Reading Room – During

So, here it is. The infamous “Reading Room” in it’s current state.
I know, I know. The flooring STILL isn’t installed.
It’s been CRAZY around this place this week. But Kevin has promised to work on it soon.

I still haven’t accessorized the space, or purchased window treatments.
And I’ve got plans to flank the new opening to the room with drapes.
For now, a lonely little rod just hangs, and waits…

I also want to purchase a twin-sized white pick-stitch quilt from Pottery Barn (it matches the outer most Euro Sham pillow covers in the photo), to cover the fitted sheet you see in the picture now…

In this photo is my little flea market find chair that used to be school bus yellow. I plan to cover the seat with burlap and throw a little green accent pillow on it…

So, to recap- here’s what I started with, and where I am now.
I LOVE the fact that I kind of got an extra guest bedroom (or at least another spot for a guest to sleep) out of a pretty awkward six foot by six foot space.
Maybe it’ll up the value of the home?

Screen Door - Dining Room
Technical Difficulties

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  1. Linda at Lime in the Coconut! says

    Bravo, girl!! Bravo. Makes me want to grab a good book and a cuppa tea. Scratch that. Glass of wine. Yep, wine!

  2. Barbie says

    I LOVE your home and blog. This is my first time commenting though. You have amazing decorating skills!! What an inspiration. I could curl up in that reading room all day with a good book. Love it!!

  3. Traci says

    Nice work!! What exactly WAS that room before? What a strange size…could it have been a pantry?

  4. Suzann says

    I have to ask…I have admired this room from the day I discovered your blog and I adore how you painted the horizontal stripes on the wall as well. What colors are those stripes???? Is your trim white or cream? What color did you use to paint them? The walls outside your reading room look very similar to a paint color I am currently contemplating, so I’ve gotta ask what color those walls are as well.
    Again, I LOVE this room. The white pick stitch quilt will look awesome. I have the quilt in the green (willow I believe) and I love it. I had quite the shopping spree at PB yesterday – gotta LOVE that store.

  5. Screaming Meme says

    Great room…great idea! I love the stripes…and the reading/guest room idea…You are using your space wisely….It will be a wonderful place to read and lounge and sleep and and and! :)I can’t to see your end result…:) Have a great weekend…Layla!!!!!

  6. Susie Harris says

    What a neat little space. I could just see you curled up reading a good design book. I love the stripe that you have going on in there too! looking forward to the rest of the house.

  7. Twice as Nice says

    Love how the room is coming together. The whole house actually. The kitchen is great. Hope to see you on the next Design Star!

  8. Layla says

    Hey ya’ll!

    I achieved the stripe effect by using a laser level, and a regular level, to pencil the lines onto the walls.
    Each stripe is 12″ wide.

    The colors used were:

    Fencepost (Glidden, at Home Depot)and Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams).

    The darker stripe, and the hallway, are painted Natural Choice- and the lighter stripe is Fencepost.

    Layla :-)

  9. Jen@The Cottage Nest says

    I absolutely adore. I would love to curl up there with a good book.

  10. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Layla, love this room! You've got so much creativity going on girl. Just saw your video & I hope so much you get on that show! I'll be cheering you on here in AL. I would be scared to death to tackle a show like that, but I'd love to see you do it….go girl!

    I just love the simplicity of your designs…if I was gonna start over & give up some of my stuff, I'd do that too. I think I like stuff too much though. I sure enjoy looking at your projects. You are just TOO cute! You look great on camera too. I hope one of these days we get to meet in person.


  11. a day in the life of bella says

    I love this room, it’s falling into place beautifully :)


  12. Kelli says

    Hi Layla,

    love love love the reading room, and thought your Design star video was great as well. One of the designers I call on was on the show this last season! Good Luck and can’t wait for your opening of the Lettered Olive.

  13. Kelli says

    Love, Love, Love the reading room, and good luck on the Design Star, one of my designers was on it this last season!

  14. Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ says

    Looks great! I can see anyone enjoying themselves curled up and reading a new book. BLISS!

  15. Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden says

    For me, that fern leaf pillow makes the room, I love it!!

    Layla your video was wonderful. Best wishes with HGTV!! You’re a doll, and you have a beautiful stong voice on camera. The house is adorable and your skills shine thru. I’m pullin’ for ya!!

  16. Christina says

    Love your reading room. I would never come out.

    Love your blog. Very inspirational.

  17. Moi says

    wandered in here from another blog and HAD to comment about your reading room! It is so great and I am soooo jealous! I def need a reading room. I really enjoyed your blog – I will definitely be back to visit!

  18. Sarah C. says

    Stumbled over from a comment you left on Today's Creative Blog. So glad I did! Love the Reading Room you are creating. So soothing & relaxing. :)

  19. Bekki B says

    I am new to the blogger world and your site is sooo awesome! I love your reading room! Sweet!

  20. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam says

    Wow – it is fabulous. You have utilized every square inch of that small space.

  21. megan says

    I love how serene and calming that room looks. Very inviting and a clever way to use space. I am filing this idea for myself!