by houses now. Okay, so now I completely trust your website. I may even make that bed in my office. You have my full confidence at a teacher :)

  141. says

    Loved reno #1 of this room and also love reno #2! I would love to live a day in your two heads. Maybe my home would look this good! Love, love, love your style K&L. Love.

  142. julie says

    WOW. So many comments. Im thinking you dont need to hear from me. I just say.. This is my favoriite small room re-do EVER.. It was cute to start but WOW you guys got it going on…
    Super fun space.

  143. says

    Such a great use of a small space! Love it all, but I’m from Knoxville, so I’m kinda partial to the East TN Packing Co. Bucket.

  144. says

    Oh my good gracious, I want a tiny room!! Seriously, this is too much for my design-challenged brain to even comprehend. It’s so much perfectness! I’m bookmarking this and I don’t even know why because where in the heck could I do this?? I think I’ll just stare at it every day.

  145. Megan says

    Can you tell me why you two do not have a TV show yet? HGTV is missing the boat by not swooping you up!!!

  146. says

    Oh my gosh oh my gosh.. that wood! I’m going crazy here! FLOOR wood?!? I have a ton of that… oh my gosh…. where will I put mine?!? AAAAHH!!

    Just when I didn’t think your reading room could possibly improve, it did. So beautiful!


  147. says

    Wow, I love it! I loved it before AND I love it now. :-)

    And I totally have that same “Trust Your Crazy Ideas” notepad in my purse.

  148. Julie says

    You both did a great job, I love it , it looks so fresh! Can I come over and read sometime :D …..Julie in Holland

  149. amanda l. says

    hi layla! i LOVE following your blog. my family just bought a newly built home in a neighborhood that is in the process of being built out. we really want to customize our home inside and out so that it doesn’t look so much like all the other homes in our ‘hood! you’ve given me some great ideas. i hope i can pull some of them off!

    this particular post REALLY caught my eye. i love the wood planks on the wall and would love to do that in the alcoves on either side of my fireplace. so…i have a question. in the picture, the ends of the planks look so perfectly cut and flush to the wall. are they so perfectly cut or is there any trim or molding running from the ceiling to the floor to finish off the edges?

    thanks a ton!

  150. says

    This is a seriously amazing transformation. I love the flooring on the wall. It really pops the white and gives the room dimension! You guys rock (:

  151. says

    Wow. I love it. Seriously. I love what you did before but this one is even more serene with a country edge to it. I hope your mom (and all your guests) enjoys her stay.

  152. Katherine says

    Hi Layla & Kevin,

    Your guest room looks so beautiful and cozy – you have done a brilliant job! The old floor boards look amazing – what a great idea! I love what you have done in your house – your are both so very talented.

    Keep on inspiring me!

    Greetings from Australia :)

  153. says

    Layla, I absolutely looooove this space. I read the post yesterday and just cannot get the reclaimed wood wall out of my head. I love the clean white and neutral aesthetic and the pops of red! Absolutely love it. Great job!

  154. says

    Holy guacamole Layla & Kevin – once again you ROCKED THIS!! Who would have ever thought about using old gym flooring on the wall- LOVE IT! And I think I have just been inspired to re-do my daughter’s room using the daybed idea. We moved from a 2000+sq ft home to an under 1000sq ft farmhouse that we remodeled and she’s really missing her big room with room for all her dolls and playthings….I think the extra storage and a cute daybed would give her more room to play and the extra storage that she needs to keep her room looking tidy. Thanks guys – seriously love y’all and your over the top ideas!

  155. Gina says

    Wow, this is just lovely! This is my favorite of all of your makeovers. Fantastically creative! Well done!!

  156. says

    Wow! I was impressed with your reading room and now blown away with your guest room. I love the dark wood wall. It’s a great focal point. Your guests are going to love staying there.
    As always, you are an inspiration.
    Keep those ideas coming!

  157. says

    I went away on a little holiday to a hotel that specialized in naturally hot mineral pools. So as I was soaking to my heart’s content, my mind kept wandering to this room. Your room. And how on EARTH you get the pictures to look so bright and white. Killer photography to match a killer room.

    I’m dyin’. Kevin, please hurry with that advice! :)


  158. Maran B says

    First I have to say that your blog is my absolute favorite among all the blogs I read each week…. I always know you will post something interesting, full of character and right up my alley style-wise! LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff, girl!

