Pick My Presto

In January of 2011, I started a feature called “Pick My Presto” here on our blog, and invited readers to send in photos of their biggest design dilemmas. I like to fiddle with Photoshop, and create design inspiration, so it’s been a great way for me to feed both needs. Below are links to all of the inspiration drawings I’ve had fun creating, and for a little extra entertainment, move your mouse on and off of the photos below to see them presto change-o!

Summer’s Mudroom

Ree’s Long Room

Katie’s Dining Room

Jennifer’s Exterior

Jen’s Off-Center Fireplace

Julie’s Off-Center Fireplace

Shaunna’s Dining Room

Heidi’s Basement Family Room

Tracey’s Family Room

Beverly’s Galley Kitchen

If you’d like to learn how to create these kinds of photo drawings using Photoshop, click here: Room Makeover Class. Any version of Photoshop will do! :-)