• Reading Room – During

    So, here it is. The infamous “Reading Room” in it’s current state.
    I know, I know. The flooring STILL isn’t installed.
    It’s been CRAZY around this place this week. But Kevin has promised to work on it soon.

    I still haven’t accessorized the space, or purchased window treatments.
    And I’ve got plans to flank the new opening to the room with drapes.
    For now, a lonely little rod just hangs, and waits…

    I also want to purchase a twin-sized white pick-stitch quilt from Pottery Barn (it matches the outer most Euro Sham pillow covers in the photo), to cover the fitted sheet you see in the picture now…

    In this photo is my little flea market find chair that used to be school bus yellow. I plan to cover the seat with burlap and throw a little green accent pillow on it…

    So, to recap- here’s what I started with, and where I am now.
    I LOVE the fact that I kind of got an extra guest bedroom (or at least another spot for a guest to sleep) out of a pretty awkward six foot by six foot space.
    Maybe it’ll up the value of the home?

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