    Second, quick question on the flooring in your new guest room. I noticed you said you painted the plywood floors. Well, I have seriously U-G-L-Y linoleum in my kitchen, original to the house (which, might I add, was built in the FORTIES!!!!!). And I’m on a serious budget. Do you think a kitchen is a practical space to have painted plywood floors until we add tile? How easy would they be to clean?

    Thanks for all you do… And I am PRAYING for your journey to adopt a child!

    ~ Maran

  159. says

    wow so much impact for such a little room! I loved the last makeover you did on this tiny space and you have already changed it to another great looking and storage usable space! You’re making me feel a bit lazy with my rooms that I haven’t even started on no less the 2nd time around!!

    bee blessed

  160. says

    OK you guys are simply amazing. I LOVED the room before and I LOVE it after!! We are totally getting some gym floorboards for our entry now :) I have a question… what are the paint colors from your previous room redo? {The stripes}?

  161. says

    wow! I LOVE what you have created…what a gorgeous *sanctuary* for your Mom :) I was excited to see you used the Ikea Euro striped pillow…I have two of those in my living room for a splash of color – and, I share my birthday with your Mom..mine’s also June 13th!!

  162. debbie says

    Layla and Kevin – you two are amazing! So glad I found you in blogland. Since you posted your reading room redo I have come back to peek and drool over it many times – at least 5 times :) but who’s counting? I absolutely love this idea and you nailed it with such detail and class. Can I just tell you both what an informative, creative, and lovely site you have blessed us all with. Keep on inspiring us with your beautiful rooms and photographs. Can’t wait to see what you are up to next.

  163. Kristy A. says

    I am from Indiana and I love your blog. My Husband was born in Ala. and his family lives near the Cullman area. I cannot wait for the family reunion in June to check out the southern accents shop. You both are such an inspiration. Thanks for the tip on the shop and your room is awesome!

  164. says

    Layla!!! I don’t know how you do it! Every time you touch a room it gets better…and that didn’t seem possible since it was perfect to begin with. My jaw is on the floor. Bravo girl!

  165. Jenny C. says

    Hi Layla and Kevin,

    Haven’t followed along in a while…busy with my wild 6 year old. Am curious…are you going to reuse the oar you had in your original guest room? I’m assuming you are converting it to a nursery, so there is a good chance you will use the oar. But, if not, I want to buy it from you. I need an oar just like that for my 6 year olds room and I haven’t found anything I like yet online. Please let me know.


  166. says

    Oh, Layla!!! I loved the room before & didn’t see how you could possibly come up with better, but oh my goodness, I love that old wood on the walls. Fantastic redo, you and Kevin are truly amazing. You are a stylin’ genius, my friend! xoxo Thank you for your very sweet words on my post this week.

  167. says

    Love it!! It looked great before, but I can’t believe how different the space looks now! Did you have hardwood floor in there that you painted or did you remove the floor and paint the subfloor? I’m trying to figure out where the gap came from lol…since I just ripped up my own carpet and now have to install trim below my baseboards. Are you going to use shoe or quarter round?

  168. says

    This. Is. Amazing. I want to try the stripes in my office because it needs some serious help. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  169. says

    Genius! I love everything about this space. The daybed with storage (awesome how it fits so perfectly in that nook!), the floor board walls, all the white and pops of color. You have inspired me!

  170. says

    I never thought you could top the reading room – that was so cute, but the new guest room is even cuter. love the wood wall, the red accents, the painted floor!!! You are the best!


  171. Angela says

    Absolutely amazing! Love it! You’re both so talented to be able to envision the potential in a space that so many wouldn’t have a clue what to do with!! Your mom’s very lucky! :)

  172. Lora says

    Just found your website…LOVE IT! Thanks for all the inspiration. Love your style and the creativity rocks! I’m in Tuscaloosa and I must say southern girls know how to get it done:)

    • Layla says

      Oh my goodness Lora! How are you doin’ up there? I’ve been glued to the Weather Channel all day!!! :-O

      • Lora says

        Made it through intact. Several friends had severe damage but no injuries! God is gracious. Thanks for asking.

        Keep the inspiration coming…I’ve been looking around my house all day to determine where I could fit in a nook like yours.

