Reading Room Ceiling Re-do (Part One)

Here’s what’s been happening in the reading room over the past couple of days…

Next up- crown molding and the new light fixture.
I can’t wait!


I’ll be back soon with more photos and video of it all put together.

In the meantime, happy Friday!

PS…For those that asked about the guest bathroom reno, well, Mr.Kevin needed a little breaky-break from it. There’s no natural light in there, and the lack of sunlight was really starting to get to him- so he’s only been working on projects in rooms that have windows lately. That’s kinda how we roll. When we start to feel tired or overwhelmed by something, we just move on to something else. We’ve got a plethora of projects left to tackle around here, and since renovating our house has become Kevin’s full-time job, and blogging about it has become mine, it’s important for us to try to keep our heads happy while we document our reno adventures and make this house our home.


But don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll both get antsy to finish it eventually!

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