  173. Marcy says

    Layla, you & Kev are truly talented! I’m always amazed at your transformations. I love this guest room – such a clever idea with the gymnasium flooring and the whole space is oozing with charm. As I was looking at your pics & reading your entry, I wondered if you couldn’t add one of those sliding barn doors along that wall instead of curtains to close it off? Not sure if it would be feasible, but I just thought it might look cool with the rest of your decor (your entire house is so fabulous btw!).

    Keep up the awesome work and thanks for all the daily inspiration (and motivation!).

  174. Deb says

    I love this room:) My son just left for basic training and I would love to redo his 8×10 room while he is gone. I am wondering if you could let me know where you found pics for inspiration (since our room is 8×10 we have a few inches at one end of the bed, thinking built in cabinet?) so I can gather all ideas before making some decisions and getting started.
    ALSO, want to rip out the carpet and lay wooden plank flooring…sites w/ instructions??
    THANKS for all of your ideas and encouragement.
    [email protected]

  175. says

    Layla and Kevin, it looks great. Y’all got that nail-gun thing down to a science now. You really gave the room so much depth and character. Love it!

  176. gina says

    You and Kevin are my new inspiration. My husband is hating me now since all I do is drag him to Home Depot. I love both rooms, but I love the paint in your reading room. Asking your opinion: can I do those horizontal stripes in a small bathroom? We have a beachy type house. If so, how large were your stripes and do you mind me asking the paint type and colors you used?

  177. Camille says

    What colors did you use on the stripes that were shown in the before picture? I think the striped wall is great.


  178. says

    GORGEOUS room! And hey, I live in Cullman! I’m sad to say I have never been in the store though I drive by it a LOT. I will def be dragging the husband in there sometime soon!

  179. Lisa says

    I love the room – beautiful, comfortable and fresh! I’m wondering about the spacing between your batten boards – I plan on adding it to our family room and I really like the amount of spacing you have – enough for pics etc – thanks!

  180. lrn'n' says

    How do you paint over laminate flooring? The paint won’t stick will it? Can you scuff up laminate so the paint will stick?

    • Layla says

      Hmmm…I don’t think I’d tackle that project…sounds like it would be destined to scuff! :-O

  181. Stacey says

    Hi Layla, I sat for days trying to decide which question to ask you first…because I have about a million. We have a child with animal allergies in a house with a cat and dog we can’t part with. It has been recommended that we remove all carpet but we can’t afford putting in another type of flooring. I thought of maybe removing at least the carpet in their rooms and painting the base flooring, is that what you did here? It looks possible and the products are easy to get, but what about low VOC? Could I use a milk base paint for the job? I have 3 boys and I home school so the wear would be high traffic. I found this idea and wanted your feedback. And with that I’ll save the other 999,999 other questions for another time. Great site – I pour over it!

  182. says

    I love this room! I so want to make that day bed (I am teaching myself how to make furniture) and I love the reclaimed wood on the walls. I never would have thought of that but it looks amazing!

  183. angela says

    I loved the way it looke before with all the mirrors ………………….but its stunning now too , with more storage space :).love it xx

  184. says

    This little room is adorable. We recently switched living spaces with my parents & I’m living with traditional decor/paint & am trying, one room at a time, to lighten things up & achieve a cottage look. Any tips on how to do the board & patten look with traditional baseboard? It’s 5 in base but not flat :( I have a large wall in my dining room that is so bare, I thought board & batten would look good? :)

  185. Judy C says

    Have a small room that we assume used to be a powder room off the foyer that the previous owner turned into just a small room with shelves–had talked myself into closing it off and turning it into a pantry for the small galley kitchen, then saw your reading room and now your guest room and now I can’t decide what I want to do with it. What a great room you’ve made. Live in Cullman, Southern Accents is just a great place which I have to stay out of as much as possible to keep from getting in trouble :-)

  186. Stephanie says

    You do such wonderful work! I wish I was that good at decorating. Such a neat idea with gym flooring on the wall. That’s something that I’ve never seen done. Here while back I went into a Mennonite home and the whole house was done with old gym flooring. There was about 3 stories done with the flooring. The top floor was the attic/game room or something and in it was all the flooring with the lines. It was in no order and so cool!

  187. says

    The flooring on the wall is gorgeous. I think people take it overboard sometimes. One wall with a window in it is always the perfect place to do such an accent. Plus the time and thought that it takes… good for you! Love love love the look and feel of it.

  188. says

    so inspirational, a real wow of a room, and so cleverly done in such quick time and not expensive.. all perfect for us bloggers, and so pretty to boot too!!

  189. Danielle Baker says

    When choosing from salvaged furniture, how can you be sure not to buy a door/window with lead paint?

    • Layla says

      Hmmm…I’m not sure, Danielle! :-O We haven’t bought any painted, salvaged doors or windows for this house. (yet!) ;-)

  190. RaeLee says

    LOOOVE the new design! What colors did you use for the stripes on the wall prior to the change? Love the faint contrast!

  191. Kathy Dittmer says

    Cannot believe this space is 6’x6’!!! Incredible. The wood on the walls…..pure genius!!! Thanks for sharing these brilliant ideas!!

  192. sherry cropski-bruno says

    Absolutley love! Such a great use of space. You make it look so easy! I am inspired. Thank you.

  193. says

    Hi Layla! Maybe I didn’t search hard enough, but I was wondering if you would please share what colors you used for the stripes before the redo (if you happen to remember them).
    I would love to recreate this look in our master bathroom! Thanks!!

    • Layla says

      Hi Stephanie!

      They were painted with Behr’s “Fencepost” (no long available) and Sherwin Williams’ “Natural Choice”. :-)

  194. says

    I love, love, LOVE this makeover! You guys are very talented!! I can’t wait to see a tour of your “cat room”. :) Seriously.

  195. Lenka says

    This is adorable!!! I love this room :). If you’ll go to Europe (close to Prague), you could help me with my room, which is as big as this one :D.

  196. Kelly Gray says

    I must say I “LOVE” your blog and I was BLOWN AWAY when I saw that you were in Cullman, AL. I am not sure where you guys live, but I live only 1 hour away from Cullman.
    I love the bed idea!!! We are planning a BIG remodel, if something happens and we do not buy a house in the next town over. Even then, there are things I want to change aout that house. You have some great ideas and have inspired me to want to redo things in our house (if we stay!!).
    I have not been to that place in Cullman, so will have to make a trip and check it out.

    • Layla says

      Hey Kelly!
      We’re in Pike Road, Alabama- down by Montgomery. Have fun shopping at Southern Accents- it’s AWESOME! :-D

  197. says

    I love that you have a reading room and especially adore what you’ve done with the wall using wood as a focal point versus paint! Sigh. Really pretty.

  198. Nyree says

    Absolutely adorable, unbelievable how you’ve created such charm and bright clean feeling to this room. Well done!

  199. Pam says

    I am having a bed made in our bonus room under a window – similar to what you did. I was wondering on your bedding…you said you got a quilt from pottery barn. Did you just fold it under the mattress – did you maybe get a larger size like a queen? I am trying to figure out how to do that with a twin size mattress as well. Also, on that Ikea light hanging down – did you have to wire for that or was there already a light there to replace it with? I love your whole look!!

  200. Shannon says

    Love this room! We recently moved into a new house and have gone from a 18 x 16 bedroom to a 9 x 9 box (we gave the two larger rooms to the kiddos so they would have room for toys and friends :) ). I have been searching the internet and pinning endless bedrooms trying to find one that fit for us and I think I just have. Your room is our new inspiration. I absolutely love Southern Accents and have spent my fair share of time going through their treasures! Thanks for the inspiration!

  201. says

    I love the contrast of dark wood with light decor. Also the fact that you use old recycled things is great. I know this is an older post but it is stunning!

  202. Laura says

    The before was nice, but the second one knocked my socks of. Y’all are incredible! My daughter moved out and I”m redoing her bedroom as an office/guest room. Just love the floorboard on the wall! Everything was great, even the light placed over the daybed, and the way you did your home office/guestroom in the other post. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

  203. says

    Hi, I heard about your blog through “American Blogger.” I LOVE this reading room and can’t wait to own a house so I can do one very similarly. I especially like the ladder with magazines :) Thanks for the great ideas! Glad I found your site.

  204. mbeth says

    I have used Behr’s Moonlight white on all the ceilings of my ’52 bungalow…. such a soft, beautiful color :-) Very nice job on your reading room!

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